AAC’s Guide to Woven Wristbands

Woven wristbands are the wristband of choice for multiday music festivals in Australia, but are also used for a range of other events, small and large. The reason for this is simple; they are the most secure wristband on the market. AAC's guide to woven wristbands has been compiled from years of experience designing and supplying woven wristbands to Australia's biggest music festivals and events.


What is a woven wristband?


A woven wristband, often called a fabric wristband or cloth wristband, is made from a polyester material, and is applied to the wrist and then secured in one of a number of ways (outlined below). A woven wristband is designed to be applied once and then not transferred to other people, and therefore falls under the category of ID Wristbands or Security Wristbands.


The strength of a woven wristband is that it is very secure, but also durable enough to be used at multiday events such as music festivals, where they are exposed to the elements and really put through challenging environments.


A standard woven wristband measures 350mm in length and 15mm in widith.


The key elements of the woven wristband are:

  • The locking mechanism
  • The customisation method
  • The additional security features

Each of these will be looked at below.


Locking mechanisms on a woven wristband


There are three main closures that work on a woven wristband, each with varying degrees of security associated with them.


Slide lock closure - a closure that can slide up the wristband to tighten it but cannot slide down the wristband to release it. This is the most popular locking mechanism.


Within this category there are actually two distinct types of slide lock:

  1. Standard plastic slide lock - plastic teeth and plastic body
  2. AAC exclusive slide lock - contains metal teeth and a protective plastic casing. Very secure.

Aluminium closure - a closure that slides up the wristband but is then closed via the use of a crimping tool. This is the most secure closure method but also requires a degree of labour at your gate or entry point.


Plastic clip - this works like a plastic wristband, that is secured with a single use clip. The benefit is that these are adjustable, as the clip can go through one of several holes, but these do provide the lowest security rating.


The customisation method


A woven wristband, firstly, should be just that...woven! Only by physically weaving the design in to the wristband can you be sure that you won't have criminals potentially forging your wristbands on the day. A woven wristband should not be confused with a printed fabric wristband.


A fabric wristband is printed, and whilst this looks good, it drastically reduces the security rating of the wristband for two reasons; firstly it can be copied and secondly, it provides too smooth a surface which does not allow the slide lock to 'hold' on to the wristband, which means it becomes transferrable.


Additional security features


Woven wristbands can become even more secure via the following methods:


1. Sequential numbering - add sequential numbering to your wristbands for tracking purposes

2. Adjust the slide lock colour - available in larger quantities, AAC can PMS match your slide lock colour

3. Incorporate metallic threads - even harder to replicate and really makes your design stand out

4. Supersize it - go with a 20mm wide wristband instead of the usual 15mm


This article will be expanded in the coming months - check back soon!