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Regional Events

Agricultural Boom Stimulates Regional Events

Regional Australia, driven by a tremendous surge from the agricultural industry, is seeing a noticeable increase in the number of events, festivals and shows being held. The positive effects from booming exports of key crops, and continued growth in cattle and horticulture, is generating a trickle down effect that is being enjoyed across the entire country. As revenues increase for agricultural business, so too does disposable income of those involved, and the regional councils in the area. Below we’ll explain how this has a knock on effect with regional events.

Agricultural Industry Growth

Almost every week we are seeing positive reports about expected crop yields and estimated export value from all manner of crops and from all parts of regional Australia. A mild winter and and generous spring has meant that Australia’s two biggest export crops (wheat and barley) are both experiencing record breaking years in terms of yield and export value. Canola, our 3rd biggest export crop, also experienced it’s 3rd biggest year on record in 2016.

As the ABC reported here, bumper grain harvests are having a flow-on effect throughout the Victoria economy. Banks are reporting that creditors and loans are being paid and debt is being reduced, key signs that an economy is rebounding nicely.

Other crops such as macadamias, almonds, plus horticultural exports such as grapes and potatoes, have also experienced excellent years.

The Benefits of a Boom

As the agricultural sector booms, regional communities bathe in the glow. The Regional Australia Institute report that regional cities are, for the first time in years, seeing a growth in their population. A growing population provides stimulation for the local economy. More shops open, residents spend more money, creating a growth cycle.

The Effect on Regional Events

The event industry specifically benefits from all this growth and prosperity in several ways. Firstly, when we talk about events, we refer to community events, music and arts festivals, agricultural shows, rodeos and other gatherings. Organised by regional councils in many cases, there is also a growing number of privately run events focusing of regional Australia.

Take Groovin the Moo for example. This is Australia’s premiere regional music festival, attracting more than 100,000 patrons to it’s regional events. Held all over Australia, Groovin the Moo hosts it event in Wayville SA, Maitland NSW, Townsville QLD, Bendigo VIC, Bunbury WA and then Canberra ACT. Despite including the nations capital, the focus of the events is on supposedly less glamorous locations in regional Australia.

The rising waters of events in regional Australia

For an event industry to be successful, you need four factors to present. When they are present, the waters rise for the entire event industry, stimulating growth.

  1. Regional councils and potential event hosts/organisers, need to be “cashed up”. When regions and states do well economically, this results in more generous budgets being allocated, and confidence to plan further ahead. Bigger events need more planning, so suddenly events become a more central element of council planning.
  2. Potential patrons of these events need to be generating a disposable income. With a growing economy, the average household will have a higher disposable income.
  3. The mood in a community needs to be positive. The agricultural boom provides confidence to the community from top to bottom. When times are good, people are more active, more social and more positive.
  4. Potential private and government sector partners and sponsors need to see a benefit to being involved in the event.

Regional councils are enjoying full coffers and increased budgets, but with that comes the responsibility to use it wisely. The running of events has long been a core part of regional council mandates, as the effects are far ranging within the regional communities. With the agricultural boom, regional councils have the budget to organise events.

Potential patrons in regional Australia are enjoying the trickle down effect of a booming agricultural industry. With a high proportion of regional residents being involved in agriculture in some way, when the industry booms, the effect is wide spread. In terms of the event industry, this creates a market of potential patrons who have disposable income. With more disposable income, residents are more likely to spend money on attending a regional event, agricultural show or rodeo.

The mood and “happiness index” that comes on the back of a boom is just as important. A community that is struggling with debt, poor crops and under-employment is far less likely to attend a regional event. But with a prosperous regional economy, the mood in most cases will be enhanced. This influences potential patrons and makes them more likely to attend an event.

The combination of the three factors above means that sponsors and other event partners are also more likely to be involved. A sponsor becomes involved in an event in order to promote their brand, their message or their products and services. With events selling more tickets and generating more positive “buzz” in regional communities, the more likely it is that sponsors will want to be involved. Their investment in events is crucial, and further stimulates the growth of the industry.

Boom sees the regional events industry grow

AAC ID Solutions, as Australia’s leading supplier of event accreditation such as wristbands, cards and lanyards, has its finger on the pulse of event trends nationwide. The agricultural boom is having a clear effect on regional events, with more events being held, and greater numbers of people attending these events. Long may it continue.

For more information about event accreditation for regional events contact AAC ID Solutions at

Woven Wristbands Australia

The Wristband Industry’s Biggest Secret – Woven Wristbands

We’re constantly talking with our customers, and at a recent team meeting something very interesting came up. Something that we think will surprise a lot of people. It’s the wristband industry’s biggest secret, and AAC is prepared to reveal all!

