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Woven Wristbands Australia

The Wristband Industry’s Biggest Secret – Woven Wristbands

We’re constantly talking with our customers, and at a recent team meeting something very interesting came up. Something that we think will surprise a lot of people. It’s the wristband industry’s biggest secret, and AAC is prepared to reveal all!

The background

A lot of events and venues have been using wristbands here in Australia for 20 years. We know, because we were the first ones to supply them! At that time, and as recently as 10 years ago, the vast majority of wristbands used in Australia were Tyvek Wristbands. This made sense at the time, as they were much cheaper than all the other type of wristbands available. They also achieved the main goal of identifying visitors or patrons.

But times have changed.

New technologies, greater demand for a USP (unique selling point), more streamlined manufacturing processes, a tighter focus on security, higher demand. All these factors have resulted in another type of wristband becoming a real option for almost every use. What type of wristband are we talking about? Woven Wristbands.

Reputation of Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands have a reputation for being very expensive, and indeed that used to be true. As little as 5 years ago, woven wristbands really were the exclusive domain of the music festival. Music festivals chose woven wristbands because of the additional security benefits they offered, and the difficulty involving in replicating them. But all that came at a price, with bands costing as much as $2 each.

And this is where the biggest secret of the wristband industry presents itself.


This is a secret because the vast majority of events and venues using Tyvek bands are completely unaware of it. They don’t even think to ask about woven bands, because in their minds they are expecting a quote of $2 per wristband. This is simply not the case any more.

Woven wristbands in 2017

2017 presents a whole new ball game for woven wristbands. Not only should woven wristbands be at the top of your agenda for this year, they should be marked with an asterisk, highlighted and underlined.

Woven Wristbands

Loving their wristbands… and the music… but mainly their wristbands!

We know that this is a difficult concept to get your head around, but consider the benefits of woven wristbands vs the Tyvek, plastic and vinyl wristbands you have used for so many years:

  • Woven wristbands present your brand in a better light. When was the last time you really looked at a woven wristband? They are incredible. Beautifully embroidered with quality threads, they elevate your brand to a level above and beyond what a Tyvek wristband can achieve.
  • Woven wristbands are far more secure than any other type of wristband. This is a key factor for music festivals, especially those that last several days. They remain secure, functional and attractive for days at a time.

And remember, we are no longer talking about these wristbands costing upwards of $2 per unit.

So tell us, what do woven wristbands cost now!

Woven wristbands

Woven embroidery looks fantastic

Woven wristbands are now available for as little as 35c each, and rarely cost more than $1, even at low quantities! The steep drop in pricing from several years ago is due to the factors mentioned earlier; streamlined manufacturing, higher demand etc. The benefactor from all this is YOU.

Woven wristbands are now a legitimate alternative to Tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. The range of colours and scope of artwork available for woven wristbands is diverse. Plenty of  opportunities exist to get your creative juices flowing.

Woven Wristbands and Additional Functionality

Much of the wristband industry is moving towards incorporating additional functionality in wristbands. AAC is at the forefront of this movement, working with technology partners and the biggest events and venues in Australia to continually raise the waters.

The point is that these wristbands allow your business, functions and processes to be scale-able. Whether you are looking at barcoded systems, RFID systems or anything else, woven wristbands can remain your primary wristband, with the additional technologies seamlessly integrated as your venue or event grows.

In essence, you can future proof your business by moving to woven now.

Elevate your Brand

Elevate your brand, and talk to AAC ID Solutions about moving your wristband choice to woven. You won’t be disappointed. Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or email sales@aacidsolutions.com.


Wristbands – The 3 Mistakes you are Making

If you’re reading this then you are involved in the purchasing of wristbands. You may manage an event, a night club, an aquatic centre, or be involved in running an attraction, a school or a resort. Whatever your role in the procurement of wristbands is, this article will be an important read.

Top 3 Mistakes made with Wristbands

First of all, we’ll go through some of the key mistakes make with wristbands. Finally, we will present the way to solve these problems.

You are purchasing the wrong type of wristband

This can happen perhaps when you are involved for the first time, or if your wristband supplier did not provide you with enough information. There are many different types of wristbands available, and they all have different features and benefits. They also have their own limitations, which are equally important. The first mistake is therefore not taking the time to understand the wristbands available.

You are getting the artwork wrong

Styles such as Tyvek, woven, photo image etc all offer different printing capabilities. It is important, therefore, that you take full advantage of these capabilities. The security of your event can be greatly enhanced by doing so. For example, when purchasing woven wristbands there are numerous additional features that can be incorporated such as metallic threads and sequential numbering. Firstly, these features do not cost a lot more and secondly, they enhance the security of the wristband. On Tyvek, important artwork often gets moved to the far right of the wristband. This is the area that is covered when the wristband is applied. As such there is no point in placing artwork there.

You are ordering wristbands too late

Even if the two mistakes above have been addressed, it is important to order on time. You may have done your homework and are fully aware of all the benefits of woven bands, but if you have left your order too late, it will be all for nothing. As a general rule, Tyvek bands should take less than 1 week, as should plastic and vinyl bands. Woven or fabric bands take 3 weeks, no more though.

Addressing the top 3 mistakes

Now that we have gone through these mistakes, how can they be addressed? There really is one very simple solution – work with an experienced wristband supplier. of course we are going to say that, but it is true. Talk to us here at AAC ID Solutions. We have been manufacturing, printing and supplying wristbands for almost 20 years, right here in Australia. There is no other supplier with the experience, service and capabilities that match AAC, and that is why the big events and venues only use us.

