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Silicone slapbands are becoming more and more popular as an Australian promotional product. Offering something unique, silicone slapbands are a combination of AAC's famous slapbands and our ever-popular silicone wristbands.

Available in two sizes, 2.5cm x 27cm and 2.5cm x 24cm, silicone slapbands are perfectly sized as a promotional tool. The slapband actually slaps and then curls around your wrist - it's actually quite addictive, trust us!

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Customise your silicone slapband by choosing any base colour and then printing your logo and message in colour.

How quickly can I receive custom silicone slap wristbands?
Silicone slapbands can be dispatched within 3 weeks of an order being placed, subject to quantity and customisation method. The minimum order quantity is 100 units.

Who uses silicone slap wristbands?
Silicone wristbands are used by schools, government initiatives, not-for-profits and businesses who want to communicate a message in a memorable and lasting manner. A popular use is as a ruler, with measurements marked as part of the artwork.