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The home of promotional products. More products, lower prices, faster turnaround. Welcome to AAC ID Solutions. There are 2500+ companies registered to sell promotional products in Australia. Do you know how many have been around as long as AAC? You can count them on one hand!


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Since 1997 we have been supplying branded promotional products to businesses, schools and individuals all over Australia, from pens and drink bottles to bags and stress shapes, and everything in between.


Often what frustrates customers when they shop for these products is the minimum orders associated with most items.


AAC strives to remove minimum orders wherever possible.


We want the shopping experience to be as easy as possible for you.


Promotional Products Australia

From years of research and experience we know that the main considerations you have when searching for promotional items are the following.


Firstly, budget plays a big role in how you view products. There is no point setting your heart on branded powerbanks when you have a budget of $2 per item. That is perfectly fine. Talk with an AAC expert and we will look at dozens of other items that can assist you to meet your objective.


Secondly, quality is crucial. You want products that represent your brand in the market place. AAC has Australia's most well developed network of factories and facilities at our disposal, both onshore and offshore. We are able to source anything you require, but always at the highest quality. After all, our brand is on display too in your eyes!


Lastly, you want to work with someone who you can trust. AAC is staffed by experts in the industry with a cumulative 100+ years experience. We don't just quote you, we partner with you and discuss what you're trying to achieve.


Our goal is to make YOU look like a star!


We will save you money, supply a great product and suggest new ideas to help your business.


No Minimum Order

When we talk about having no minimum order, the real issue is cost right? You might want only 15 pens but you know that a manufacturer like AAC has to produce 50 just to start up the printing machine. AAC works with you to combat this, by offering a compromise of quantity and price that makes sense for both parties.


What Promotional Products can AAC offer?

Great question. We'll flip that around  and ask, what can't we offer? We pride ourselves on knowing a lot about this industry. This includes where to buy certain promotional products, how to brand them and how to get them to you as quickly as possible. The most popular items in the AAC collection include promotional bags, drink bottles, stress shapes, and apparel such as printed t-shirts. But we focus less on products and more on solutions. You'll see that when you work with us!


Call us and find out! 1300 797 478 and 07 5665 9333 or [email protected]