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Custom Wristbands

More than just brightly coloured bracelets, custom wristbands are multi-purpose tools that are used right throughout the world. A global phenomenon, custom wristbands play an essential role in many industries and can be found at recreational venues, health care institutions, government facilities and more. Thanks to continual advancements in modern technology, wristbands are available in a myriad of different styles, colours and materials, offering consumers unprecedented levels of customisation.

Considerations When Buying Wristbands

With so many wristband styles available to consumers, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each material as well as key considerations that must be made regarding size, material and colour.


Whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons or identification purposes, careful consideration must be given when deciding the colour of your custom wristbands. There are many things that influence wristband colour, such as:

  • Your company brand – when used for marketing purposes, your wristband’s colours will be based upon that of your company’s. Remember though that while some types of wristbands can be PMS matched, others may be limited by materials and stock available.
  • Emotional Connotations – colours evoke strong feelings of emotion within us. For example, blue is often associated with tranquility, red with anger, green with nature and so on. This being the case, if you are looking to use your wristbands as a promotional device for a particular organisation or for a charity event, your custom wristband colours should reflect the emotions associated with their primary service or in the case of the charity event, purpose. For recreational venues, fluro-coloured wristbands are commonly used, as they help convey a sense of fun and excitement, and are also easy for staff to see.
  • Operating Conditions – if you’re working in low-level lighting conditions or a patron attending a night-time concert, it’s important to have wristband colours that are readily visible to other personnel. Tyvek wristbands are available in a range of neon colours for this purpose.


Regardless of application, it’s essential to have wristbands that fit patrons of all sizes. This is of particular importance in health care institutions such as hospitals, where wristbands range from the smallest (for use with infants), right up to large adults and patients suffering from swelling of the limbs. For adult venues, such as nightclubs and live music festivals, it is often sufficient to have just one size because identification wristbands are adjustable in size.


Custom Wristbands are commonly manufactured in several different materials, including Tyvek, Plastic, Fabric, Vinyl, Silicone and Woven. Each material has it’s own pros and cons and it’s important to understand the limitations of each.

Tyvek – comprised of high-density polyethylene fibres, Tyvek is a lightweight, strong and highly durable synthetic material that is commonly used in nightclubs, events and recreational venues. Tyvek is relatively inexpensive and 100% waterproof, tear-proof and comes in a variety styles such as plain, patterned, stub and barcoded.

Plastic – a preferred choice for festivals, fairs and all manner of outdoor events, plastic wristbands possess superior strength properties to Tyvek and is totally water resistant – even to prolonged exposure, making them ideal for use at water parks or multi-day events. Plastic wristbands allow for high-resolution, full colour images to be printed on them and contain a highly secure locking mechanism. These premium qualities do come at a cost however and plastic wristbands are typically more expensive than other alternative materials.

Silicone – more common than a cold day in Canada, silicone wristbands are cheap, vibrant and versatile, making them an ideal choice for many events, such as concerts, fundraising, branding and even political campaigns. With options to have text embossed, debossed, or printed into the silicone itself, these wristbands provide a cost-effective solution that delivers maximum impact with minimal outlay. Unlike other wristbands, silicone wristbands don’t have security mechanisms built in and are almost exclusively used for promotional purposes.

Woven – suitable for multi-day events and offering a high degree of comfort and security, woven wristbands are comprised of a durable polyester and are used at many major venues around the world. Woven wristbands are fully customisable, with personalised logos or text woven directly into the fabric, providing an attractive solution that is often retained as a souvenir or memento of an event. These wristbands are equipped with first class locking mechanisms, making them an excellent choice for venues where security is a high priority.

The Design Process

Thanks to modern web technologies, you no longer need to guess what your custom wristband designs are going to look like. All reputable suppliers now provide online Wristband Design Studios, allowing you to quickly and easily hammer out concept designs and alter colours, text and images in real-time, as well as choose your desired wristband style.


