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Custom printed ticket sheets are used at events and venues all over Australia. By custom printing the tickets, your event becomes much more secure as the risk of forgeries decreases dramatically.


Tickets are supplied in easy to use sheets of 5 tickets x 5 tickets, with the top number in each column sequentially numbered in a special "step 5" numbering pattern.


Tickets are fan folded for ease of use and distribution.

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Who uses custom printed ticket sheets?

Because of their functionality and low cost, ticket sheets are used by a range of events and venues, from music festivals to special events at clubs and schools. Whether as an admission tickets, ride pass or drink/food voucher, roll tickets provides a cost effective solution.


How quickly can I receive custom printed ticket sheets?

Custom printed tickets generally take around 2-3 weeks to produce, subject to the size of the order. In an emergency, tickets can be produced faster, but fees may apply.