AAC’s Guide to RFID Wristbands and RFID Cards

RFID is the word on everyones lips at the moment. What is it, how can you use it, what does it cost, what can it do?


AAC supplies a wide range of RFID products to a broad spectrum of events and venues, and the demand for them is certainly growing. RFID is best used as a tool to ease registration and access at events and venues and to provide ways for companies to engage with visitors and customers. It is also allows for easy transition to cashless payment environments for bars and merchandise.


RFID wristbands

This includes silicone RFID wristbands for repeated use (great example is as a membership wristband at an aquatic centre), photo image adhesive RFID wristbands and woven RFID wristbands.


RFID cards

RFID cards can be produced in any size you require, and include a range of additional special features like foil stamping, barcoding, numbering, glitter and fluro colours.


Key uses of RFID wristbands and RFID cards

Key uses of RFID technology, and associated products, are outlined below.


University Open Days

Open Days use RFID as a way to register visitors and collect their data. As visitors arrive at the Open Day, they enter their details on a smartphone, which is then scanned against an RFID wristband or card, with the wristbands or card then given to the visitor.


As the visitor explores the Open Day they can scan their wristband or card at different points. This may include scanning at the Engineering faculty, which will mean an email is automatically sent to the visitor with all the faculty and course details to look at later. The visitor may scan at one of the University restaurants and be sent information about the range of meals available.


Universities will often send photographers out amongst the visitors at an Open Day. RFID becomes involved when a photographer takes a photo using a smart phone and then swipes the wristband of those in the photo. The photo is then automatically posted to the University Facebook page, as well as the page of the visitors in the photo, along with a relevant caption about the Open Day.


Aquatic and Leisure Centres

Aquatic and leisure centres use RFID for two purposes. RFID wristbandsFirstly as an access control system, where an RFID wristband or card is scanned at an entry point,  allowing only those with the appropriate RFID card or wristband to enter a certain area. For instance, a VIP member may have access to a VIP area whereas a normal member will not be able to scan and obtain access.


This also prevents non members from accessing the facility.


Secondly, RFID is used to access lockers. Whilst barcodes can also be used in this regard (and most other RFID applications as a cost effective alternative), RFID is commonly used. Members or guests can receive a wristband that gives them access to a specific locker, thus reducing the chances of lost keys, stolen property etc.


Music Festivals

RFID Wristbands and RFID Cards have beenused at music festivals in Australia recently, with Splendour in the Grass and Future Music Festival both leading the way and now Gympie Muster and Oktoberfest also following suit. The Woven RFID Wristbands and Photo Image RFID Wristbands AAC supplied to Splendour in the Grass were used primarily as access control, though there were also some used by sponsors at the event.


The other area that a festival may explore is incorporating cashless RFID cardstransactions via RFID technology. This allows patrons to upload money to their festival account and then spend it at the festival by simply scanning their wristband or card at the bar.


Conferences and Exhibitions

Conferences and exhibitions are probably the fastest growing market that is using RFID wristbands and RFID cards at their events. Of course, first and foremost, the technology is being used to monitor access to the main event, breakout sessions, seminars and guests speaker sessions, but it is also being applied to Treasure Hunt concepts. This is where the visitors are tasked to scan their wristband at booths or attractions A, B, C, D and E in order to claim a special prize or award.


The uses of RFID technology is growing rapidly. Talk to AAC about how you might apply RFID Wristbands or RFID Cards to your business or event. Give us a call at 1300 797 478.