Stick with the experts, with the genuine Wristband Factory. Call AAC today at 1300 797 478 or email us here.


Party Wristbands

Options for Party Wristbands

So you’re having a party! Along with all the usual decisions to make regarding venue, food, drinks and entertainment, there is one oft-forgotten area that you need to think about. The need for party wristbands has grown over the years, with incidents of party crashing becoming very common. Furthermore, the advent of Facebook Events and other online tools has only increased these occurrences.

Party Wristbands – Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are your first and only choice when looking for a low cost and highly effective party wristband! These wristbands are available in a range of bright colours and patterns, and are easily applied to guests as they arrive at your party. Alternatively you can mail your wristbands out to guests in advance, because they’ll thenwear the band on arrival.

The great benefit of Tyvek Wristbands is that there are hundreds of colours and patterns available to choose from. You can select a unique pattern, and even one that is themed along the same lines as the party itself. The wristbands, once applied, cannot be removed. Anyone present at the party who is not wearing a wristband can be quickly identified and asked to leave. The key benefit for all involved is peace of mind.

Party Wristbands – Woven Wristbands

You will be familiar with woven wristbands if you have attended a music festival. Woven wristbands are built to last several days and are used as multi-day wristbands at big events. They are often referred to as fabric wristbands. Many people actually collect these wristbands as mementos. They provide a novelty factor and will make your event feel like something bigger.

Keep in mind is that woven wristband do take 3 weeks to manufacture and deliver. Consequently, make sure you are planning well in advance.

For more information on party wristbands, contact AAC ID Solutions are 1300 797 478 or email us here. AAC has been manufacturing and printing wristbands for 20 years, making us therefore the perfect partner for your event.

Tyvek Wristbands

Uses of Tyvek Wristbands

We’ve seen it all when it comes to Tyvek Wristbands. As the sole manufacturer of these in Australia, and having been selling them for 20 years, that is probably not surprising! So what are some of the uses we have seen for Tyvek Wristbands over the years?

Tyvek Wristbands as Event Identification

Of course, the most common use of Tyvek wristbands is as a means of identifying patrons at an event or venue. The wristbands are secure and non transferable, which means that once they are worn by a patron, they cannot be removed without destroying the wristband. The most popular places that you’ll see wristbands used in this way are music festival, aquatic centres, night clubs and tourist attractions.

Tyvek Wristbands as Luggage Tags

How many times have you gone to pick up someone else’s luggage from the carousel at the airport before realising at the last moment that it wasn’t your bag? Using brightly coloured or patterned wristbands is a unique solution. Not only will the wristband be easy to spot from a distance, but you can still write your contact details in marker pen too. The wristbands will also be secure, due to the strong, commercial grade adhesive AAC uses during manufacturing.

No more looking like a thief at airports!

Tyvek Wristbands as Drink or Food Coupons

Many events around Australia include a complementary drink, snack or gift of some kind. This is especially true at corporate events and parties, networking sessions and after parties. The easiest way to monitor this process is to provide everyone with a wristband that also includes a detachable stub. The patrons simply wears the wristband and then exchanges the stub for the free drink, snack or gift.

Tyvek Wristbands in the Child Care Industry

Following the same theme of the stub wristbands, the child care industry has followed suit. The wristband and the stub are both printed with identical unique numbers. Many centres now apply the wristband to the child (which they cannot remove), and then ask the parent to present the stub when they collect their child. The numbers will match, enhancing the security around pick-up time. Children also find the wristbands fun to wear, and they do not distract from their other fun (and messy!) activities.

Tyvek Wristbands at Cloak Rooms

Another great use of stub wristbands is at cloakrooms. The wristband is worn by the patron when admitting their coat, with the cloakroom personnel keeping the stub with the coat. This greatly reduces the chance of a mix-up, or of someone claiming a coat as their own.

Tyvek wristbands have so many uses, as presented above. For more information on wholesale Tyvek wristbands, contact AAC ID Solutions – the only manufacturer of wristbands in Australia! Call 1300 797 478 or email us here.

Wristbands Australia

Wristbands in the news August 2016

Once again, AAC keeps its finger on the pulse with its roundup of wristbands – news and innovations from around the world. As always, we have a mix of interesting and unusual in this round-up, and we’ll be leading with an idea that we’re not too confident about. After all, they are always the most fun to look at!

The wristband that traces GPS directions on your skin

‘Huh?’ I hear you say. Huh indeed we reply. Somatic Labs have launched their “Moment” wristband, with the key feature being that it communicates to its wearer via touch. It vibrates and traces patterns in your skin to communicate information. It has four motors (and nothing else); no screen, no watch.

The rather odd example given is with regards GPS tracking, where instead of using your phone – which is apparently too hard – you would receive alerts through the device, which would be like having an arrow traced on your wrist saying “turn right”. As you get closer to imminent death at the next junction because you haven’t felt the initial ‘tracing’ of the arrow, the tracing becomes more intense. How this accounts for your hands and arms being in constant motion I can’t imagine, but this does not sound easier than using the GPS in a phone – especially when the GPS literally tells us when to turn.

No, we are not keen on this one! But it will be just (!) USD$159, so there is that.

Peach Music Festival Wristband theft

It’s every festival managers nightmare. The wristbands have been produced after months of designs and samples; they’re delivered and on site at the festivals in the days before the gates open. But then, they’re gone. The managers of the Peach Music Festival in Pennsylvania experienced just that, when a scene was started at a VIP registration tables the night before the event and some suspicious individuals were photographed then entering an employees only area. Cue missing wristbands. Gulp. The wristbands were then recovered following an arrest by police the following day. Phew!

