The AAC Advantage

Since 1997 AAC has prided itself on being more than just products. Our relationship with our customers does not start and end with an order, we really make an effort to know our customers and to use this knowledge to propose products and solutions that meet their requirements. Some of the key advantages you will experience by working with AAC include:



From your initial enquiry through to the follow-up email you get after you have received your order, AAC works closely with you at all stages of ordering, production and delivery to get your products to you on time, every time.


You will find that our customer service team listen carefully and treat you with the upmost respect during all calls and emails. We understand that it is you who drives our business, and we take every step possible to ensure that we meet your expectations.



AAC has been Australia's leading supplier of wristbands, lanyards, ID accessories, promotional products and tickets so more than 16 years. Our team has been drawn from a range of backgrounds to ensure that our experience covers all areas of marketing, access control, event management and identification.


In terms of customers, AAC's serves more than 7,000 businesses, organisations and individuals annually, producing tens of millions of products each year. We are proud to work with the biggest and most successful events and venues in Australia, from Big Day Out to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. See our portfolio.



AAC has been doing this for a long time and we've learned a lot along the way! We train our customer service team thoroughly, so you'll find that their level of product and printing knowledge means they can assist you with any enquiry.


By working with thousands of big and small events, venues and organisations, and having supplied millions of products to hundreds of industries, we have built a strong level of knowledge about our industry. AAC will always provide you with extra information and ideas to assist you.


Product Range

Our production mission is to continually expand upon the range of products we can manufacture and print. This has resulted in our branded promotional product businesses growing very quickly, with products like water bottles, USB sticks, bags and fan banners selling like the proverbial hot cakes! Whatever product you are looking for, AAC can supply it.


In House Production

As the sole manufacturer of Tyvek wristbands in Australia, our advantage is that ours are the highest quality available anywhere in the world, resulting in close to 20,000,000 wristbands being manufactured annually. AAC also prints security wristbands in house, meaning fast turnaround time, quality inks and exceptional service.


Turnaround Time

AAC offers some of the fastest turnaround times in Australia, especially when it comes to security wristbands. AAC also holds more stock than any other company in Australia. This means that no matter how quickly you need wristbands, lanyards or ID products, there is a very good chance that AAC will be able to meet your requirements.



It's all in our name. AAC ID Solutions is more than just products. We recognised a long time ago that our strength lies in working with a customer to determine a solution to a need.


As such, instead of asking 'how many?' AAC will ask 'what are you trying to achieve?'. It is this fundamental difference in our approach that allows us to work with Australia's leading events, venues and businesses year in and year out.


Price Beat Guarantee

AAC's famous Price Beat Guarantee was the first of it's kind in Australia for our industry, and since then everyone has followed suit.


We welcome the opportunity to beat a competitors quote if it has come in lower than ours. AAC will always work with you to determine the best possible way to move forward and to look after your requirements.