Lanyard FactoryLanyard Factory

Based on the Gold Coast, we manufacture Lanyards to the highest standards in Australia. With state of the art printing processes, not only do we hold hundreds of thousands of plain and pre-printed lanyards in stock for you, we can deliver your printed lanyards in as little as 10 working days!


AAC ID Solutions is the number one Lanyard Factory in Australia.


Enter the factory below for Australia's best wholesale lanyards. Or call 1300 797 478 or 07 5665 9333.



Styles from the Lanyard Factory

From bootlace and polyester to heat sublimated and woven, no one offers more lanyard styles than AAC, all produced at the Lanyard Factory. There are unique features to all styles of lanyards, so it is important to consider the options available.


Luckily, with AAC, you have experts ready to do just that. We love talking about lanyards! Materials, colours, attachments - you won't believe how much passion we have for these great products. Call us today to test this for yourself!


The Benefits of Ordering from the AAC Lanyard Factory

As an experienced manufacturer, with 20 years experience supplying these products, we are well placed to look after you.

  • Greater control over the quality of the lanyards. With thorough quality control processes, only the highest quality lanyards go to our customers.
  • Fastest printing times in Australia. AAC ID Solutions can produce 500,000 printed lanyards in a single day when needed, allowing us great flexibility to better service our customers.
  • Pricing. With control over our manufacturing, we keep pricing at a level that benefits you!
  • We support Aussie jobs and contribute to the local economy, renting more space, hiring more people and keeping Australian dollars in Australia.

How do we Manufacture Lanyards in our Lanyard Factory?Wristband Factory - Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

In 2017 we are on target to manufacture several million lanyards, with the highest dedication to quality and standards.


The process for how we manufacture these lanyards is not something we share (too many of our competitors read these articles!), but suffice to say it is a complex and focused operation where we operate to standards where a fraction of 1mm is a big deal.


Our team source the highest quality commercial grade materials and attachments and undertake rigorous preventative maintenance and cleaning of the printing and finishing units.


For more information about these incredible, low cost lanyards, contact AAC ID Solutions today at 1300 797 478 or email us here.