Guys, lock up your wristbands when they’re on site!

Inspiring wristbands changing company culture

It has been proven time and again that writing something down greatly enhances the chances of something taking place. Talks about something and you might do it. Write something down and the chances are greater that you’ll do it. Write is down AND share it with others and the chances increase even further.

This has been nicely demonstrated by Purity Life Health Products, a 115- employee distributor of natural health products founded 32 years ago. By embracing a culture of being “Easy to do business with/path of least resistance” the company focused on providing the fastest, and best, service to its customers. The message was printed on to wristbands and given to the team. They talked about it, wrote it down and then shared the vision. Everyone became invested in the idea and profits have since risen 31%.

See, this is why we love wristbands! It was all about the wristbands. Mostly. Some of it.

Clever wristbands detecting chemicals in the air

Researchers from Oregon State University have developed simple silicone wristbands that act like sponges to absorb chemicals in the surround air or water. Key to their research was the detection of flame retardant chemicals in children’s environments, of which the wristband is capable of detecting more than 40 of them! The study of 72 preschool age children over the course of a week detecting 20 flame retardant chemicals in their environments. In small doses, this poses no great danger, but this initial study is perhaps the start of further useful research.

Keep a close eye on the AAC blog for more wristbands news and commentary. And of course, for all your wristband need, contact AAC ID Solutions on 07 5665 9333 or sales@aacidsolutions.com.au

Wristbands for the summer

Wristbands for the Summer

Summer is fast approaching. For attractions, resorts, events, aquatic centres and others this means a definite spike in visitors and patrons. It also means that now is the time to start looking at your wristband requirements for the coming season, and to make sure that you have enough stock to last through the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Wristbands for Attractions

Most attractions require a single day wristband that are cost effective. When we talk about attractions we are mainly looking at theme parks, tourist attractions, mini  golf, water parks, bowling alleys, fetes etc. For single day usage, we recommend using Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands are waterproof, non transferable and secure. Available in a range of bright, neon colours, as well as vibrant, unique patterns, they are also easy to identify for your staff day or night. Priced from as little as 5c per wristband, Tyvek bands come in 19mm and 25mm sizes and more than 140 pattern and colour variations!

And remember, Tyvek bands by AAC are 100% Australian Made AND Printed – the only such wristbands in Australia. For this reason you are guaranteed the highest quality and best value products, supplied in the fastest time.

Wristbands for Resorts

Resorts use wristbands to identify their patrons, especially when their facilities are easily accessible by non paying guests. Most commonly, the wristbands used for this purpose are either silicone wristbands or vinyl wristbands; both are waterproof and comfortable to wear.

The best strategy to employ is to rotate through a wide range of coloured wristbands each week, so that their is a lower likelihood of replicas appearing.

Silicone wristbands are transferable of course, so savings can also be made if your resort can encourage guests to return their wristbands after check out. Vinyl wristbands are non transferable.

Wristbands for Events

Summer is the season for events in Australia. From music festivals to winery concerts, beach events to corporate parties, the industry goes crazy in the summer.

Along with this increase in number of events, comes a need to focus on the wristbands and accreditation used at the events.

Here, the recommendations can vary quite significantly; purely because events vary so much. For example, a single day event that is budget conscious will probably be OK to utilise Tyvek Wristbands. A multi-day music festival with camping, bars and VIP areas will be better equipped with Woven Wristbands.

Woven bands are the most secure, and most durable wristbands available in Australia, especially when combined with the exclusive closure mechanism available through AAC ID Solutions.

Wristbands for Aquatic Centres

Aquatic Centres and swimming pools always see a great increase in visitors over the summer, with warmer temperatures driving everyone to reverse the evolutionary process and head back to the water! The key factor for aquatic centres is that the bands they use are waterproof; and that they will also survive the rigors of such a centre. This could include saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis etc.

Most aquatic centres will use Tyvek wristbands for this reason. Durable, waterproof and available in so many colours and patterns, they can be rotated daily.

Of course, a lot of aquatic centres are also moving to RFID enabled systems, which means their chosen wristbands will often incorporate RFID chips.

Closing word

In summary, summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t already stocked up on wristbands for the coming months, now is the time. Talk to AAC at 1300 797 478 to see how we can assist.

RFID Wristbands

Cool Uses of RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands are popping up everywhere. As the wristbands become cheaper, there are a growing number of creative minds brainstorming for cool things to do with it. Which is great because, used correctly, RFID technology has the potential to generate a level of mass personal and social engagement and interactivity that simply could not exist before.

20 years ago, to engage a prospective customer and have them advocate or promote your brand  would be a mammoth task; now it can all be done with the swipe of a wristband. Likewise, collecting data was a painstaking task, and now it is achieved simply by offering a prize and then watching the data person walk in and swipe their wristband. It’s incredible.

But as of October 2014, what are some of the coolest uses of RFID wristbands that we have seen? First of all, let’s cross off the basics, but with a few interesting twists:

Use RFID Wristbands to Like Stuff

The bread and butter of RFID at events is the ability to “like” stuff via your social media account, whether it is Facebook or whatever is awesome right now! By swiping your wristband at a booth or similar, your status is automatically updated. But how can this be applied in more interesting ways?

