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Saving money on Lanyards

Save Money on Lanyards

The number of lanyards in Australia is astounding. So much so that even the Defence Force in Canberra made sweeping changes to their lanyard policies recently in an attempt to provide some measure of consistency.

And until we’re all equipped with in-built microchips and Google glasses to identify ourselves and others, lanyards are here to stay! Tom Cruise might disagree.

Lanyards Australia

Lanyards Australia

Given that lanyards are such a necessity, it would be prudent to determine a few strategies to save money on the purchase of these.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 1: KISS

The oldies are still the goodies – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Often you’ll see lanyards that have had all the bells and whistles (sometimes literally) integrated. Whilst a lot of lanyard features are integral to an event or venue, or to OH&S, often costs can be reduced by simply removing unnecessary attachments.

An obvious option to save money on lanyards is to use plain lanyards, without custom printing. For some smaller events, this can be a genuine option. But remember that a custom printed lanyard does provide great branding benefits and is basically impossible to replicate, thereby being more secure.

A more subtle option would be to review the artwork you have on the lanyard. Whenever budget allows, you should be going with a full colour heat sublimated lanyard, but this is more expensive than a simple lanyard with a one colour print. If a one colour print is feasible, try this as it will save money.

Reducing the width of the lanyard will also save money, but maybe only a small amount. But if you’re looking at several thousand lanyards, even small savings can add up.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 2: Don’t Pay for Them!

Pretty simple hey? Great, so moving on… oh wait, you want to know what on earth we’re talking about? We work with many events, venues and businesses that have their lanyards paid for by a sponsor; don’t forget what valuable advertising space a lanyard provides. At the right event or venue, this represents a great promotional opportunity for a relevant business. This may save the entire budget, or even just a portion of it – but money saved is money saved, and that money can then be spent on moving the staff Christmas Party from the local Hungry Jacks to Hawaii!

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 3: Get Started Early

This is especially relevant if you are ordering a large quantity of lanyards. The earlier you start the ordering process, the lower your costs should be. This will allow your supplier the chance to use economy, or slower, freight options, thus reducing the price to you.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 4: Order More or Combine Orders

Do you require lanyards for multiple events or venues, or can you coordinate with others to create a “super order”? You’ll have great leverage over a supplier if you can request pricing for 2,000 lanyards instead of 200. If you work in a big company, or at an entity with multiple departments, ask around. The chances are that efforts have never been coordinated on lanyards with the goal of saving money. Not to mention, this will reduce admin and simplify the entire process.


Whatever you do with your lanyards, first and foremost make sure they are suitable for the purpose they are intended for. From there, if you can use any of the above tips to reduce your costs a fraction, then you’ve done well.

For more information on lanyards in Australia, talk to the identification experts – AAC ID Solutions at 1300 797 478 or sales@aacidsolutions.com

Wristbands for the summer

Aquatic centres use of promotional products and wristbands

No matter what business you are in, there is always the potential to use promotional products to help expand your business. This is especially true in aquatic centres where there are a number of uses for wristbands, lanyards and personalised merchandise.

Aquatic Centres tend to cater to a large target market. The target market includes families, tourists, professionals, seniors to name a few. It can often be challenging to produce marketing collateral that appeals to this wide audience. However one thing they all have in common is they enjoy being active and take pleasure from attending the aquatic centre.

Based on this reasoning, it would be safe to say that the marketing approach an Aquatic Centre takes should be broad and varied. Any promotional products and merchandise produced should reflect this wide audience and more importantly, appeal to them.

In this article, we’ll explain how wristbands and merchandise can be profitable for a business such as Aquatic Centre. In addition we’ll explain how the products can help take your business into the 21st century by improving technology and overall efficiency.

First, let’s look at wristbands.

Wristbands at Aquatic Centres

The number of businesses using wristbands has increased quickly over the last few years.  Their main function in the context of an aquatic centre is for quick and easy identification for the large variety of customers they attract.

Having a clearly visible wristband helps staff to identify which visitors are allowed access to the different areas.  It could be that members can’t access certain areas such as the gym, sauna or steam rooms without a wristband that identifies you as a fully paying member.

Similarly, different coloured wristbands could identify non-paying members.  The patron can be ID quickly, with minimal fuss and from a distance.  Children and teenagers could have patterned wristbands.  This is especially useful to stop under-aged customers using equipment and facilities that they are not legally allowed to use, like a sauna or gym.

Wristbands are a very cost effective solution to help your staff, but they can also be used in conjunction with technology such as RFID. RFID is growing in popularity at aquatic centres all over Australia. With the appropriate systems and technology, a patron can scan their wristband to gain entrance to the centre. They can also be used for something as simple as scanning the wristband to use a locker. AAC ID Solution’s RFID wristbands are silicone with an RFID chip embedded within.