Custom wristbands

Custom wristbands

Although this is a great way to obtain an accurate idea of what your final wristband design will look like, due to inconsistencies with colour interpretation on individual monitors, it’s a good idea to seek out what’s known as a PMS Colour Chart, to ensure that your wristbands will be identical to the colour that you’ve selected. Beyond this, each individual wristband supplier will possess their own list of policies regarding the submission of custom artwork files, artwork approval and so on. In addition, most suppliers will readily send a product sample to you upon request, typically for a small fee, enabling you a first-hand look at the custom wristbands build quality.

The Final Word

With so many wristband styles available on the market to consumers today, coupled with the ability to quickly obtain high quality mockups using online wristband design studios, choosing an accurate representation of your final custom wristband design has never been easier. Even so, it’s extremely important to carefully consider the applications of your wristband and determine what colours, materials and sizes are most appropriate.

Each wristband style carries its own pros and cons and offers varying degrees of durability, resistance to wear and tear, waterproofing and security mechanisms, all of which have a bearing on price. Whether you’re using them for a large scale charity event, marketing purposes or simply a minor recreational gathering, wristbands are an investment and working closely with your wristband supplier is the best way to guarantee great results.

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Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands – Buying Australian Made

It’s a tough choice for any consumer and we see it on a daily basis. There are products we’d LIKE to buy because they represent the same values as we do, whether this is a food product that uses organic growing methods, eggs that are free range, or manufactured products that are Australian Made. Inevitably, if we’re posed the question of “all things being equal (including price), which one would you choose, a locally made product or a product manufactured off shore”, I’d hazard a guess that all of us would opt for the locally made product. But the problem is, often the better products are the ones that cost more, and this puts consumers in a tough situation.

In the world of wristbands, consumers are presented with the same dilemma. Faced with a plethora of options manufactured off shore, and with a market that has become increasingly price driven with a focus on cost cutting, events and venues can be left with products that do not meet their requirements due to poor production, printing and security features.

AAC ID Solutions has been a part of the Australian Made Australian Grown campaign for many years, being the sole manufacturer of Tyvek Wristbands in Australia. Founded in the 90’s, AAC quickly became the leading wristband supplier in Australia, expanding quickly in to manufacturing, printing and more, launching new products and reaching new markets. Key to it all has been a focus on quality; both of product and service, and with a special emphasis on Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are used more than any other wristband in Australia. They are secure, waterproof, lightweight, and (with the right adhesive) non transferable. Australian events, venues, schools, councils, governments, memberships etc purchase tens of millions of Tyvek Wristbands annually; plain, patterned and custom printed. They are used primarily as an identification wristband, allowing quick and easily recognition that person A is wearing a yellow wristband which means that today they are allowed access to the pool, for example.

Casestudy – The challenge that the industry is facing is one that has happened all over the world. In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, in the face of a coup and then several months of well publicised smog brought about by slash and burn agriculture, the tourism industry was in crisis. Tourists were staying away in the hundreds of thousands, hotels were empty, tourist spots were quiet and thousands of people and businesses were in big trouble. The prices for tours starting dropping dramatically as business fought tooth and nail for any revenue they could generate, simply to pay running costs for vehicles and guides if nothing else. Suddenly, a price war was on the cards and a tourist could now purchase a full day adventure package with transfers, guides, lunch, elephant trek and rafting for as little of Baht 200 (AUD$6). The problem of course was that once the market picked up, tour agencies were stuck in the cycle of cheap tours, so they downgraded their buses, hired inexperienced guides, went to less reputable destinations, provided worse lunches and suddenly, the product offered was not recognisable from where it started, resulting in damage to the reputation of the Northern Thailand tourism product in general.

The lesson – quality should be the last thing sacrificed by a business.

