Custom printing your wristbands makes them more secure, harder to copy and easier to recognise on the day. AAC custom prints its range of Tyvek wristbands, plastic and vinyl wristbands in-house using high quality inks that do not smear and smudge.


The most common way of customising a wristband is with a logo and a message, with the message often related to the type of patron who will be using the wristband. The beauty of custom printing a wristband is that it can clearly state what the wristband is for, including where it might allow the user access to at an event or venue.


Custom wristbands can be produced by AAC faster than any other supplier in Australia due to our top of the range printing solutions and qualified graphic design and printing teams.


Custom printing your wristbands looks more professional and allows them to also be used as a promotional tool. Simply add your your website, email, Facebook details to promote your business, or even sponsor details if they're willing to share the cost!


For more information about custom wristbands, contact AAC - we can print your wristbands TODAY if you need us too!* Rush fees may apply.


Most popular wristband in Australia
Cheapest wristband option - from 5c!
Perfect for single day usage
Non-transferable and waterproof
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Ideal for single day use
Buy plain or custom printed
Non transferable (security wristband)
Australian Made
Waterproof & Very Secure
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Ideal for 1-3 day use
Popular at events and festivals
Variety of neon and standard colours
Plain or custom printed
Secure single use clip
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Special holographic style
Ideal for 1-3 day use
Ideal for events and parties
Available plain or custom printed
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Unique sparkle effect
Great colours available
Available plain or custom printed
Great for parties or VIP events
Perfect party wristband
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Full colour artwork
Unique text and barcodes
Ideal for single day usage
Fast turnaround
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5 detachable stubs
Durable vinyl wristband
Great for events, suitable for 1-3 days
5 great colours to choose from
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Comes with 10 detachable stubs
Ideal for events that include food/drinks
Stubs can be individually printed
Durable vinyl for events up to 3 days
Available plain or custom printed
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Full colour
Heat sublimated print
Soft to the touch
Great for lower security events
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Ideal for single day use
Wide range of RFID inlays
Full colour print
Unique data and barcodes
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Great wide face for branding
Wide range of colours, including neons
Ideal for 1-3 day use
Secure single use clip
Comfortable to wear
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