Embossed Plastic Tokens


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Plastic tokens have become increasingly popular in Australia over the past year, with many events and venues utilising them in place of roll tickets due to their durability and because, in many circumstances, they can be reused.

Made from a hard PVC, plastic tokens by AAC can be embossed on one or both sides and with the same or different artwork. Choose from a range of colours to create a token just right for your event.

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Who uses custom plastic tokens?
Plastic tokens are used for a variety of purposes, but the two most popular uses are by events in place of cash, with tokens representing drink or food coupons, or as a promotional tool.


Our customers have also used plastic tokens as promotional items, admission tokens and in a range of other functions.

How quickly can I receive plastic tokens?
Plastic tokens will generally take 4-5 weeks for AAC to emboss.