Two different events stand out to us. The first was an event that had scanners near a range of cocktails at the bar. As attendees tried the cocktails, they could scan their RFID wristbands at the appropriate scanner to say they liked it, but this also triggered the recipe to be sent to their email address. This is great because a) we just love cocktails, b) you love cocktails and c) cocktails are the best! But really, this is a cool use of the “like” function.

A fashion event had male models walking around holding/presenting dresses. Attendees could swipe their RFID wristbands at the passes dresses (or models, whatever they liked!) and automatically be sent information on the dress. Not only is this cool for the attendees, but the fashion company’s collected great data about current fashion trends, at least on a small scale.

The key really is this – make it super simple for guests to like stuff, and make it fun.

RFID tags on sexy half-naked people

This may go hand in hand with the cocktail idea we just mentioned! The Baja Beach Club in Barcelona is a pretty exclusive hangout. They’ve started grafting tags to patrons as they enter the club, allowing for fast access but also fast payment, as the tag also acts as a debit card. Many patrons party there in their swimsuits, so having to carry around a bag or wallet can be awkward. We only wonder whether a guest gets to choose exactly where their RFID tag is grafted to! Not sure I’d want guests swiping and swinging certain things around the venue!

RFID Tags at Races

Quite a few races have started using RFID transponders as part of their timing systems. Competitors have the tag attached to their shoe, bike etc and as they run through certain points, or over special mats, the signal is received. When a photo finish won’t quite do the trick, this method of RFID tracking just might!

Use RFID to find your balls. Ahem. Golf balls.

If your losing your balls often (not a reference to the Baha Beach Club!) on the golf course, then you have no doubt screamed to the heavens, knee deep in scrub “when will someone develop an RFID ball tracking system!”. The problem with this has always been two things; firstly, it’s quite expensive to have long read RFID chips implanted in golf balls and most importantly, why would golf ball manufacturers want you to keep the same 12 balls all year when you could be buying 100?

Prazza RFID golf balls

Prazza RFID golf balls

Nonetheless, Prazza has entered the market with a system they claim allows golfers to track and recover their balls. The balls are equipped with chips and the golfer also receives a hand held scanning/detection unit.

It hasn’t really caught on much yet, but still, as someone who loses A LOT of golf balls, this is interesting, and pretty cool.

Our favourite use – just brilliant

Now THIS we really like. At the New York Marathon, competitors used RFID tags as per the above to monitor their performance. What the organisers did next though, took it to another level. They allowed friends and family to record video messages for the competitor, which were activated on large screens at various points on the race as the scanning mats received the signal from the runner!

RFID running message

RFID running message

What a great motivator seeing your partner, child or parent urging you on just as you’re starting to hit that wall! More than 7,000 runners had messages recorded for them, originating from 17 countries. Love it!

Oh wait, this might be our favourite! Wine reviews with a tap!

It can be great wandering the aisles at your favourite wine cellar or supermarket and just taking your time to look at what is available, trying your best to pretend that you MIGHT buy that $50 wine before you settle on something ‘a little’ cheaper. But perusing the labels, reading the descriptions “a hint of wistful vanilla!”, is just a great way to consume 30 minutes. The problem comes when you see something you want to try but you really don’t know if it’s any good.

Of course, the old way was to simply buy the wine, drink it and make up your own mind, but not anymore. Not with technology here to help! NFC tags (RFID’s cousin) are being installed at some cellars that allow you to tap them with your phone, bringing up reviews and notes of the wine. No more drinking something that could peel paint off the walls!

The final word

There are some great uses of RFID wristbands and NFC technology being developed and explored all over the world. Keep your eye out for new uses and let us know! And if you think of one for yourself, let us know too – we’ll give you a free plug on this blog!

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Tyvek Wristbands

Forget Paper Tickets, it’s time for Wristbands Australia

Forget pink is the new black, wristbands are the new tickets!

Venues and events have struggled with paper tickets for years. Patrons lose them, they get smudged (especially barcodes), they can be passed from one person to another, they can be copied very quickly and easily, and quite honestly, they’re a bit dull.

In recent years, wristbands have taken the place of paper tickets at many venues and events because they counter all of the above weaknesses. This trend has increased with the introduction of digital wristbands that can be printed with unique barcodes and variable data (such as names, seating, show details etc). In essence each wristband can be 100% unique and accomplish everything a traditional paper ticket can.

Should your venue or event start dumping paper tickets and moving towards wristbands? Let’s take a look:

Wristbands are very hard to lose

Once a wristband is placed on the wrist of a patron, it is actually quite a challenge to lose it! To lose a secure identification wristband, someone would need to either spend FAR too much time trying to remove it, or take a pair of scissors to it. What you can be sure of is this – anyone who approaches your ticket booth claiming to have lost a wristband is very suspicious! It’s time for wristbands Australia!

Wristbands cannot be transferred to other patrons

Many events and venues complain of tickets being surreptitiously passed to non paying guests, allowing them access. Not only is this illegal of course and basically stealing, it represents a significant loss of revenue for the venue itself.

Wristbands are far easier for security staff

The process at the ‘door’ or ‘gate’ at an event that utilises paper tickets can be a frustrating one. Patrons are fumbling around looking for tickets, security staff are trying to scan the barcode or locate the ticket details in a dark environment. Mean while, another 300 patrons are lining up impatiently, not enjoying themselves, and not spending money on F&B!

Security staff can quickly and efficiently locate wristbands, scan them, check their details etc. A different colour can be used for specific events or sessions, allowing quick visual check to start with.

Wristbands can be bright and colourful

Your standard paper ticket will have black text on a white background. A wristband on the other hand can be bright, with neon colours available, allowing them to stand out in a dark environment.

