Woven RFID wristbands


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Woven RFID Wristbands provide a highly functional and secure wristband solution that is utilised by music festivals and events worldwide, including right here in Australia.


As well as benefiting from all the security features woven wristbands provide (multiday use, difficulty in copying, uniqueness, great momento, secure), the RFID tags takes the wristband to another level of security and social media functionality.

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The RFID chip, or tag, is embedded within a PVC slide that is connected to the woven wristband. It provides a comfortable method of incorporating RFID on the wristband, and does not affect read ranges when the band is scanned.

This wristband is non transferrable and designed for multiday use.

Depending on your event, venue, usage or goals, the type of RFID chip/inlay will vary. The exact chip and specification will be advised by the company managing your scanning systems, but commonly you will require a Mifare Classic or Ultralight chip/inlay as this provides enough memory to meet most requirements.

Want to custom print the RFID tag itself? No problem.

Would you like to utilise high security metallic threads in your wristband design? Again, no problem.

The UID (Unique Identification) number of the wristband can be laser engraved on the reverse of the PVC tag, and AAC will also provide a full spreadsheet of every wristband UID for usage at your event.

How quickly can I receive Woven RFID wristbands?
Woven RFID wristbands can be dispatched within 3-4 weeks of an order being confirmed, subject to quantity and requirements, and also the type of RFID chip/inlay you require.

Who uses Woven RFID wristbands?
Woven RFID wristbands are used by music festivals primarily, but also by smaller events, especially those running for multiple days.