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The Wristband Industry’s Biggest Secret – Woven Wristbands

We’re constantly talking with our customers, and at a recent team meeting something very interesting came up. Something that we think will surprise a lot of people. It’s the wristband industry’s biggest secret, and AAC is prepared to reveal all!

The background

A lot of events and venues have been using wristbands here in Australia for 20 years. We know, because we were the first ones to supply them! At that time, and as recently as 10 years ago, the vast majority of wristbands used in Australia were Tyvek Wristbands. This made sense at the time, as they were much cheaper than all the other type of wristbands available. They also achieved the main goal of identifying visitors or patrons.

But times have changed.

New technologies, greater demand for a USP (unique selling point), more streamlined manufacturing processes, a tighter focus on security, higher demand. All these factors have resulted in another type of wristband becoming a real option for almost every use. What type of wristband are we talking about? Woven Wristbands.

Reputation of Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands have a reputation for being very expensive, and indeed that used to be true. As little as 5 years ago, woven wristbands really were the exclusive domain of the music festival. Music festivals chose woven wristbands because of the additional security benefits they offered, and the difficulty involving in replicating them. But all that came at a price, with bands costing as much as $2 each.

And this is where the biggest secret of the wristband industry presents itself.


This is a secret because the vast majority of events and venues using Tyvek bands are completely unaware of it. They don’t even think to ask about woven bands, because in their minds they are expecting a quote of $2 per wristband. This is simply not the case any more.

Woven wristbands in 2017

2017 presents a whole new ball game for woven wristbands. Not only should woven wristbands be at the top of your agenda for this year, they should be marked with an asterisk, highlighted and underlined.

Woven Wristbands

Loving their wristbands… and the music… but mainly their wristbands!

We know that this is a difficult concept to get your head around, but consider the benefits of woven wristbands vs the Tyvek, plastic and vinyl wristbands you have used for so many years:

  • Woven wristbands present your brand in a better light. When was the last time you really looked at a woven wristband? They are incredible. Beautifully embroidered with quality threads, they elevate your brand to a level above and beyond what a Tyvek wristband can achieve.
  • Woven wristbands are far more secure than any other type of wristband. This is a key factor for music festivals, especially those that last several days. They remain secure, functional and attractive for days at a time.

And remember, we are no longer talking about these wristbands costing upwards of $2 per unit.

So tell us, what do woven wristbands cost now!

Woven wristbands

Woven embroidery looks fantastic

Woven wristbands are now available for as little as 35c each, and rarely cost more than $1, even at low quantities! The steep drop in pricing from several years ago is due to the factors mentioned earlier; streamlined manufacturing, higher demand etc. The benefactor from all this is YOU.

Woven wristbands are now a legitimate alternative to Tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. The range of colours and scope of artwork available for woven wristbands is diverse. Plenty of  opportunities exist to get your creative juices flowing.

Woven Wristbands and Additional Functionality

Much of the wristband industry is moving towards incorporating additional functionality in wristbands. AAC is at the forefront of this movement, working with technology partners and the biggest events and venues in Australia to continually raise the waters.

The point is that these wristbands allow your business, functions and processes to be scale-able. Whether you are looking at barcoded systems, RFID systems or anything else, woven wristbands can remain your primary wristband, with the additional technologies seamlessly integrated as your venue or event grows.

In essence, you can future proof your business by moving to woven now.

Elevate your Brand

Elevate your brand, and talk to AAC ID Solutions about moving your wristband choice to woven. You won’t be disappointed. Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or email sales@aacidsolutions.com.