These wristbands add ease to accessing facilities because the visitor would not need a member of staff to grant them admittance.  They will not need to fumble around looking for a coin to use a locker.  Through this, you will free up staff to help other customers.  In addition, having the latest technology in wristbands will position your centre at the forefront of new technologies.

Another benefit is staffing levels, with potentially fewer staff required at reception and gate to control entrance, check ID, receive admission money etc.

Lanyards and ID cards at Aquatic Centres

Lanyards are a convenient and popular method of carrying an ID card.  They come in a multitude of colours, materials and styles to suit tastes and company branding.  Lanyards can even come with custom printed texts and images, which is very handy for promoting your business.  There are various material options including eco-friendly options.

Operating along the same principles as a wristband, ID cards will grant access where ever it is needed. There are many ID-related options available including overprinting individual names and details, including photos, magnetic strips, unique barcodes or even RFID chips. They would probably most benefit staff, as they can be used to gain entrance to restricted areas. Staff can also use them for till transactions, or for clocking in and out to record their working hours.  Holding the ID card on a lanyard stops people misplacing the card; it can sit around your neck all day (or be tied to a bag) and you don’t have to worry about losing it!

Merchandise at Aquatic Centres

Using merchandise is a great way to create  additional revenue.  Items such as water bottles, towels, T-shirts, swimming caps, draw-string bags, are all available to buy and customise.  Additionally, they promote your business, and people will soon start to recognise your brand and premises.  You could even give away an item to someone when they first sign up, or to win in a monthly competition.  If they are desirable enough, people will want them and buy them.

At AAC ID solutions, the full-colour beach towels have been creating 300% mark up for our clients. A great boost to income, especially during a low or off season.  Other items, like water bottles or custom bags, are popular as they can be used time and time again and are suitable in the context of an aquatic centre.

It’s important to make the items relevant when purchasing merchandise to sell. So, in your aquatic centre, consider if customers are more likely to purchase a swimming cap or a USB data pen? Also they need to be designed and branded in a way that is appealing to the prospective buyers.

Recent international studies have found that through clever use of merchandise, and promotional products, they can raise the recognition of your brand by up to 80%.  What this means for your business is that  you firstly receive the profit from selling the shirt/ water bottle/ beach towel (etc) and also gain recognition throughout the buyer’s friends and family networks.

Getting your brand recognised is one of the steps to a successful business.  Even a successful aquatic centre must have a noted and positive brand image.  Through using high-tech wristbands and quality merchandise, you provide your clients with a unique experience. This makes them more likely to come back for repeat business as well as recommending you to other potential clients.  Though wristbands and merchandise may seem like just another product, it is the little things that help a business thrive.

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Custom Lanyards

Sponsor Corporate Events through the Use of Lanyards

Corporate events can be the perfect setting to work on team dynamics in order to build your business. The group activities at these events promote: teamwork, shared responsibility, communication skills and better customer service practises. Unfortunately though, these events often aren’t possible without corporate sponsorship.

Sponsorship can be a unique branding opportunity for your business through providing unique branded products for the corporate event and future customer engagement. One way of achieving this is through the use of company-branded niche promotional products including lanyards.

Corporate events, such as work retreats, staff training days and product launches are beneficial for staff and consumers alike. Functions like these are a fantastic way to network, improve employee morale, and to formulate business strategies in a relaxed setting.

Sponsorship at corporate events can be very beneficial, as it helps position your company from a branding perspective and allows you to reach out to your target market in an alternative way. It can be a large sponsorship deal where you sponsor the whole event or something smaller such as providing branded lanyards for attendee name tags.

Why consider sponsorship?

The simple answer is that a sponsorship opportunity will reap you as many benefits as the sponsor receives. Sponsorship enables you to reach a specific niche target market while not wasting money on ineffective advertising.

Secondly, corporate sponsorship complements other marketing strategies, such as television and radio advertising, email marketing and trial offers for new products. Sponsorship also functions as a third-party endorsement.

2-3 day corporate functions are commonplace in many businesses. The primary focus is to get to know your colleagues on a personal level, in order to work together to generate ideas. An effective means of corporate sponsorship at these events are nametags attached to lanyards emblazoned with your company’s logo.

When circulating at these events, the attendees wearing the lanyards will promote brand recognition and will also help with customer loyalty and retention. They could even generate new leads for your business by acting as a ‘prompt device’ and help turn warm leads into sales.

