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Promotional Products Gold Coast

Promotional Products Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. AAC ID Solutions has been operating here since 1997, and is proudly Gold Coast born and bred. Promotional Products Gold Coast is one of our most successful product ranges, as we get the opportunity to often meet with you face to face!

Promotional Products Gold Coast

Some of our Gold Coast clients include local icons such as Dreamworld, Jupiters Hotel & Casino, The Gold Coast Suns, the Gold Coast Titans, Skypoint, the Gold Coast Turf Club, Gold Coast Airport Marathon, the Pan Pacific Masters Games and soon, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games! We truly are a Gold Coast company and we take great care to look after promotional products in this area.

Branded Apparel – Wholesale Promotional Products Gold Coast

AAC has incredible access to a network of factories, providing us with the ability to offer incredible wholesale rates on branded apparel such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and uniforms. With high quality products and impeccable printing and embroidery, AAC is the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to promotional products gold coast.

Executive Gifts and Marketing Products

No matter what you are looking for in the world of executive gifts and marketing products, AAC can supply it. We specialise in traditional promotional items such as branded water bottles, pens, tote bags and the like, but our passion is in sourcing those unusual products that no one else can find. Branded piggy bands? Done. Promotional belt buckles? Sorted. Custom printed cowbells? Delivered in 5 days!

Put us to the test and see whether we meet your standards. We love a challenge, and we love saving you money.

Branded Merchandise for Gold Coast Resorts

One thing we have plenty of here on the Gold Coast is hotels and resorts. AAC has been working with dozens of these properties for years, supplying a wide range of merchandise. The resort stocks the promotional merchandise in their gift shops and then sells it to guests, generating fantastic additional revenue. The most popular items include beach towels, caps, colouring in sets, drink bottles and playing cards. Talk to AAC to learn more!

Promotional Products in time for Christmas

There is still time. We just 2 months to go from today, you can still order branded promotional products, items and merchandise in time for Christmas. So whether you are sourcing items for your staff, suppliers, members, customers or patrons, now is the time to finalise that order.

For everything related to promotional products Gold Coast, talk to AAC ID Solutions. We have been here 20 years, and we’re not going anywhere else! Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or email us here.

Unique Promotional Products

Promotional Products: Now For Something Different!

The next time someone at your marketing meeting suggests that you buy some promotional pens, we suggest you advise them of a suitable place to insert those pens! We’re in the back half of 2015 and it’s time for some innovative thinking when it comes to promotional products and items.

It is now harder than ever to impress someone or maintain a lasting impression through the use of promotional products. With so many suppliers peddling the same products, it’s time to start looking at more unique products to get the attention and exposure you’re seeking.

This is especially relevant as we move swiftly towards the end of 2015 and to the gift giving season. November to December is when the promotional product season kicks in to high gear, with company’s vying for exposure.

Promotional Products with a Difference

Hacky sacks

Remember these? They’re making a comeback! Hacky sacks are a fun product that will be well remembered by those who receive them. Especially those of us who recall being talented with them but then realise perhaps our hindsight glasses may be rose tinted!

Bounce balls 

A great alternative to the usual stress ball; bounce balls are exactly what they sound like, and will provide a memorable experience for the recipient.

Wet wipe cans

Great for waiting rooms, car dealerships, reception areas, events; canned wet wipes can be branded in full colour all around the product, providing excellent exposure. And who doesn’t want their brand associated with being clean and hygienic!?


Branded lollies, jelly beans, rainbow chews and mints are growing in popularity because they offer something a little be different. Being perishable and therefore with a limited lifespan, you might think to avoid looking at promotional confectionery, but that would be a mistake. Our customers report receiving great responses from prospects, customers and suppliers they have distributed these to.

Completely custom shapes

Rather than branding an existing product, why not generate a completely unique design for your stress shapes or USB sticks? In the building industry… why not a stress shape in the shape of a house? In the IT industry… why not a USB in the shape of a computer mouse?

More Promotional Products than you can shake a branded stick at!

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to promotional products and merchandise. The two best ways to come up with something new is to look around (almost anything you see can be sourced and branded) or to work closely with a professional and creative company like AAC ID Solutions.

For more information, call us today at 1300 797 478 or Contact us.

Promotional products and items

Emotional Marketing and Promotional Products

A key challenge for all marketers is to determine the motivation that steers buyers in a certain direction. There are countless books and articles that cover this. How does this effect the use of promotional products?

When I was at University (yes I can still remember that far back), my marketing lecturer referred to this as the “buyers black box”. The set of principles and influences that we have each garnered over the years that now play a role in the decisions we make.

This extends to the purchases we make. How do we choose who to buy from? What kind of packaging appeals to us? What brand do we want to associate ourselves with? Many of the internal influences we have are completely subconscious also, making it even harder for marketers to determine how best to sell their products and services.