Back to Wristbands

The importance of quality – wristband quality is paramount for an event such as a music festival, nightclub, leisure centre, or anywhere they are used to identify someone who has paid to obtain access. The consequences of utilising a non secure tyvek wristband at these types of events and venues can be very damaging. The main damage is caused by lost revenue, with one patron removing their wristband and finding a way to pass it to a non paying patron, allowing them free access to the venue or event. The term we use to describe this feature is transferability – as a secure event, you really want a non-transferable wristband.

How might a poor quality wristband be less secure? – If you look at the construction of a tyvek wristband, they are actually quite interesting, with several key areas that, if manufactured poorly, can lead to a poor quality product. Firstly, the adhesive. A strong adhesive ensures that once the wristband is applied to the wrist, that it is incredibly difficult to remove. Imagine using a lower quality adhesive; patrons will simply peel the wristband right off, especially when the wristband is exposed to wet or moist environments like the rain, a sauna or swimming pool.

Secondly, the dye cut. At the end of your wristband you will note a pattern of cuts on the front side of the band, over the adhesive area. These cuts need to be exactly the right depth because their job is to, basically, tear the wristband apart if and when someone wants to remove it from their wrist. If the dye cut is too deep, it the wristband will come apart when the adhesive sticker is removed. If the dye cut is too shallow, the wristband will be much easily to remove. A quality wristband will therefore be manufactured to consistently high standards.

Thirdly, the quality and depth of colour is crucial in a wristband, especially when considering the need for the neon or fluro colours that are available. The difference between a genuine neon pink wristband and a washed out pink is important, especially if your event is identifying under 18’s, or runs at night when the wristband really needs to stand out. The same goes for printing of text on custom wristbands; if this is undertaken with poor quality inks, or via a means other than screen printing or flexographic printing, then the ink will run, smear and smudge.

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

An event or venue must utilise secure wristbands in order to protect their revenue. AAC believes strongly that in order to best serve our customers, a high quality wristband is required. This is why we manufacture tyvek wristbands in Australia, allowing ourselves full control of quality, material, adhesive, inks and testing, which we take very seriously.

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Wristbands: The Future Proof Guide

Choosing between Tyvek, Plastic, Woven, and RFID Wristbands has never been harder. We know because we assist customers as they wrestle with this decision on a daily basis; and as with any decision, there are several factors to consider. Trends will change, technology will change and the needs of your event or venue will change, but the key factors that influence your decision will remain the same. As such, we present our Future Proof (don’t hold us to that!) guide to wristbands.

What do your wristbands need to achieve?

Identification only? Wristbands can achieve a lot for your venue or event now, but that doesn’t mean you need all the bells and whistles. Sure, most of us would LOVE to own the latest BMW, but really a pretty standard Hyundai might just do the trick, especially if all we’re doing is a bit of shopping on a Sunday morning. Likewise with wristbands, if all you want your wristband to do is identify that 1,200 people are allowed access to your food and wine event, then you don’t need anything more functional that tyvek wristbands.

You may not have heard of Tyvek wristbands, but there is a very good chance that you have worn one. Commonly referred to as paper wristbands due to the papery nature and feel of the material, Tyvek is actually a synthetic substrate that is non-tear, waterproof and textured, which makes it ideal as a security wristband. This is the right option for you if you are on a budget and require identification of people for a single day only; simple as that. You should not be looking at tyvek wristbands as an option for any event runs for multiple days; this is a common mistake that we’ve seen repeated by several events.

Identification and a VIP experience? Your event or venue may want to achieve something a little grander in terms of their style and design. In this case, Tyvek wristbands may be less relevant and you should start considering plastic wristbands, especially those that have special effects within the material such as sparkle or holographic effects. A plastic wristband is durable and again, non transferable. The difference between plastic and Tyvek is that plastic wristbands can be used for multiple days, which makes them popular at music festivals and events where patrons return the following day, like weekend-long exhibitions or conferences.