The longer the event, the more exposure your brand will receive. Events that go on for 2-3 days or even a week will provide the largest publicity. Attendees of these lengthier events often wear their name tags and lanyards out into public when they pop out during breaks and after for dinner, etc. It’s great exposure especially if you are a local company.

Sponsorship at corporate events can cover a multitude of areas, from stands at trade shows through to sponsoring awards and speakers. It’s essential to choose the right activity that suits your company best. Lanyards are a fairly cost effective option; however your company branding and message will constantly be seen, throughout the event.

It’s not only at corporate events that lanyards are used. Hospitals, factories, commercial premises along with business, often use name tags and lanyards for identification purposes. The attached nametag and the design on the lanyard immediately evoke recognition of these occupations among the general public. When your business uses lanyards for identification, you will create awareness around your brand which will seep into the consciousness of the public.

A lanyard emblazoned with your company logo and colours will create an immediate association with your brand. This amounts to relatively cheap, yet extremely effective advertising.

Outside of the corporate event environment, lanyards can create instant brand recognition and thereby increase sales. Lanyards designed in your company colours and adorned with your logo are the ideal way to create brand recognition among current and prospective customers.

As there is room to attach identity information to the bottom, consumers are likely to carry them around. Whenever they use them, there is instant subconscious recognition of your company. The more they are exposed to items such as this, the more likely they are to buy from your business in the future.

Lanyards are an extremely efficient way to promote your business. They are more than mere trinkets with your company’s contact information. It may not seem like it, but these nifty little promotional items can help evoke customer loyalty and retention to your business. When handed out at public events like trade shows or product launches, lanyards can even generate new leads for your company.

Customer loyalty and retention is created through visual reminders of your company. It has been proven that promotional items such as lanyards can boost customer loyalty more than television or radio advertising. This is probably because customers had to associate with you (i.e. attend an event) to receive the lanyard and have attached a personal memory to that event.

Therefore, if customers attach a positive association to the lanyard, they will continue to buy from you and recommend your business to their friends and colleagues. This, in turn, will guarantee you a loyal customer base, as well as a steady stream of new clients.

To take advantage of new leads, ensure you have plenty of company lanyards on hand at promotional events, such as new store opening, product launches and annual sales. Prospective customers will pick up your promotional lanyards and will have your details on hand whenever they need your products or services.

Another way to generate professional leads is to attend trade shows, where you can give out lanyards to fellow business owners. Most small- to medium-sized business owners have a dedicated customer base, whom can potentially become yours.

Sponsoring corporate events through the use of lanyards can be a unique branding opportunity for your company. You will reach a large segment of your target market at a relatively low cost. Company lanyards create brand recognition, retention and loyalty among current and prospective customers with great ease.

Lanyards: The Forgotten Branding Tool

In amongst all the talk within marketing circles about the best promotional product for advertising your brand, the little old lanyard is often forgotten about. At one memorable event, a member of our team noticed a company had spent considerable money at a product launch on branded giveaways, silicone wristbands, custom bags etc, but that the staff demonstrating the new product (it happened to be a car launch) were wearing plain, unbranded lanyards.

Strange? We agree! Watching the crowd at this event, very little attention was given to the giveaways, but the salespeople demonstrating the features of the car had the unbridled attention of every person there. And they could have been wearing a branded product the whole time.

Lanyards make a strong promotional tool for all businesses. What other products can be worn by your staff for a functional purpose whilst simultaneously displaying your brand, a specific message, contact details or even a promotion. We have one retail customer who prints new lanyards for his service staff every 3 months to tie in with the latest promotion that the sales and marketing team have come up with i.e. “Ask us about free financing” or “10% off until July”. Because shoppers are generally overwhelmed with banners and signs in a shopping environment, messages on these signs are often missed. By placing promotions like this somewhere unique, like a lanyard, it garners more attention.

Free Lanyards for your Event

Often an event or venue knows that they desperately require lanyards but simply don’t have the budget for them. In this case, it’s time to start thinking about the promotional power of a lanyard. If you think about your customers, or attendees, do they represent a potential target market for a complimentary company who would love to get their brand in front of everyone at your event or venue? For instance, if you’re running a nightclub that attracts a crowd in their early 20’s, would an energy drink provider be interested in co branding your staff lanyards?

In our experience, the option of obtaining sponsors for lanyards, or even multiple co sponsors, can cover a significant portion of your lanyard expense. Due to the nature and size of a lanyard, it lends itself well to having multiple logo’s and brands printing along it, as well as website URL’s or event Facebook links.

Lanyards and RFID – sexy technology!

