Turn Your Employees or Customers into Walking Advertisements, with Wholesale Promotional clothing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Online

Promotional clothing can have numerous benefits for your business, both on the employee and the customer side. On the one hand, clothing branded with your logo and brand name is terrific for creating a unified professional environment at the workplace. Whether your business is a retail store, a museum or a bar, having all of your staff members in the same branded shirt or hoodie can be a good way to bring the staff together as a 'team.' The clothing can also serve as a visual signifier, to tell customers who are employees when they require assistance.


On the other hand, investing in wholesale promotional clothing in Sydney or Brisbane can also be a terrific way to harness the power of customer loyalty. If a client really loves your brand, they will likely refer friends, family and even social media followers to your business. However, a stylish piece of promotional clothing can take that loyalty to the next level, by essentially turning your customer into a walking advertisement for your brand. A well designed promotional garment and a confident person wearing it in public acts as a visual kind of referral.


Reap the Benefits of Branded Garments, with Wholesale Promotional Clothing Online from AAC ID Solutions

Whether you are looking to unify your staff or encourage fans to become brand advertisers, AAC ID Solutions can help. We sell wholesale promotional clothing online, including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, beanies, hats and caps.


One of the factors that set AAC apart from other companies in the promotional product industry is how closely we collaborate with our customers on their custom products. When you come to us to order a branded hoodie or polo shirt, we don't just give you a few styles, colours, fonts and designs and have you mix and match them to develop your product.


On the contrary, we want to know what you are trying to achieve with your promotional clothing. What look do you have in mind? Do you want to incorporate a logo or custom font? Do you have an existing design that you want us to recreate? Tell us what you are shooting for, and we will propose the right products to appeal to your target audience. We can even send a sample before we finalise your shipment, to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the final design and product.


Another factor that makes AAC different from other companies selling wholesale promotional clothing in Brisbane or Melbourne is how we strive to give you the best price possible. As mentioned above, we operate on a 'tell us the goal, and we'll suggest the right product' basis. More often than not, the product we recommend is less expensive than what the customer had in mind in the first place.


Start Designing Your Promotional Clothing Today


Are you interested in working with AAC ID Solutions to design your wholesale promotional clothing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or online? Give us a call on 1300 797 478 to learn a bit more about how we can collaborate on your preferred design.