“Our brains process 11,000,000 bits of sensory information every second. But our conscious minds can only handle about 40 bits per second. That’s a selection ratio of 0.000004%. What happens to those other 10,999,960 bits of information? We process them subconsciously”. Source -http://www.iconinternational.com.au/

As buyers we respond to both emotional and physical stimuli. We want products, services and brands to appeal to us on multiple levels before we make decisions.

A modern marketer needs to understand this to best approach their marketing mix. In previous articles we have discussed the role promotional products play in the marketing mix. It is crucial to a) get the attention of the buyer, b) ensure that you have created a positive/relevant experience and then c) make sure that the experience lasts, or is remembered for when it is time to make a purchase.

An oldie but a goodie

It is an oldie but a goodie – “don’t sell the features, sell the benefits”. An addition to that should be, “don’t just sell the physical benefits, sell the emotional benefits”. How does a product or brand make someone feel? Yes a branded water bottle may be made of strong BPA-free plastic (feature) and it may keep you hydrated (benefit) but the real reason it might appeal to someone is that it makes them feel active and healthy (emotional benefit). And THAT is where your brand will be associated if you use custom printed water bottles as promotional products.

Promotional Products

So what does this mean for the marketeer looking to use promotional products to increase awareness and improve brand recognition?

The key take from all this is to really analyse what you are trying to achieve with your use of promotional products. Who are you trying to reach and how is your chosen product, or selection of promotional products, going to achieve that? Are you appealing to a functional or emotional black box, and which will achieve the greatest impact?

The best strategy here is to consult with your marketing team, but also to liaise with a solution-driven promotional products company like AAC ID Solutions. By focusing on the end-result, and not just the product, you will achieve a greater ROI no matter what your goals are.

Contact AAC ID Solutions today to discuss your requirements – 1300 797 478 or contact us.

Promotional items

Thinking Outside the Box – Promotional Items

Promotional Items are commonplace in 2015. Almost every company, event and venue in every corner of Australia is aware of their existence and considers them in their marketing strategy. And, as with all other elements of marketing strategy, successful use of promotional items requirements some ‘outside the box’ thinking.

This is often a challenge for company’s. Even more so than individuals, company’s are afraid to try new things for fear of failure, or because they feel it is not consistent with their brand. But in 2015, when promotional items are so popular, wouldn’t it be great to stand out just a little and to consider more branded promotional products than just the good old pen?

Why use Promotional Items

Let’s look at your potential goals, because this is key when choosing promotional items.

Goal 1: We want to generate awareness of our company

Increasing awareness takes two forms; firstly to get your company in front of people and then secondly, to make sure they remember it. We’ve covered this topic before with regards making sure products are relevant i.e. don’t give out branded iphone cases at a retirement home expo. So, any and all promotional items will achieve the first part – your company will be in their hands. But how do you make sure it is remembered? By being unique. This is where products such as promotional confectionary or promotional lip balm come in. We’ve all been given pens, bags and standard items like that; often the product goes straight in the desk drawer. But something unique like a pack of jelly beans or a tube of lip balm is memorable and will increase the likelihood of your company being remembered.

Goal 2: We want to generate a ROI

This applies to a wide range of venues and events that use promotional items as merchandise. The goal here is to generate a strong return on investment, but also to sell as many products as possible. At many expos and events, popular items include t-shirts, hats etc but the products that offer the greatest ROI are those that are unique. Think branded cow bells for a rodeo, branded wine coolers for a vineyard and even custom printed ponchos for an outdoor event. Anything unique carries a premium, which will generate greater revenues.

Whenever promotional items are being considered, think outside the box. You’ll achieve your goals and provide something memorable for the recipient.

For more information about promotional items, talk to AAC ID Solutions – contact us today.

Promotional Products Sale

AAC’s Promotional Products Sale

Promotional Products on Sale

Promotional products and merchandise are important features of many marketing strategies. They develop brand awareness, improve relationships and even generate revenue in many situations. AAC ID Solutions prides itself on providing solutions to your needs – our goal has always been to listed to your requirements and then propose a unique promotional products to achieve your objectives. Below, we present some special sale items that are available for a limited time.

Promotional Products on Sale

Promotional Products on Sale

Click here to see all the promotional products in our range, including hats, silicone wristbands, promotional pens, stress balls, glassware and much more. AAC is constantly adding to its selection, and has access to an incredible number of products; just ask if you’re looking for something you cannot see.

Key uses of promotional products

AAC takes a very different approach to its range of promotional products, and are bucking the industry trend in a big way. Rather than presenting 10,000 products, our approach is to listen to what you want to achieve. We then propose a range of products that will work for you. Yes, we still promote the same wide range of water bottles, custom bags, USB sticks and more, but we’d rather talk to you about your requirements, and then work together to produce something special.