In conjunction with RFID cards, lanyards enter a whole new world in terms of their branding potential and capabilities. More and more events, exhibitions, conferences and music festival VIP areas are turning to RFID cards attached to lanyards as a means to not only identify people and display their credentials, but to have them engage in certain activities at an event or venue.

What are we talking about? Good question! RFID cards contain a radio-frequency identification chip that can work with certain systems to achieve fantastic benefits. At a recent University Open Day, lanyards and RFID cards were issued to every attendee. The system at the event allowed for users to scan their RFID card at a certain faculty and then be automatically emailed with the details regarding a specific course. At the same time, a competition was run by the university challenging attendees to scan in at 5 designated points (in this case they were the university dorms, the cafeteria, the sporting facilities, the library and finally the central quad). Anyone who successfully scanned in at all 5 checkpoints were then automatically SMS’d with a voucher that provided them with 50% off at the university merchandise store.

The above demonstrates a clever way to achieve several goals:

  1. Encourage attendees to undertake a desirable activity (in this case, get the full University experience by viewing as many of the core facilities as possible
  2. Encourage attendees to then spend money on branding themselves in the University merchandise (hats, shirts etc)
  3. It was all done in such a way that attendees raved about the “engagement” they felt with the University and the fun they had.

By using RFID, and lanyards, the University effectively engaged with potential students (customers).

Lanyards And Their Role in Safety

Lanyards play a surprising role in safety at offices, worksites and events worldwide. Whilst they are often viewed as a simple means of displaying identification (because that is indeed what they do), there are elements of lanyards that play a genuine role in keeping people safe.

Preventing unauthorised access

The most common safety related benefit of a lanyard is preventing access to certain areas. This is very common is office towers in major cities, with a lanyard (and accompanying ID card0 being provided at check-in on the ground floor, presenting you as an authorised visitor to the building. Often, this is provided in exchange for your driving license, a great deterrent for anyone trying to enter the building for illegal purposes.

Secondly the card at the end of the lanyard may even be equipped with RFID or NFC technology, with means you will need to scan the card at the elevator to gain access to it, and that it will only go to the floor (and therefore the office) that you have claimed to be visiting.

Lanyards are very common at music festivals, events and conferences. More and more events are taking steps to increase the security of their lanyard by incorporating reflective materials and by ordering heat sublimated lanyards – these are very hard to replicate or copy because they allow a full colour artwork to be presenting with digital quality colours and imagery on display. Be being tough to replicate, they become very secure as a means of identification.

Lanyards with safety measures

As has been highlighted by several instances recently, lanyards should always be purchased with a safety breakaway. Consider the case of this young student who was strangled by his lanyard when it got caught on a cubicle door; thankfully he survived, but not before spending 4 months in hospital and suffering severe injuries http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/bearspaw-student-strangled-by-lanyard-prompts-17m-lawsuit-1.2573447.

A safety breakaway can be manufactured in to the lanyard at either the back of the neck or the side. If the lanyard gets caught on anything, it will snap off when a certain amount of pressure is applied, preventing injury like the tragic case above. When you consider the environments that lanyards are often used; offices, factories, busy events, festivals, schools, the risk of such an accident is such that surely it’s an easy decision to incorporate a safety breakaway on all lanyards, especially when they cost as little as 10c extra per lanyard.

For more information on lanyards, touch base with AAC. For a sample, come visit  – here at AAC we even leave a bowl of AAC-branded lanyards at our reception counter, and it is almost guaranteed that we will need to refill this every Monday morning. Lanyards… the forgotten branding tool!

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AAC Launches New Wristbands, Lanyards & Promotional Products Website

AAC has proudly launched it’s brand new website. After months of planning and development (and LOTS of tweaks!), and with a fantastic team of website developers, AAC’s new site went live at www.aacidsolutions.com.au.

“We’re really happy with the new website” said Stuart Blott, General Manager, “It’s modern, fresh and, most importantly, it allows our customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. That’s always been the goal.”

Key developments in the evolution of AAC’s online presence leading to the launch of the new website was providing pride of place to the products themselves. With a reorganised series of product categories for wristbands, lanyards and promotional products and new, exciting ways to browse the product selection, the website is leap years ahead of the competition.

Need help finding a wristband for your industry? You can now search ‘wristbands by use’ to narrow down the options. Know you want a waterproof wristband? Search via ‘wristband by need’ and the options are clear.

In addition, a brand new series of articles and help guides will be added weekly to the Product Guide and Industry Solutions sections, providing all the information you may need regarding how AAC can assist your event and save you money.

“It will be a change for a lot of our long term customers who have been using our existing www.wristbands.com.au website” said Paul Jenkins, Sales and Marketing Manager, “but we know they’ll love the new site as much as we do”.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new website! CLICK HERE