Lanyards Australia

Lanyards by AAC are available in almost every material, style and colour you can imagine. Whether you require plain or custom printed lanyards with text and images, AAC makes the process fast and hassle-free, and has done so since 1997.

  • Cheapest lanyards in Australia
  • Fastest delivery in Australia
  • Unmatched quality and printing

AAC is Australia's leading supplier and printer of lanyards, producing millions annually. The reason for our success - options, value, service and quality!


Request a call back and we'll assist or feel free to touch base at 1300 797 478.


We stock hundreds of thousands of plain lanyards in a selection of colours and styles that can be dispatched today if required. Custom items can be produced and delivered to you very quickly - any material, any colour, any attachment, any customisation.


For lanyards delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and to all other corners of Australia, you have found the right supplier.


Plain and printed lanyards IN STOCK

If you need these in a hurry, you've come to the right place. AAC stocks a wide array of plain and pre-printed lanyards that are available in stock for immediate dispatch - this means delivery overnight to most metro locations. Choose from any of the following:

  • Plain 12mm bootlace: includes a j-swivel attachment and a safety breakaway to meet OH&S standards. Available in 14 different colours.
  • Plain 5mm economy cord; includes either a j-swivel or alligator clip attachment and is available in black only.
  • Preprinted; available with VIP, STAFF or VISITOR already printed to meet many standard requirements.

Custom printed promotional lanyards

With AAC you can choose from a wide variety of options to customise your lanyard, with the most integral being as follows:

  • Width - standard widths are 12mm, 15mm and 20mm but other widths can be produced as needed.
  • Colour - AAC will PMS-match your lanyard to create the exact colour you desire. With AAC you won't get stuck choosing from limited swatches.
  • Attachments - the three most popular lanyard attachments are j-swivel, alligator clip and executive swivel, but AAC offers another 15+ attachment styles that can be incorporated.
  • Features - the most popular of these are a safety breakaway. These ensure compliance with OH&S standards as they allow a quick breakaway should the lanyard get caught on something.
  • Material - choose from bootlace and polyester as the main options, but don't forget about woven and eco-friendly options.
  • Printing - whilst a one colour print is very popular, AAC also specialises in full colour heat sublimated lanyards that allow digital-quality artwork and imagery to be printed. The results are incredible, just ask us for some samples and we'll be more than happy to send some.

Bulk Wholesale Lanyards Australia

As the biggest supplier of these items in Australia, AAC is fortunate enough to have generated huge buying power. We use this buying power to source the highest quality lanyards at the lowest possible prices for you and your event, venue or teams. We know that every dollar counts in your budget so we strive to keep costs low for you.


Given all the options above, the lanyard you create can certainly be one of a kind!


Key uses for Lanyards

Lanyards are used by a wide array of businesses, venues and events in Australia. Primarily used as a means of identification, a lanyard attaches to PVC pouches and ID cards (or membership cards) in order to display accreditation. They can also be used to keep other items within easy reach like keys, whistles and mobile phones.


If you have ever attended a conference, exhibiton or trade show, you will have seen the full effect of these products at work! We have come across many people from the event industry who have actually collected them and who proudly flaunt their extensive collections.


The benefit of these items is that they are very cost effective at both small quantities, and especially at larger quantities. AAC can also advise of certain ways to reduce the cost if needed. After all, the further your budget can stretch the better! Of particular interest should be sponsorship i.e. selling the space on your printed lanyards. The items offer a very public platform through which to advertise a brand to many people. There are many organisations who will stand up and take notice if a branded opportunity like this was presented. Often, this sponsorship can cover the entire cost of the lanyards.


Promotional Lanyards - Speed of Production

AAC produces all manner of branded products faster than anyone else. Promotional lanyards can be delivered to your door in less than 3 weeks, from 100 units up to 100,000. With state of the art printing facilities, in-depth quality control and rigerous processes, not only is our production faster, but our quality remains higher.


Don't forget your lanyard attachments either. Everything from membership cards, ID cards, RFID cards, PVC pouches, mobile phone attachments and more can be purchased from the AAC Lanyard Factory. We hold thousands of items in stock for you, so we have all your requirements covered, including those last minute ones! Our products can be dispatched for fast overnight delivery through our trusted network of courier partners.


Designing your lanyards is a partnership. We love working with our clients to create the best designs, and will work closely with your team to generate the artwork you desire. It really is a collaborative process when it comes to designing lanyards.


If you are operating on a tight budget, you have come to the right place. Our lanyards have been produced at the highest standard from quality materials, but because of our buying power, the lanyards are very cost effective. Looking for something overnight? No problem, we stock a range of lanyards for overnight delivery to all corners of the country.


Lanyards really are our passion. We love working on these with our clients. This is why we have also developed a range of eco-friendly lanyards made from bamboo and recycled PET for example. These are a game changer. With full options for customisation, not only do they serve a purpose but they are environmentally responsible.


The buying process is very easy. For plain lanyards you can call 1300 797 478 or simply order online here, and these can be dispatched to you today and in your hands tomorrow morning in most locations. For custom printed lanyards, we are happy to discuss by phone or email. As mentioned, we do all the hard work. From proposing a range of options to meet your needs, through to designing the products, our hope is that you can sit back, relax and be impressed!


Available all over Australia

AAC is the leading supplier of Lanyards for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. All corners of Australia are covered!


Talk to AAC about your requirements and we'll ensure you receive what you want, when you want it. Give us a call at 1300 797 478!



Quick and easy lanyard
5mm black economy cord
Comes with a j-swivel attachment
Available right now for dispatch
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Durable 12mm bootlace material
Available for overnight delivery
14 colours to choose from
Includes a j-swivel attachment
Includes a safety breakaway
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Any design
Highest quality lanyards
From 1 colour to multiple colours
Fastest turnaround
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Full colour, digital quality printing
Stunning visual effects
Extensive options available
Heat sublimated print
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Durable 15mm polyester material
Available for overnight delivery
Includes a j-swivel attachment
Yellow with black text
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Durable 15mm polyester material
Available for overnight delivery
Includes a j-swivel attachment
Black with yellow text
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Durable 15mm polyester material
Available for overnight delivery
Includes a j-swivel attachment
Red with black text
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50 quality lanyards
Just $25 including GST
12mm maroon bootlace lanyard
J-swivel and safety breakaway
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