AAC offers a range of ID cards, RFID cards and membership cards to meet your requirements; they come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of extra functionality and features if you need them.

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  • AAC can produce anything you want

For high quality cards produced quickly and at great prices, AAC is the leading supplier in Australia. Contact us today on 1300 797 478 or email us.


You can choose from high quality PVC cards that are perfect for membership cards, RFID cards for events and festivals, extra large cards and even satin sticky passes and event laminates. Ask AAC about variable data, barcodes, numbering, magnetic strips, signature panels and more.


Standard PVC Cards

AAC's standard PVC cards measure 85mm x 54mm x 0.76mm, which is about the same size as a normal credit card. The PVC material is sturdy but allows some flexibility. Almost all membership and loyalty cards are made from a similar strength material.


Custom printing can incorporate full colour artwork on both sides of the card; with additional options for customisation including:

  • Barcoding - AAC can barcode your cards sequentially or with a unique range, dependent upon your requirements. Unique barcodes are used at events in conjunction with scanning software to increase security, ensuring that each individual card, and it's accompanying unique barcode, is only scanned once.
  • Magnetic strips - to work with your POS or scanning systems
  • Signature panels - ideal for membership cards and loyalty cards
  • Embossed text or numbering, for membership numbers or unique customer numbers
  • Foil stamping - creates a special metallic element to the artwork, best used sparingly to create the strongest effect
  • Hole punching for use with lanyards or retractables - can either be a simple 5mm round hole or a round-edged rectangular hole, dependent on the attachment used.
  • Overprinting and variable data - AAC can print variable data on to each individual card, making them entirely unique for each recipient at an event, function, venue or exhibition. This can include several lines of variable text.

RFID Cards

RFID cards are perfect for music festival VIP areas, aquatic centres, university open days, conferences, exhibitions and group incentive trips. Combined with the right software and system (which AAC can assist with) RFID cards open up a world of potential extra functionality and engagement opportunities.


The uses of RFID cards are varied; for more information talk to AAC.


Extra Large Cards

Sometimes, normal size just isn't enough! AAC offers special extra large cards that are 11cm x 7cm in size. These are popular as VIP cards at events and exhibitions.


For all requirements related to ID cards and member cards, contact AAC today.




High quality PVC cards
Full colour printing
Add variable data, barcodes
Size 85mm x 54mm
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High quality PVC keytags
Full colour printing
Add variable data, barcodes
Size 28mm x 54mm
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Compatible with all RFID systems
Aquatic centres, hotels, gyms, events
Mifare 1k, Ultralight - all chips!
Full colour printing, high quality
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Special larger sizes available
Show off your artwork
Great for event accreditation
Full colour printing
Lots of extra features available
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