Identification for long periods of time; with many events now lasting several days such as Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass, Woodford Folk Festival, Falls Festival etc, the main requirement is durability and security over a longer period of time. This is where the “festival special” wristband comes in to play, commonly called woven wristbands. Woven wristbands are made from polyester with the artwork on the wristband physically embroidered in to the material for added security. The nature of polyester, woven in such a way, is that it does not stretch and expand, making it ideal as a multiday wristband. The key though, is how the wristband remains non transferable, and this comes down to a smartly designed slide lock (or closure) that, due to a series of angled internal “teeth” can only slide up the band… it cannot slide back down the wristband. This means that once it is on, it is staying on!

The added benefit of woven wristbands, and the reason that they are also used for single day events as well as week-long festivals, is that they actually do become a collectors item. I am sure you’ve seen the collectors, as they’ll often be wearing a dozen or more, some dating back several years. They’re worn with a mark of pride by the wearer, but for us as a wristband manufacturer, it’s a mark of pride that the wristband remains securely fastened to the wearer after 1,000 showers and daily activities!

How secure do you want your wristband?

The key to maximising the security of your wristband is to customise it either via printing or embroidery, depending on the wristband of course. Custom wristbands allow you to personalise wristbands to a specific purpose (ACCESS TO SWIMMING POOL ONLY), or a particular day (FRIDAY ONLY), to a particular area (FRIDAY CAMPING) or for a specific category of customer/patron (FRIDAY ADULT). Combined with a logo, website, phone number or even a Facebook profile, a wristband can become far more than just a wristband. See below to read how barcodes and RFID chips allow even more functionality.

Do you want your wristbands to be smarter when it comes to Access Control?

Whether you’re buying wristbands for an aquatic centre, a nightclub, a party or a music festival, the key to a security wristband is it’s effectiveness in managing access control. Firstly, at the gate (or other entry point) itself and then on an ongoing basis.

Security at the gate itself; whilst staff can be trained to recognise to know what colour wristbands they should be looking for, the integration of barcodes or RFID chips provides a far greater means to manage access at any venue or event. A unique barcode, or RFID chip, can be placed on a wristband, which basically assigns a unique identification number to the person wearing it. The access control system, armed with details of each guests profile, knows who is allowed to what area and when. Simply scanning RFID wristbands will alert staff to whether a patron is allows access to a VIP area, for instance. At an aquatic centre, the same wristband may prevent unauthorised access to a specific facility such as a members lounge or spa facility.

When should you look at Barcoded or RFID Wristbands?

To enjoy the benefits of automated access control, your main expense is not going to be wristbands, it will be the scanners and system to manage the wristbands. Barcoded wristbands actually don’t have to cost that much more than standard custom printed wristbands. The key to benefiting from such technology though is whether a) you’re reducing ongoing costs or staffing levels that then justify the expenditure and/or b) the use of the technology so greatly enhances your product offering that it becomes a marketing tool in itself. This question is what has driven many gyms and aquatic centres to implement smarter wristband technology.

For more information about choosing the best type of wristbands for your venue or event, contact AAC ID Solutions at sales@aacidsolutions.com

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Wristbands at Nightclubs

How Nightclubs are Using Custom Wristbands & Cards to Enhance Customer Experiences

As society continues to change, media and, in particular, social media, latches on to stories big and (increasingly) small. More than ever we are exposed to stories that are designed to leave us with an impression of negativity, poor practice and fear. Nightclubs and similar venues have borne significant brunt, with news focused on king hits, underage drinking, inebriation and more. As with everything though, what the news doesn’t cover is how many of these venues are taking tremendous steps to curb such anti-social and unacceptable behaviour.

Much of this is done through the use of ID products such as custom wristbands and ID Cards, and which tie in with internal security processes and revenue-growth strategies focused on enhancing customer experiences.

Wristbands to Control Entry

Custom wristbands for nightclubs provide the easiest possible method of identification at the entrance and throughout the night. For years, stamps were used for this purpose, but canny clubbers would simply wet the stamps and then apply the stamp to a friends hand – voila, free entry! The lost revenue for nightclubs from unpaid entry fees can be significant, especially if entry also entities the patron to a free drink. Additionally, if access is granted only to patrons over 18, applying the stamp to an underage patron allows them access and opens up an entire new area of problems.

