Extra Large ID Cards


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If you're looking for ID cards for accreditation but would prefer something that really stands out and makes an impression, AAC's extra large ID cards might be just what you need.


Measuring 10cm x 7cm or 12cm x 7cm these cards are considerably larger than the standard 'credit card' sized ID card, allowing your artwork to really show. The same extra features are also still available, including variable data, unique barcodes, magnetic strips, signature panels and even metallic foils.

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ID and Membership Cards are one of the most wide spread products in Australia today. If you open your wallet or purse, the chances are that you'll find more than 10 membership cards, loyalty cards and identification cards to supermarkets, banks, gyms, coffee shops and more.


How long do extra large ID cards take to produce?

AAC can produce and print your extra large ID cards in 3-4 weeks.


Who uses extra large ID cards?

Festivals and events are the most common uses for this card style.