The added benefit of such a variety of colours and styles that wristbands provide is that events can use them to differentiate between certain groups such as VIP’s or under age patrons.

For multi-day events, choose Wristbands Australia

Many events require multi-day access. This is especially true for music festivals. A ticket in these cases is not suitable because the chances of it being lost or damaged is greatly increased the longer it is in the hands of the patron. This situation only worsens when it rains or if the event is outside, or if the ticket needs to be handled on several occasions.

Wristbands, especially plastic wristbands and woven wristbands, can easily last several days without any loss of integrity, an still with very little risk of being lost or transferred to other people.

Wristbands can be multi-functional

Wristbands with detachable stubs can be used for checking your coat or even for redeeming a drink or other product. The wristband and the stub share the same number for security purposes.

Wristbands and technology

The main reason that wristbands can now be considered a viable ticketing option is because the technology and advancements associated with wristband printing have grown considerably. For a wristband to become a ticket in the truest sense of the word, it needs to be unique from one patron to the next. This is to allow, in the extreme, for individual seating at an event or venue.

Wristbands can achieve this firstly through barcoding. Tyvek wristbands, a very cost effective option, can now be uniquely barcoded with a number of barcode protocols, including 39 (sometimes called 3 of 9), 128 and 125 barcodes, amongst others. As well as this linear barcode, the barcode number itself will also be printed under the barcode as a human readable check.

Quick tangent – understanding barcodes. Barcodes are actually very simple. For the purposes of printing on tickets etc, think of barcodes as a font. To create a barcode, all we do is turn a specific number, say 12345678 in to a barcode using a special software. This is the equivalent of changing ABCDEFG in calibri to ABCDEFG in times new roman. The different barcode types listed above are basically different font types. Each comes out a little differently in terms of size and structure, just like a font. The only consideration a venue or event needs to make is what barcode type their scanning equipment works with.

Within the same process, a wristband can also be uniquely numbered if required.

RFID is the other technology that can transform a humble wristband in to an almighty wristband ticket. An RFID chip provides a unique ID number that can be scanned with great ease. Whilst a barcode needs to be scanned very carefully, an RFID chip can scanned from a few centimeters away.

RFID chips (or inlays) can be incorporated in to the production of several different types of wristbands, either single day photo image wristbands or multi-day woven wristbands. It’s time for RFID Wristbands Australia

Both barcoded wristbands and RFID wristbands can also be printed with variable data also. This might include seating details or even the patrons name, as well as session/event show details. With a unique barcode or RFID chip, as well as unique text printed on the wristband, the wristband is as functional as any paper ticket.


As with any consideration to ticketing, especially changing from paper tickets to wristbands, there would be changes required to operational procedures and possibly hardware. Certainly, staff would need to be re-trained as to the proper method for applying a wristband and door staff would need to recognise specific wristband types. All things considered though, the use of wristbands as tickets presents a variety of benefits to any event or venue.

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Resort wristbands

Wristbands Helping All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive resorts are growing in popularity world wide, and the use of wristbands at these resorts continues to grow also.

One of the major challenges posed by the all inclusive resort structure is that of how to ensure that only paying guests are obtaining the benefits available. Often this will be access to leisure facilities such as a pool, kids club, tennis courts, fitness centres, as well as restaurant and dining facilities.

With many resorts being beachfront, the possibility exists that non paying guests may enter the resort grounds and utilise the facilities free of charge, which is not only costing the resort money, but also will infuriate paying guests.

The solution that many resorts are turning to is wristbands. By supplying guests with a wristband at check-in, resort staff can effectively monitor who is allowed access to their facilities. With a rotating set of wristband colours, perhaps changing these on a weekly basis, resorts can also ensure that previous guests can’t return with their old wristbands and utilise the facilities free of charge again.

The benefit of all inclusive resorts are obvious for both the resort and the guests. It all comes down to cost efficiencies. Guests benefit from cheaper (and simpler) holidays because the resort has undertaken certain changes to reduce their costs; this often includes removing a la carte dining and replacing it with buffet dining. Whilst this is common at breakfast, replicating the structure at lunch and dinner greatly simplifies F&B operations whilst also reducing staff numbers, both in terms of service staff and kitchen staff.

Why wristbands?

There are numerous ways to identify paying guests, and resorts have looked at all of them in the past. ID cards are impracticable because they get lost, left in rooms etc. Lanyards are not functional because they get in the way when swimming and doing other activities. Wristbands are, by far, the more cost effective, logical and non-invasive method of identifying a large number of people like this.

  • They can be branded with the resort logo and also supplied in a variety of colours, allowing the resort to rotate the colours on a weekly basis over a 10 week period.
  • Silicone wristbands, the most popular type of wristband for this purpose, is soft, comfortable and does not disrupt the daily activities of the guest.
  • They can be kept on for several days without causing irritation
  • They are easily visible to resort staff in any situation
  • They can be kept as a memento of the holiday, providing on going branding benefits to the resort.
  • They are available in either transferable form (like a silicone wristband) or non transferable form (see Tyvek wristbands or plastic wristbands). The choice here comes down to a resort determining how likely it is that a guest might pass their wristband to a non paying guest who can then access the resort facilities.

Standard resorts using wristbands

It is not just all inclusive resorts using wristbands to identify their paying guests. Standard resorts in busy or easily accessible locations are also doing the same thing. This is especially true of resorts who features special or unique facilities like a kids water park or similar; something that will attract the attention of non paying guests. In these cases, resorts are also using wristbands to identify who should be allowed access.

