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Detachable stub Tyvek wristbands are ideal when combining entry to an event with a free drink, meal voucher, cloakroom or raffle, with the wristband placed on the wrist of the patron and the detachable stub torn off for use as required.


AAC's Detachable Stub Tyvek Wristbands are 100% Australian Made.


AAC offers a range of colours in our detachable stub range. The wristbands are available either plain or custom printed and are ideal for single time use.

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Common uses of detachable stub Tyvek wristbands are as:


1. Food vouchers

2. Drink vouchers

3. Raffle draws

4. Cloak room tickets

5. Child care centres


The same sequential number is printed on both the wristband and the stub, meaning that the stub can be traced back to the wearer of the wristband. This has proved very popular where security is required i.e. with cloak rooms and child care centres.


Tyvek wristbands are waterproof, non transferrable, durable and ideally suited for single day use.


The stub and the wristband can both be custom printed.