RFID Cards


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RFID Cards

RFID cards by AAC are used at hotels, festivals, events, aquatic centres and gym's all over Australia and New Zealand. The main purpose of RFID cards is to allow easy access to and from a specified area, but there are numerous other uses.

RFID cards can be produced with any RFID specification you require, but our standard is a Mifare 1k or Ultralight chip-type, as this is compatible with the majority of quality RFID scanners, systems and infrastructure currently available in Australia, including Links and Ving systems.


RFID Cards can be supplied as cheap as $0.95 per card!

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RFID cards can be scanned from close distance, with equipment as basic as an NFC-enabled smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy III or newer.


Choose from a standard credit card sized card (85mm x 54mm) or a special AAC large-sized (11cm x 7cm) card to really show off your artwork and design.

Cards can still be hole punched without interfering with its readability, and additional functionality like sequential numbering and variable data can also be added. RFID cards can also be attached to lanyards during production, saving valuable time and effort for your team.

Who uses RFID Cards

  • RFID cards are used by music festivals as accreditation for staff, crew and performers (for patrons, RFID wristbands are preferred as they are non transferrable).
  • Aquatic centres and gyms are using them for their members as a way to access the facilities themselves, as well as lockers.
  • Event organisers have turned to these cards not only for access control but to revolutionise corporate events, exhibitions and networking. Of particular popularity are scavenger hunts, which encourage visitors to visit a specific series of booths or locations (scanning in at each) to earn a benefit such as 30% off their meal for the night.
  • Universities are using RFID cards at their Open Days. The system allows for quick registration of visitors and then encourages the visitors to scan at the faculties they are interested in.

RFID Cards and Social Media

A key benefit to RFID is using it to create experiences via social media. With the right systems in place (AAC can work with you on these), your patrons or visitors can be photographed, have their RFID card scanned and then see that photo uploaded to numerous Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts automatically. Alternatively, scanning a wristband or card at a certain point can generate an automatic email or social media status update.

How quickly can I receive RFID Cards

RFID cards can be supplied within 3-4 weeks, subject to whether you have any encoding requirements.


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