Our unmatched manufacturing and production capabilities ensure that no matter what your requirements and expectations are, AAC can exceed them time and time again.

Promotional Products are idea for running promotions, adding value to an existing product or service, or as merchandise designed to provide a return on investment. Many products purchased wholesale through AAC can be sold at 200-300% mark ups.

Terms and conditions of the sale

These prices are valid until the end of April 2015 for all orders approved and paid for by then. Basic or economy product in each range only. Single colour print for rugs, shirts and bags, full colour for lip balm. Ask us about bigger quantities.

Promotional products

Adding Value to a Membership with Promotional Items

In a previous life, before entering the world of wristbands, lanyards and promotional items here at AAC ID Solutions, I launched and managed a hospitality and leisure focused membership program that provided benefits to a membership of 5,000+ people. The key to it’s success (the membership was eventually sold to a multinational timeshare company) was the concept of value.

As a rule, we bulldozed through the pre-existing model for the industry, which at the time focused on quantity of benefits over the quality of them; if you were happy with a 7% discount off an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of town valid between 2pm and 3.30pm on Tuesdays only, then you were in luck, unless it was a public holiday in which case the discount became just 5%. Our plan was to focus on value and simplicity. We signed a limited number of partners (restaurants, hotels, spas and golf courses) and would only welcome them to the program if they committed to offer a “buy one, get one” benefit to all members, all the time. The value of the membership became a tremendous selling point.

It’s funny how relevant this same concept is even now as we support hundreds of membership based companies here in Australia with their membership products, because the key to a successful membership remains rooted to the ability to add value.

The crucial benefit that comes with a well run membership, where the members feel like they receive exceptional value for their membership fee, is RETENTION. Retention is the holy grail of membership management. It has been proven time and again that trying to secure a new member is approximately 10 times more expensive that retaining an existing member. Memberships with high retention rates also benefit from being able to plan for effectively, secure in the knowledge that their revenue will remain stable.

The two most obvious ways to add value to a membership relate to the quality of service provided, but then also the tangible ‘goodies’ that a member receives as part of their membership.

Adding Value Through Quality Service

It may seem incredibly obvious, but the easiest way to add value to a membership is to offer good service. A fitness centre that employs well trained, friendly and knowledge team members, who maintains a spotlessly clean environment and who maintains equipment to a very high level will retain members. Many fitness centres also offer special “member events” now, where the goal is, again, to add value to the membership in order to reduce the chances of members looking elsewhere.

Memberships that offer little in the way of service and support to their members qill quickly find themselves in trouble with high rates of member abandonment.

Adding Value with Promotional Products and Items

Members love goodies! We all love goodies. But did you know that, especially in the service industry, promotional products and merchandise actually offer a membership the greatest opportunity to provide their members with something TANGIBLE.

The key to determining what kind of value a promotional product might have to a member is perception and relevance. Some products have a low monetary value but a high perceived value. A good example of this is custom towels, and as a promotional item, custom towels are very effective. In this respect, we refer more to beach towels rather than the small gym towels. A large, full colour beach towel is something that provides high perceived value but does not need to cost a fortune. Relevance of a promotional item is the second factor in determining the value of it. The more relevant a product is to the recipient, and the more functional/useful, then a higher value will be attributed to it by the member. A great example of this is custom water bottles for the fitness industry or sweatbands for a running club.

How Should Promotional Products be Used?

Whilst it is clear that providing goodies to members is a great way to add value to a membership, it needs to be done with a clear strategy in mind. Of course, the most common timing for the distribution of promotional products is when a member is first joining a membership, or when they have renewed their membership. Positioned as incentives, these kind of products can make the difference between a success and a fail when it comes to signing and retaining members.

A welcome pack is a common marketing tool used by memberships, often containing their member cards, plus a series of relevant branded products aiming to 1) provide brand awareness and exposure for the membership and 2) add value to the membership in order to offset the signing up cost.

A key mistake that we recommend is avoided is using the same promotional items year after year. There is no reason for a membership to give out exactly the same custom bag to a member repeatedly; once is enough. The following year, some variety should be incorporated as this not only maintains the value of the gift (imagine what little value a member puts on receiving the same product they received the year before?), but demonstrates that some thought and effort has gone in to the retention of the member.

For high value memberships, such as VIP road assistance offered by car companies, we have even seen 100% personally promotional products like key rings, business folders etc, complete with the name of the member emblazoned across the product. These kinds of touches are greatly appreciated by members and firmly position the brand and relationship with the member.

Another pitfall, as discussed in the introduction, if going for quantity over quality. Too many businesses are just looking for something “cheap” to provide their members, as though the very action of giving them a 50c pen is going to impress them. Not only does that product offer very little in terms of value to the member, it can actually harm the relationship.

