With everyone cross fitting, boot camping and generally spending more time focusing on fitness, sweatbands have become one of the most popular types of promotional products in the AAC range.

  • Cheapest sweatbands in Australia
  • Fastest turnaround time in Australia
  • Unbeatable quality and value for money

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Perfect for businesses, fun runs, races, fitness classes, gyms, leisure centres and more, sweatbands can be custom dyed and then embroidered with your artwork and text. AAC also supplies a range of plain and pre-patterned sweatbands for overnight dispatch.


Sweatbands measure 8cm x 7cm and are made from a quality polyester material which allows for adequate stretch and comfort. AAC has now manufactured over 1 million sweatbands for a wide range of events, venues and organisations.


Quality sweatbands

AAC's sweatbands are well known for their quality, with our customers placing repeat orders every year. Our stitching and embroidery is first class, allowing for intricate artwork to be confidently reproduced on your sweatband.


AAC has access to the widest range of sweatband thread colours in Australia, which means we can supply a sweatband that matches your desired PMS colour almost exactly.


Custom promotional sweatbands

Custom sweatbands have become a very popular promotional item. With the fitness craze sweeping Australia, any product like this that symbolises a healthy, active lifestyle is ordered with greater frequency. With the increase in group fitness, fun runs and the like, AAC has noted a significant increase in sweatbands being used as giveaways and as items of merchandise.


Interestingly, sweatbands have been used as a promotional wristband in place of silicone wristbands and slapbands also; the benefits of using a sweatband are:

  • Excellent brand exposure - with the sweatband taking up more "real estate" on your arm, the brand exposure increases significantly.
  • Cost effectiveness - despite the high perceived value, sweatbands are actually quite cost effective, as long as they are ordered in quantities of 500 or more.

We'll match your desired colour to the threads available, and can custom-embroider your sweatbands with full colour artwork.


Plain sweatbands

AAC stocks a range of plain sweatbands that can be dispatched for overnight delivery to most metro locations. With a range of colours available, sweatbands can also be matched with our in stock headbands to create the full fitness effect! Plain sweatbands are also useful if you require just a small quantity of custom sweatbands (fewer than 500 units). AAC recommends that you purchase the plain sweatbands from us and then seek a local embroidery service (often located at shopping centres) to complete your small runs of customisation.


Whatever your requirement may be for sweatbands, AAC is your go-to supplier.




In stock for immediate dispatch
7 vibrant colours available
Great value product
Quality stitching
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Hundreds of colours
Custom embroidered
Great promotional tool
High quality stitching
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Show your true colours
Great for Australia Day
Idea for sporting occasions
Quality embroidery
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