Slapbands are one of the most popular and effective types of promotional wristband available, providing a wide area of customisation that allows plenty of space for logo's and text.


Slapbands, often called slap wristbands, have become a viable alternative to silicone wristbands for causes, NFP's and many others. Popular amongst schools and as a fundraising tool, slapbands can be printed with full colour artwork if required.


AAC offers plain slapbands in a range of colours for immediate dispatch but also two different types of slapbands that can be custom printed; reflective PVC slapbands and silicone slapbands. These are the most popular option.


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The value of slapbands

Much of the popularity of slapbands is due to the interactive nature of how they are worn. The structure of slapbands means that they are 'slapped' or 'wrapped' on to a persons wrist. This can be done many times, which is always a hit with kids.


Slapbands have actually become quite an attractive alternative to silicone wristbands in recent times, because they present something a little more unique, and because they offer a cause or NFP much more space for branding. This can be very useful to attract sponsors, which in turn can cover the cost of the slapbands themselves. For more information on this, see our recent blog article Silicone wristbands vs Slapbands.


AAC is the leading supplier of slapbands in Australia, working with hundreds of schools, NFP's and community causes. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.



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Measuring 30cm x 3cm
Soft velvet underside for comfort
Great as reusable identification
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Great promotional wristbands
Custom print with logo and text
Available in various sizes
Soft velvet underside for comfort
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Custom Slapbands
Snaps on to the wrist
100% silicone
Custom print as desired
Great promotional tool
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