A happy member equals a good membership. Using promotional products in the right way allows a membership to add value to their initial offering, increasing the chances of member retention. For more information, talk to AAC ID Solutions.

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Stop Spending Money on Junk: Why The Wrong Promotional Products Will Hurt Your Business

For many businesses, the use of promotional products is commonplace. Whether it’s branded pens for the sales team, customised silicone wristbands as a customer freebie or custom printed bags for their members, promotional products are used for a variety of purposes. The problem is, many company’s are buying absolute junk that could be hurting their brand rather than enhancing it.

To better understand the effect of purchasing the wrong type of promotional product, let’s look at the three main motivations for branding products with a logo or message.

Motivation 1: Adding value to an existing product or service

This may include items included within a membership pack; the membership to the gym, for instance, is the main product, the branded water bottle and towel are aiming to simply add value to the existing service.

Motivation 2: Enhancing exposure of their brand with the goal of generating business/enquiries

Very common; think of promotional packs given out at exhibitions, the branded coffee mug your real estate agent dropped at your house, the thundersticks handed out at the footy or the custom dog lead your vet gave you last appointment. All these are designed to get a brand ‘out there’. The choice of promotional product will also be guided by the target market.

Motivation 3: Selling products as an item of merchandise

Of course, many promotional items are purchased purely with the goal of reselling them. This is especially true at high volume places such as larger events, tourist attractions and resorts; places where people are ready and willing to splash the cash on a branded hat or stubby cooler to mark the occasion and remember their time.

Given the importance of the three motivations and objectives above, all focusing on brand, customers, exposure, surely it is a given that a company would take some time and effort to really consider WHAT type of promotional product will best meet their goals? Sadly, this is not always the case.

How NOT to approach promotional products

It is a concern when the brief from a customer is “we need something really cheap to put in our gift bag”. Yes, budget is important, but don’t buy promotional products for the sake of buying promotional products. You’re better of saving the money and spending it on something else entirely that will provide a suitable return on your investment.

The wrong promotional items will hurt your brand, the same as a promotion not being aligned to your business will. Would a fitness centre give out a coupon to McDonalds as a signing on bonus? Hopefully not! In the same way, a promotional product must align with your brand and your target market.

If you’re targeting pensioners, a branded iPhone case is not the right approach, and will alienate your target market. Likewise, a branded beach towel for your customers in Tasmania will not be as effective and/or relevant as when given to your customers in Noosa.

The wrong promotional product will confuse the recipient and reflect poorly on your brand.

How to spend money on promotional items

As with any marketing spend, it is important that the targets and goals of the spend are determined. Your objective may be tangible and easily measured; if so, determine the KPI for the campaign and then ensure accurate recording takes place. Knowing whether a campaign worked well provides excellent intelligence that can be used when planning the next campaign.

A good example of this is printing a QR code on a promotional product, i.e. a branded drawstring bag given out to prospective fitness club members at a shopping centre. A QR code is best described as a square shaped barcode that can be scanned by Smartphone’s. When scanned, they direct the user to a web page where they may be provided a discount on something (perhaps a gym membership), or to a newsletter subscribe page, or a Facebook profile. By measuring the number of succession conversions on these pages (new members, new newsletter subscriptions, new followers on Facebook), you’ll have a strong idea of how well the campaign has gone.

For many promotional item campaigns, the success of the campaign is not specifically tangible. For example, handing out custom silicone wristbands in exchange for donations to a charity. The charity will not know the effect  of these wristbands directly, but undertake the activity on the presumption that the wristband achieves two things: a) it provides the donor with recognition of their donation and b) the wristband will be noted by other people, friends and family, perhaps resulting in them also donating money to the charity.

So by knowing the goals of the spend, and potentially being able to record these, wiser decisions can be made as to the effectiveness of different products.

The second stage is to answer one simple question. Will the products in question be used, or will it be relegated to a drawer/the bin within the same day? This is the key element to determine. If the product serves a longer term purpose, and is of a sufficient quality, it will be used repeatedly and for a long time, providing much more exposure for the brand and the message being communicated.

The AAC Approach to Promotional Products

As a company that has supplied promotional items for many years, AAC ID Solutions works with its customers using a very simple framework, with our goal being to ensure that the customer is receiving the best bang for their buck. The last thing AAC wants to see is a wasted budget spent on products that fall in to the traps listed above.

Step 1: Nail down the motivation for the purchase of promotional items; what are we trying to achieve and how quickly.

Step 2: What is the target market for these promotional products; who are we trying to reach

Step 3: What is the budget for the campaign/purchase

Step 4: What are the ‘non negotiables’ with regards the artwork, it’s use of colour and it’s size

From here AAC will propose products that will meet the needs of the campaign/objective.

Talk to AAC ID Solutions today about your need for promotional products.

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