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High quality PVC cards are available from AAC and can be custom printed with your own full colour design on one or both sides of the card. Our standard size is 85mm x 54mm but almost any card size is possible.


Additional functionality that you might find of interest are the addition of unique barcodes, variable data, magnetic strips, signature panels and sequential numbering.

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ID and Membership Cards are one of the most wide spread products in Australia today. If you open your wallet or purse, the chances are that you'll find more than 10 membership cards, loyalty cards and identification cards to supermarkets, banks, gyms, coffee shops and more.


How long do custom ID cards take to produce?

AAC can produce and print your custom ID cards in as little as 3 weeks subject to design and quantity.


Who uses custom printed ID cards?

Memberships, events, social clubs, businesses, tours, nightclubs, aquatic centres, turf clubs, schools, shops, retail and many more.