AAC’s Guide to Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are an excellent option for events that are running from 1-3 days and for where security is a factor. They come with a single use clip and provide a broad, wide space for branding.


The core feature of a vinyl wristband, and the most popular one, is that they are fairly soft to touch, which means they are exceptionally comfortable to wear over a period of a few days. This is important for music festivals and other events where the wearer may also be sleeping with the wristband on.


Vinyl wristbands come in two main categories:


1. Wide face vinyl wristbands - the most popular and most frequently used vinyl wristband, the wide face vinyl wristband comes in a range of different colours including fluro/neon lime, orange, yellow, sunfire and pink. Vinyl wristbands can be purchased in boxes of 500.


2. Detachable stub vinyl wristbands - a highly functional wristband that is also made from the soft, secure vinyl material but which also incorporate detachable stubs or tabs along the edge of the wristband. This is very popular at events and functions where the wearer is, perhaps, allowed access to 5 drinks for the night. Each stub can be printed with the numbers 1-5, or with symbols of food, drinks, rides or prizes. The other popular use of these wristbands are as ride passes at fetes and schools, with each stub allowing access to one ride.


All vinyl wristbands from AAC are available plain or custom printed, with all printing done in house by AAC on state of the art machinery. A variety of inks colours are available, ensuring that we can match your brand, event or logo as closely as possible, with lightening fast turnaround times.


AAC is Australia's leading suppliers of vinyl wristbands. Contact us for more information.