Wristbands for kids clubs

Many resorts now run specialised kids clubs, with the goal of attracting families safe in the knowledge that for a few hours each day, the parents can enjoy some time to themselves. A key element of kids clubs (as well as child care centres around the world) is security and identification. At a resort, the key priorities for a kids club are:

1. Ensuring all staff are aware of allergies within the group

2. Ensuring that kids remain within the right age groups, in order to avoid inappropriate or unsuitable activities.

3. Ensuring that all children leave the kids club with the right parent or carer.

For the above cases, wristbands again provide to be the most cost effective and functional solution. But rather than silicone wristbands, most resorts turn to Tyvek wristbands, ideally with a detachable stub. The benefit here is that while the child wears the wristband, the parent takes the detachable stub. Both items have the same number printed on them for security purposes.

Additionally, Tyvek wristbands are non-transferable, so if the child attempts to remove the wristband, they will be unsuccessful. Different colours can be used for different age groups and a specific colour may be used to indicate that a child has an allergy of some kind. Additionally, these wristbands are waterproof, which is very useful for a kids club!

Wristbands for functions and conferences

Finally, for hotels and resorts with large conference and meeting facilities, wristbands are commonly used to differentiate between groups. This is a more cost effective solution than lanyards attached to ID wallets or cards.

With multiple groups utilising facilities at the same time, and with some groups also incorporating meals or snacks in to their packages, it is important to ensure that each group receives what they have paid for. A simple wristband system allows staff to differentiate between groups in this way.

Resort wristbands and RFID

We’ll explore this in more detail in a coming article, but RFID wristbands are proving increasingly popular at resorts because they serve two functions. Firstly, they provide a means of identification in the same way that the wristbands above do. But secondly, they can be programmed, in conjunction with the right kind of systems, to become guest access passes to their rooms, the elevator, the fitness centre and any other facilities that might be present.

Resorts can choose whether to use silicone RFID wristbands (which will be reusable) or plastic/vinyl RFID wristbands (which are designed for single time use only and need to be cut to be removed).

Wristbands are a simple and cost effective tool to identify patrons or guests at resorts and hotels. All-inclusive resorts especially are using them to ensure that only their paying guests are enjoying the facilities they have paid for. For more information, talk to AAC ID Solutions.

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Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands – Buying Australian Made

It’s a tough choice for any consumer and we see it on a daily basis. There are products we’d LIKE to buy because they represent the same values as we do, whether this is a food product that uses organic growing methods, eggs that are free range, or manufactured products that are Australian Made. Inevitably, if we’re posed the question of “all things being equal (including price), which one would you choose, a locally made product or a product manufactured off shore”, I’d hazard a guess that all of us would opt for the locally made product. But the problem is, often the better products are the ones that cost more, and this puts consumers in a tough situation.

In the world of wristbands, consumers are presented with the same dilemma. Faced with a plethora of options manufactured off shore, and with a market that has become increasingly price driven with a focus on cost cutting, events and venues can be left with products that do not meet their requirements due to poor production, printing and security features.

AAC ID Solutions has been a part of the Australian Made Australian Grown campaign for many years, being the sole manufacturer of Tyvek Wristbands in Australia. Founded in the 90’s, AAC quickly became the leading wristband supplier in Australia, expanding quickly in to manufacturing, printing and more, launching new products and reaching new markets. Key to it all has been a focus on quality; both of product and service, and with a special emphasis on Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are used more than any other wristband in Australia. They are secure, waterproof, lightweight, and (with the right adhesive) non transferable. Australian events, venues, schools, councils, governments, memberships etc purchase tens of millions of Tyvek Wristbands annually; plain, patterned and custom printed. They are used primarily as an identification wristband, allowing quick and easily recognition that person A is wearing a yellow wristband which means that today they are allowed access to the pool, for example.

Casestudy – The challenge that the industry is facing is one that has happened all over the world. In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, in the face of a coup and then several months of well publicised smog brought about by slash and burn agriculture, the tourism industry was in crisis. Tourists were staying away in the hundreds of thousands, hotels were empty, tourist spots were quiet and thousands of people and businesses were in big trouble. The prices for tours starting dropping dramatically as business fought tooth and nail for any revenue they could generate, simply to pay running costs for vehicles and guides if nothing else. Suddenly, a price war was on the cards and a tourist could now purchase a full day adventure package with transfers, guides, lunch, elephant trek and rafting for as little of Baht 200 (AUD$6). The problem of course was that once the market picked up, tour agencies were stuck in the cycle of cheap tours, so they downgraded their buses, hired inexperienced guides, went to less reputable destinations, provided worse lunches and suddenly, the product offered was not recognisable from where it started, resulting in damage to the reputation of the Northern Thailand tourism product in general.

The lesson – quality should be the last thing sacrificed by a business.

Back to Wristbands

The importance of quality – wristband quality is paramount for an event such as a music festival, nightclub, leisure centre, or anywhere they are used to identify someone who has paid to obtain access. The consequences of utilising a non secure tyvek wristband at these types of events and venues can be very damaging. The main damage is caused by lost revenue, with one patron removing their wristband and finding a way to pass it to a non paying patron, allowing them free access to the venue or event. The term we use to describe this feature is transferability – as a secure event, you really want a non-transferable wristband.

How might a poor quality wristband be less secure? – If you look at the construction of a tyvek wristband, they are actually quite interesting, with several key areas that, if manufactured poorly, can lead to a poor quality product. Firstly, the adhesive. A strong adhesive ensures that once the wristband is applied to the wrist, that it is incredibly difficult to remove. Imagine using a lower quality adhesive; patrons will simply peel the wristband right off, especially when the wristband is exposed to wet or moist environments like the rain, a sauna or swimming pool.

