Custom Printed Promotional Lanyards by AAC are high quality, durable and provide exceptional value. We have been Australia's leading lanyard supplier for almost two decades.


And when we talk about custom lanyards, that's exactly what we mean! We provide the option to adjust all elements of the lanyard to suit your exact requirements, including the material, colour, print type, print colours, single or double sided print, attachments, width, length and even what extra attachments you would like! Phew, that's a lot of options.


Lanyards are commonly used as a means of identification, with the lanyard attachment usually holding an ID wallet / plastic pouch, plastic card or similar that acts as accreditation.


If you're looking for AAC to produce a new lanyard for you, or to replicate an exisiting one, give us a call at 1300 797 478, or click here to email us and we can put together a fantastic price for you.


Options for custom printing lanyards are broad, and provide real opportunity to create something that meets your objectives. Whether it's matching a specific base colour to match your branding, or ensuring that your artwork is presented perfectly, AAC offers a wealth of experience that ensures we can handle any requirement.


Choosing a lanyard material

Polyester is a popular choice due to it's durability and flatter finish, as this makes it easier to print your artwork. The majority of lanyards are made from a polyester material. A polyester lanyard can also be heat sublimated, which results in an incredible full colour finish.


Bootlace lanyards provide a more rounded look and a softer feel (much like a bootlace!). This material offers more stretch, but does not provide quite the same quality when custom printing.


Woven lanyards have your artwork or text physically woven in to the fabric of the lanyard, which is excellent as a security measure (much like our woven wristbands for festivals).


Eco-friendly lanyards can be made from a recycled PET or bamboo material. The minimum order quantity for these are higher due to their specialised nature, but the resulting quality is excellent.


How can artwork be printed on to promotional lanyards?

Depending on your requirements, AAC offers three methods of custom printing. Screen printing is used for most requirements; most specifically for one colour printing requirements. For artwork that is relatively simple but that incorporates 3-4 colours, an offset print will be undertaken. When you'd prefer full colour, digital quality artwork, AAC will print your lanyard via heat sublimation. This is a process whereby your design is first printed to another substrate, similar to paper, and then transferred via heat to the lanyard itself. The results are exceptional and it is highly recommended that you consider this option.


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Any design
Highest quality lanyards
From 1 colour to multiple colours
Fastest turnaround
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Full colour, digital quality printing
Stunning visual effects
Extensive options available
Heat sublimated print
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