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Hats, baseball caps, beanies, sombreros, visors, novelty hats and more can be customised by AAC ID Solutions for your next event or promotion, or as an item of merchandise.


Custom hats and caps are the perfect promotional tool for Australia. With our sunny climate and love of the outdoors, hats are purchased often and used frequently. The opportunity to position your logo/brand on hats and use these as a giveaway or promotional tool is a very attractive one.


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Uses of custom hats and caps are varied, and include:

  • Corporate gifts for suppliers, customers, members
  • Customer gift with purchases over a certain value
  • Golf days and other events
  • Merchandise, especially for resorts and other tourist attractions. AAC has seen a great increase in demand for custom hats as an item of merchandise; as a promotional product, custom hats ticket all the boxes - cost effective, functional, memorable and popular.
  • Employee uniforms, especially for outdoor teams

Custom hats and caps provide exceptional value due to their low cost, high rates of exposure when used (your logo will be highly visible) and because of their popularity.


AAC supplies only the highest quality hats and caps with exceptional customisation via either printing, embroidery or heat sublimation. Print to any part of the hat to ensure your logo is seen from all angles.


The AAC approach to custom hats is very different from others. Instead of presenting you with 200 different hat styles that all look very similar, we prefer to talk to you and to listen to your requirements. With the right information about your needs, your budget and your timeline, AAC will then propose the right kind of custom hat. In essence, we do all the hard work instead of you, as it should be!


From popular baseball caps to visors, AAC can supply any kind of custom hat you require quickly and cost effectively with your artwork presented just as we promised it would be. Our in house team of graphic artists are on hand to ensure your artwork looks as good as possible, with thread colours chosen to best match your PMS colours.


How long do custom hats and caps take to produce?

Allow 2-4 weeks for your custom hats and caps to be produced, depending on your style, quality and artwork.


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