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Custom Pens

Pens have long been a popular corporate gift; a quick and cost effective way to increase exposure of a brand, product, event or company.


AAC produces custom printed pens at a very high quality and can offer a wide range of styles, designs, printing options and more to suit your requirements. Choose from plastic pens, metal pens and executive pens.


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Custom printed pens are used by thousands of companies in a variety of ways, with some of the most popular and effective uses being:

  • Giveaways for sales teams when meeting clients and prospects
  • Office use
  • Customer use at hotels, resorts, banks etc
  • Inclusion in membership packs and sets at clubs, sport teams
  • Merchandise, sold at tourist attractions
  • Gifts for suppliers, customers, members, staff

How quickly can custom printed pens be produced?

Custom printed pens can be printed within 3 weeks, subject to model chosen and customisation required.