ID Wristbands solve this with one key feature – they are non transferable. This means that they cannot be removed and then given to someone else. Likewise, they cannot be copied like a stamp and applied to someone else. In addition a wristband is easily visible, especially when fluro colours are chosen, and highly secure when custom printed with the the venue brand.

A common strategy is to utilise a wide range of wristband colours, rotating the chosen colour for the night randomly to ensure patrons from previous nights cannot regain access using their old wristband.

Wristbands to Control Underage Drinking

With more venues opening their doors to younger guests for special nights or one off events, identification of underage patrons is crucial. Again, a wristband offers the easiest and most cost effective way to do this short of checking the ID of every patron every time they order. For these events, choosing one colour for adults and one contrasting colour for underage patrons is the easiest way to achieve quick identification.

Drinking Age Verified wristbands, as we refer to them as, can either be produced especially for your event along with your own artwork, text and message, or simply purchased off the shelf in our standard DAV design, available in several bright colours.

Wristbands to Encourage Patronage

Here on the Gold Coast, being a location with a high volume of tourists and young revelers, a strategy employed by nightclubs is to give out wristbands during the day that allow access to the venue that evening. This strategy encourages the recipient to begin planning their evening accordingly, potentially also bringing extended groups of friends. The lure of ‘free access’ is a strong one, especially in comparison to other venues where an entrance fee will be charged.

A wristband may also permit the wearer to a free drink or two, with bar staff simply hole punching the wristband once the drinks have been provided, ensuring that the offer is not taken advantage of.

VIP Experience with Membership Cards

Many nightclubs are launching VIP memberships that entitle the member to specific benefits. Of course, as part of the membership the patron will receive an ID cards and potentially other types of merchandise that promotes the brand of the nightclub. This enhances customer experiences by elevating their patronage to another level, especially if it coincides with tangible benefits such as access to a VIP area, discounts on drinks, discounts on entry, or first access to special event tickets.

For the nightclub, the added benefit of course is the collection of a) small membership fees but also b) customer contact details such as email and Facebook, allowing the nightclub to send promotional information to the member in order to attract them back to the venue.

Designated Drivers

This is another great initiative that has come about with the police and the media being involved. We have found some venues have really embraced this concept and use a wristband we have designed specifically for this scenario. This allows groups to go out and have a great evening but for the venue also to know who has been designated as the driver for that evening, as they are identified by a specific wristband. Some venues go even as far as to offer free soft drinks to the designated driver to ensure they receive the recognition they so richly deserve for being the driver of choice for the evening.

It also serves as a reminder for the designated driver that, for that night at least!, they are on their best behaviour and to not give it to the temptation they are surrounded by. This is a great example of how bars and nightclubs are thinking of ways to enhance every patrons experience.

NSW new alcohol laws

Many nightclubs are now working within the brand new regulations in NSW, as outlined here: http://www.nsw.gov.au/newlaws. In essence “1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks laws have now come into force across a new Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct”, and many venues have begun to act accordingly.

Nightclubs choosing plain or custom wristbands

Of course, for many nightclubs, bars and venues, a key decision is whether to purchase plain wristbands or custom wristbands. The argument is a very simple one, because it come down to choosing between a more secure wristband solution (having the wristband custom printed) or a lower cost solution (simply purchasing them plain).

It can also come down to time. Often, after a few busier days than normal, a venue can run out of wristband products and may need these in a hurry, which can influence the choice of plain or pre-patterned wristbands.

Customising a nightclub wristband is vital, where time and budget allows, and AAC recommends choosing a combination of fluro colours as well as darker colours with metallic inks. Of particular popularity for nightclubs are black or purple wristbands with gold or silver metallic inks to display logos and text.

If you run a nightclub and you have an interest in wristbands, ID cards or branded merchandise, don’t hesitate to give AAC a call.

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