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Custom Promotional Water Bottles

AAC supplies promotional water bottles to events, businesses, festivals and venues all over Australia.  Manufactured and printed right here in Australia to meet the strictest of standards in health and safety, our bottles are BPA free and include a quality screw-on lid containing a rubber valve that prevents leakage.


Choose from several unique models, including the sports bottle, twirl bottle and hand grip model, amongst others. Custom print your logo on one part of the bottle, or all the way around. There are a range of sizes available, though the most popular volume is 750ml to 800ml. We print and deliver in record time!


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Custom printed promotional water bottles are ideal for marketing promotions, giveaways and merchandise due to their low cost, broad appeal (especially in Australia due to our love of the outdoors, sports and exercise) and their high perceived value.


The most common uses of branded drink bottles are as:

  • Membership gifts at gyms, leisure centres, sport clubs
  • Merchandise items at resorts, leisure centres, gyms, schools, attractions, tourism hotspots, shops 
  • Corporate giveaways, especially amongst industries who have a desire to target health and exercise conscious markets
  • Races and other sporting events

Drink bottles can be custom printed with almost any artwork and message you require, including 4+ colour designs.


Key benefits of AAC's water bottle collection include a large print area for maximum exposure, a large range of vibrant colours (including 16 lid colours which you can mix and match with your main water bottle colour) and a secure rubber valve within the bottle. In addition, all AAC water bottles are made from a 100% food grade polyethelene.


Do lids comes with the bottles?

AAC supplies the lids bagged separately from the bottles. For a small extra fee, the lid can be pre-attached for you. Remember, you can also mix and match the lid colours.


Are their printing limitations?

No. But please do keep in mind that the colour of the ink being applied to the bottle may be effected by the darkness of the base colour. For instance, an orange ink on a black bottle will lose some of its vibrancy. Please keep in mind also that the price per bottle will vary in accordance with your artwork. The more colours in your artwork, and the complexity of the artwork, will be the main factors that determine this.


What is the minimum order?
For simple printing requirements, our minimum order is 100 water bottles.


How quickly can custom printed water bottles be produced?

Allow 2-3 weeks for water bottle production and printing.


* Quantity of 10,000 bottles