Secondly, the dye cut. At the end of your wristband you will note a pattern of cuts on the front side of the band, over the adhesive area. These cuts need to be exactly the right depth because their job is to, basically, tear the wristband apart if and when someone wants to remove it from their wrist. If the dye cut is too deep, it the wristband will come apart when the adhesive sticker is removed. If the dye cut is too shallow, the wristband will be much easily to remove. A quality wristband will therefore be manufactured to consistently high standards.

Thirdly, the quality and depth of colour is crucial in a wristband, especially when considering the need for the neon or fluro colours that are available. The difference between a genuine neon pink wristband and a washed out pink is important, especially if your event is identifying under 18’s, or runs at night when the wristband really needs to stand out. The same goes for printing of text on custom wristbands; if this is undertaken with poor quality inks, or via a means other than screen printing or flexographic printing, then the ink will run, smear and smudge.

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

An event or venue must utilise secure wristbands in order to protect their revenue. AAC believes strongly that in order to best serve our customers, a high quality wristband is required. This is why we manufacture tyvek wristbands in Australia, allowing ourselves full control of quality, material, adhesive, inks and testing, which we take very seriously.

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Brand Activation and RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands and Brand Activation

Brand activation, also known as brand engagement, is whereby you try to create an emotional attachment or relationship between the consumer and a brand. It’s a lofty goal for any company. The real cherry on the cake is then driving that consumer to take an action, especially if that action involves a sale.

New methods of measurement have been devised to calculate the effectiveness of brand activation, with event planners boasting of “social media reach” and “blog engagement” as measuring sticks. More on this later.

More and more RFID technology and specifically, RFID Wristbands, are being used within brand activation strategies. Music festivals are one particular industry that has really taken the lead in this regard, with sponsors continually coming up with new and exciting ways to interact and engage with consumers at the live events in order to elicit an action.

RFID Wristbands allow company’s to devise clever ways to engaging with consumers, either directly or via their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. With social media being the preferred means of communication amongst those under 30, you can understand why tapping in to this is such an attractive proposition for a company.

The benefit of using a music festival as a base for brand activation strategies is that the patrons are familiar with the wristband concept of identification, and are wearing one anyway. So, the adjustment of moving to a slightly different wristband with RFID technology is not a large one.

So what is RFID and RFID Wristbands?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. An RFID chip basically provides a unique identification number (UID). “Wait, that sounds just like a barcode!” I hear you scream. Which is right, the main difference being the ease with which an RFID wristband can be scanned, from several cm away, vs a barcode, and the potential damage that can be inflicted upon a barcode that can render it unusable.

How does it work at events?

With the right RFID software, patrons register their details as they enter an event or venue and the resulting profile is then linked to the wristband specifically. As the patron then walks around the event they are wearing a wristband that can tell other systems and scanning devices exactly who they are, what their email address is and what their social media profiles are. The clever part is the systems and strategies that are then developed to utilise this situation. It really is a marketers dream come true; so much data and opportunities walking around.

Great Brand Activation Strategies

Toyota utilised RFID Wristbands within their brand activation strategy to great effect at the Jamboree in the Hills Music Festival, with the goal being to not only engage patrons but reward them also. This was driven by a redemption booth which provided prizes and awards for patrons who had scanned their RFID at various checkpoints around the Toyota promotional area. The more places they had been, the greater the prize. Not only did this engage the patrons but it also ensured that they experienced everything Toyota had on offer at the event.

The idea of scanning the wristband at a particular point is the most common method of brand activation. The key is determining how to attract people and reward them accordingly. Other strategies have included entering a patron in a competition if they scan at a particular point, but the real benefits come when social media is involved.

One fantastic way of incorporating social media, and obtaining the sexy ‘social media reach’ results (often upwards of 2 million likes/shares etc), is to integrate Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the engagement activity. This can be done as follows:

1. Assuming that the registration process has collected social media profiles, automatic status updates can be added to Facebook etc that are driven by the simple swipe of the RFID wristbands, effectively “checking in” the patron at a particular spot, but with the added benefit of the sponsor being able to determine the content of the update itself i.e. “Having a blast at Festival XYZ”. Chevy did this at the Hangout Music festival, with a variety of live check-in stations.

2. Even more effective that status updates are photo’s. According to some studies, photos make up 93% of the most engaging content on social media and are far more likely to be shared or passed on compared to a text update, no matter how interesting. With RFID Wristbands linked to social media profiles, a sponsor can take a photograph of a group of friends, scan their wristbands, and the photos will be automatically posted to each of the patrons facebook profiles, and can even be branded to the sponsor i.e. with their logo super imposed on part of the photo, and with a predetermined caption “Hanging with my mates at Festival XYZ”.

As mentioned previously, the ideal brand activation strategy is not just one that elicits a response and social media reach, but one that results in a sale. This has been achieved by several drinks companies at music festivals. With an attractive and funky ABC Drink Party Tent, patrons are invited to scan their wristband to check in. A moment later they receive an email or SMS saying thanks for hanging out, going along with their Facebook profile update, and inviting them to enjoy a 20% discount off Drink ABC in the next 30 minutes.

Why Else Are Sponsors Doing This?

