Custom USB Sticks


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Custom USB Sticks

AAC offers a range of custom USB sticks and flash drives that can be customised to meet your requirements, including colours, memory size and shape.


Memory size can be scaled to meet your requirements, from 512MB to 32GB. Larger memory sizes do become more expensive, but will extend the use of the USB stick and the exposure of your brand.

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Custom printed USB sticks are everywhere, used in the following ways:

  • Corporate gift at events, trade shows, exhibitions - used to share electronic data, brochures, product specifications, product catalogues etc. By using a USB instead of printing the above items, a company can demonstrate itself to be environmentally aware.
  • As a sales tool, with presentations, proposals etc saved and given to prospects - again, far more environmentally aware than printing a dozen brochures. The added benefit is that the files on the USB can be updated as required, meaning that it is always up to date.
  • Internal use for staff - as a way to transfer files instead of email, but also as a back-up for important documents, photos and files.
  • Promotional product for customers, members, VIP's etc - great as a giveaway when adding value to your relationships with different stakeholders.
  • Merchandise - for relevant industries, custom printed USB sticks are an excellent promotional item; and are a product that will be used many times.

The benefit of a custom printed USB stick is that it will be used frequently for a variety of purposes. Because of it's small size and light weight, the USB stick is also easy to transport and store. The exposure gained from these is long term and very positive.


Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to best meet your requirements, with custom printing taking place on either one or both sides of the USB. A standard USB or swivel USB are our most popular models, and 2GB being a very common choice for memory size. When choosing memory size, consider whether you'll be saving files to the USB first, and if so how big these files might be, and then also what your recipient may use the USB for also.


How long do custom printed USB sticks take to produce?

Allow 4 weeks for the production and printing of this product, subject to quantity and design.