AAC’s Guide to Promotional Products

AAC supplies a wide range of promotional products and items, including merchandise, but our approach is a little different from others.


Our intention is to propose a SOLUTION for you rather than inundate you with countless products and artwork specifications.


If you'll allow us, AAC will discuss what you are trying to achieve and then present recommendations that will best meet your expectations and goals.


When AAC talks about promotional products, we are referring to products outside our range of identification products that can still be custom printed and branded. The most popular of these are water bottles, t-shirts, USB sticks, beach towels, custom bags, pens, shirts, stress balls, thunder sticks etc, but AAC can manufacture, print and supply any product you might require.


Promotional Products Australia

AAC is a leading supplier of promotional products and items in Australia. Here are some of the key issues related to promotional products and items that we feel might be of interest to you:


1. Artwork

Before a final price can be provided on most promotional products, AAC will need to have a good idea of how your artwork might look. This is because pricing is very much dependent on printing, and printing is based upon the artwork provided. As you might imagine, embroidering a beach towel in a small area is very different to a full colour print over the entire towel (as pictured).


The good news is that AAC can offer very cost effective graphic design services to assist with this process.


If you do have artwork, remember that the better the quality of the artwork, the better the final product will be. Ideally, any artwork files should be provided in either .eps format or .ai format.


2. What are you trying to achieve?

It is important that your goals are matched closely with the product you decide to order. Your goals may be related to brand exposure within certain demographics (and those demographics will also influence your choice of product) or to sell the product on to your customers to generate a new revenue stream.


Either way, the ROI (return on investment) is key to the decision.


Promotional Products and Items to create brand exposure

To maximise your investment when trying to achieve brand exposure, it is crucial that the product chosen meets several key objectives:


1. Does it represent your brand effectively?

2. Is it relevant to your target market - will it be appreciated?

3. Will the exposure from the product spread - if you're branding a water bottle, for instance, will the recipient of the water bottle use this on an ongoing basis, thus providing additional, comntinued exposure for your brand?

4. Is the cost realistic given the expected benefit?


Matching promotional items with business goals

AAC supplies dozens of pet services companies (like dog wash businesses) with branded dog leads. The dog leads are given out to new customers who then use the lead when walking their dogs, visiting dog parks, visiting the vet etc. The brand on the lead benefits from exposure to other very relevant target markets (other people with pets, who tend to congregate when near each other) thus increasing the chance that each dog lead they give out will result in a potential prospect for their pet services business.


Using promotional products as merchandise

The key to using promotional products as promotional merchandise is to make sure the items on sale have a high perceived value, because in this case it is all about the bottom line. Key to selling branded promotional products as merchandise is:


1. Promoting the products in a good space - there is no benefit to buying products to sell and then hiding them on a shelf at the back of your shop - give them pride of place and they'll sell. Especially in resort gift shops, branded products are excellent "impulse buys", so position some near the cash register.


2. Offering specials to upsell - offer one branded stubby cooler for $6 or two for $10. The faster the stock is moving, the more money you'll be making. it is better to sell 800 products at $5 each than just 500 of them at $7 each.


3. Make sure that the branding is bright, attractive and appeals when on shelves.


Excellent use of promotional products as merchandise

AAC supplies a range of branded promotional products to hotels and resorts. With such a high volume of traffic, and with a captive market with a spending power, resorts sell large amounts of branded merchandise to their guests. In recent years, AAC has been supplying beach towels, lunch boxes, drink cups, hats, kids backpacks and more to resorts. For venues that use merchandise wisely, it can become a fantastic alternative profit centre.


Merchandise Tenders

AAC works with a lot of businesses by first winning a merchandise tender. To include AAC in your tender process, please send your tender briefing to [email protected]. A senior member of the AAC management team will contact you very shortly after your tender is received.