Put simply, data! Every scan allows them to collect contact names, emails and social media profiles for future promotional opportunities and advertising. The main benefits are reported as social media reach, which in itself is exciting enough, but this is more about brand awareness. The data that the sponsors are left with allows them to plan out more targeted promotions post-event that increase the likelihood of a sale down the track.

It’s an exciting new realm of market for a lot of people. While traditional marketers may struggle with some of the new concepts, especially social media reach and RFID Wristbands, it’s all about the same thing. Promoting your product to as many relevant prospects as possible and associating the brand with positive vibes in the hope of winning custom. As always, marketing and branding will evolve, and the current iteration is a thrilling one.

For more information on RFID Wristbands and Brand Activation, contact AAC ID Solutions.

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Wristbands: The Future Proof Guide

Choosing between Tyvek, Plastic, Woven, and RFID Wristbands has never been harder. We know because we assist customers as they wrestle with this decision on a daily basis; and as with any decision, there are several factors to consider. Trends will change, technology will change and the needs of your event or venue will change, but the key factors that influence your decision will remain the same. As such, we present our Future Proof (don’t hold us to that!) guide to wristbands.

What do your wristbands need to achieve?

Identification only? Wristbands can achieve a lot for your venue or event now, but that doesn’t mean you need all the bells and whistles. Sure, most of us would LOVE to own the latest BMW, but really a pretty standard Hyundai might just do the trick, especially if all we’re doing is a bit of shopping on a Sunday morning. Likewise with wristbands, if all you want your wristband to do is identify that 1,200 people are allowed access to your food and wine event, then you don’t need anything more functional that tyvek wristbands.

You may not have heard of Tyvek wristbands, but there is a very good chance that you have worn one. Commonly referred to as paper wristbands due to the papery nature and feel of the material, Tyvek is actually a synthetic substrate that is non-tear, waterproof and textured, which makes it ideal as a security wristband. This is the right option for you if you are on a budget and require identification of people for a single day only; simple as that. You should not be looking at tyvek wristbands as an option for any event runs for multiple days; this is a common mistake that we’ve seen repeated by several events.

Identification and a VIP experience? Your event or venue may want to achieve something a little grander in terms of their style and design. In this case, Tyvek wristbands may be less relevant and you should start considering plastic wristbands, especially those that have special effects within the material such as sparkle or holographic effects. A plastic wristband is durable and again, non transferable. The difference between plastic and Tyvek is that plastic wristbands can be used for multiple days, which makes them popular at music festivals and events where patrons return the following day, like weekend-long exhibitions or conferences.

Identification for long periods of time; with many events now lasting several days such as Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass, Woodford Folk Festival, Falls Festival etc, the main requirement is durability and security over a longer period of time. This is where the “festival special” wristband comes in to play, commonly called woven wristbands. Woven wristbands are made from polyester with the artwork on the wristband physically embroidered in to the material for added security. The nature of polyester, woven in such a way, is that it does not stretch and expand, making it ideal as a multiday wristband. The key though, is how the wristband remains non transferable, and this comes down to a smartly designed slide lock (or closure) that, due to a series of angled internal “teeth” can only slide up the band… it cannot slide back down the wristband. This means that once it is on, it is staying on!

The added benefit of woven wristbands, and the reason that they are also used for single day events as well as week-long festivals, is that they actually do become a collectors item. I am sure you’ve seen the collectors, as they’ll often be wearing a dozen or more, some dating back several years. They’re worn with a mark of pride by the wearer, but for us as a wristband manufacturer, it’s a mark of pride that the wristband remains securely fastened to the wearer after 1,000 showers and daily activities!

How secure do you want your wristband?

The key to maximising the security of your wristband is to customise it either via printing or embroidery, depending on the wristband of course. Custom wristbands allow you to personalise wristbands to a specific purpose (ACCESS TO SWIMMING POOL ONLY), or a particular day (FRIDAY ONLY), to a particular area (FRIDAY CAMPING) or for a specific category of customer/patron (FRIDAY ADULT). Combined with a logo, website, phone number or even a Facebook profile, a wristband can become far more than just a wristband. See below to read how barcodes and RFID chips allow even more functionality.

Do you want your wristbands to be smarter when it comes to Access Control?

Whether you’re buying wristbands for an aquatic centre, a nightclub, a party or a music festival, the key to a security wristband is it’s effectiveness in managing access control. Firstly, at the gate (or other entry point) itself and then on an ongoing basis.

Security at the gate itself; whilst staff can be trained to recognise to know what colour wristbands they should be looking for, the integration of barcodes or RFID chips provides a far greater means to manage access at any venue or event. A unique barcode, or RFID chip, can be placed on a wristband, which basically assigns a unique identification number to the person wearing it. The access control system, armed with details of each guests profile, knows who is allowed to what area and when. Simply scanning RFID wristbands will alert staff to whether a patron is allows access to a VIP area, for instance. At an aquatic centre, the same wristband may prevent unauthorised access to a specific facility such as a members lounge or spa facility.

When should you look at Barcoded or RFID Wristbands?

To enjoy the benefits of automated access control, your main expense is not going to be wristbands, it will be the scanners and system to manage the wristbands. Barcoded wristbands actually don’t have to cost that much more than standard custom printed wristbands. The key to benefiting from such technology though is whether a) you’re reducing ongoing costs or staffing levels that then justify the expenditure and/or b) the use of the technology so greatly enhances your product offering that it becomes a marketing tool in itself. This question is what has driven many gyms and aquatic centres to implement smarter wristband technology.

For more information about choosing the best type of wristbands for your venue or event, contact AAC ID Solutions at sales@aacidsolutions.com

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