AAC’s Guide to Plastic Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands are highly recommended for multiday events due to their durability and secure single use clips. AAC supplies this style of wristband to hundreds of music festivals, aquatic centres and attractions, who use them as a way to identify paying patrons.


Not all plastic wristbands are created equal!

Within Australia, there are a great number of plastic wristbands on the market. The quality of these wristbands varies wildly from one supplier to the next. As with almost anything in life, with a wristband you get what you pay for. If it is important that your wristbands are secure, made from a strong material and with a quality print, prerably with UV inks to prevent smudging and smearing.


Here are some of the key features of plastic wristbands from AAC:

  • Made from a high gloss laminate plastic
  • The brightest fluro colours available
  • 4/5 star security rating
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Distinctive wave pattern for additiuonal security
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Available in standard, sparkle or holographic styles
  • Comfortable to wear for multiple days
  • Suitable for wet and dry environments

How can plastic wristbands be purchased?

AAC's plastic wristbands are available in packs of 50 (for plain wristbands only), up to boxes of 500 wristbands (for plain or custom printed wristbands). At any one time, AAC aims to hold upwards of 100,000 plastic wristbands in each of it's 14 available colours, so there is a good chance that we have enough stock for your order.


Plastic wristband benefits

  • Efficient and practical identification / crowd control
  • Eliminates lost tickets
  • Prevents gatecrashers

Common venues and events that use plastic wristbands include music festivals, schools, rodeo's, agricultutral shows, holiday parks and caravan parks. They are also very popular for birthday parties, especially the sparkle and holographic style bands.


Sparkle plastic wristbands offer a glitter-style effect that is very popular as a VIP wristband or as a party wristband. Holographic wristbands provide a reflective effect that is also ideal as a special-use wristband at parties, nightclubs or festivals.


For more information about plastic wristbands, contact the AAC team.