The background

A lot of events and venues have been using wristbands here in Australia for 20 years. We know, because we were the first ones to supply them! At that time, and as recently as 10 years ago, the vast majority of wristbands used in Australia were Tyvek Wristbands. This made sense at the time, as they were much cheaper than all the other type of wristbands available. They also achieved the main goal of identifying visitors or patrons.

But times have changed.

New technologies, greater demand for a USP (unique selling point), more streamlined manufacturing processes, a tighter focus on security, higher demand. All these factors have resulted in another type of wristband becoming a real option for almost every use. What type of wristband are we talking about? Woven Wristbands.

Reputation of Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands have a reputation for being very expensive, and indeed that used to be true. As little as 5 years ago, woven wristbands really were the exclusive domain of the music festival. Music festivals chose woven wristbands because of the additional security benefits they offered, and the difficulty involving in replicating them. But all that came at a price, with bands costing as much as $2 each.

And this is where the biggest secret of the wristband industry presents itself.


This is a secret because the vast majority of events and venues using Tyvek bands are completely unaware of it. They don’t even think to ask about woven bands, because in their minds they are expecting a quote of $2 per wristband. This is simply not the case any more.

Woven wristbands in 2017

2017 presents a whole new ball game for woven wristbands. Not only should woven wristbands be at the top of your agenda for this year, they should be marked with an asterisk, highlighted and underlined.

Woven Wristbands

Loving their wristbands… and the music… but mainly their wristbands!

We know that this is a difficult concept to get your head around, but consider the benefits of woven wristbands vs the Tyvek, plastic and vinyl wristbands you have used for so many years:

  • Woven wristbands present your brand in a better light. When was the last time you really looked at a woven wristband? They are incredible. Beautifully embroidered with quality threads, they elevate your brand to a level above and beyond what a Tyvek wristband can achieve.
  • Woven wristbands are far more secure than any other type of wristband. This is a key factor for music festivals, especially those that last several days. They remain secure, functional and attractive for days at a time.

And remember, we are no longer talking about these wristbands costing upwards of $2 per unit.

So tell us, what do woven wristbands cost now!

Woven wristbands

Woven embroidery looks fantastic

Woven wristbands are now available for as little as 35c each, and rarely cost more than $1, even at low quantities! The steep drop in pricing from several years ago is due to the factors mentioned earlier; streamlined manufacturing, higher demand etc. The benefactor from all this is YOU.

Woven wristbands are now a legitimate alternative to Tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. The range of colours and scope of artwork available for woven wristbands is diverse. Plenty of  opportunities exist to get your creative juices flowing.

Woven Wristbands and Additional Functionality

Much of the wristband industry is moving towards incorporating additional functionality in wristbands. AAC is at the forefront of this movement, working with technology partners and the biggest events and venues in Australia to continually raise the waters.

The point is that these wristbands allow your business, functions and processes to be scale-able. Whether you are looking at barcoded systems, RFID systems or anything else, woven wristbands can remain your primary wristband, with the additional technologies seamlessly integrated as your venue or event grows.

In essence, you can future proof your business by moving to woven now.

Elevate your Brand

Elevate your brand, and talk to AAC ID Solutions about moving your wristband choice to woven. You won’t be disappointed. Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or email


Wristbands – The 3 Mistakes you are Making

If you’re reading this then you are involved in the purchasing of wristbands. You may manage an event, a night club, an aquatic centre, or be involved in running an attraction, a school or a resort. Whatever your role in the procurement of wristbands is, this article will be an important read.

Top 3 Mistakes made with Wristbands

First of all, we’ll go through some of the key mistakes make with wristbands. Finally, we will present the way to solve these problems.

You are purchasing the wrong type of wristband

This can happen perhaps when you are involved for the first time, or if your wristband supplier did not provide you with enough information. There are many different types of wristbands available, and they all have different features and benefits. They also have their own limitations, which are equally important. The first mistake is therefore not taking the time to understand the wristbands available.

You are getting the artwork wrong

Styles such as Tyvek, woven, photo image etc all offer different printing capabilities. It is important, therefore, that you take full advantage of these capabilities. The security of your event can be greatly enhanced by doing so. For example, when purchasing woven wristbands there are numerous additional features that can be incorporated such as metallic threads and sequential numbering. Firstly, these features do not cost a lot more and secondly, they enhance the security of the wristband. On Tyvek, important artwork often gets moved to the far right of the wristband. This is the area that is covered when the wristband is applied. As such there is no point in placing artwork there.

You are ordering wristbands too late

Even if the two mistakes above have been addressed, it is important to order on time. You may have done your homework and are fully aware of all the benefits of woven bands, but if you have left your order too late, it will be all for nothing. As a general rule, Tyvek bands should take less than 1 week, as should plastic and vinyl bands. Woven or fabric bands take 3 weeks, no more though.

Addressing the top 3 mistakes

Now that we have gone through these mistakes, how can they be addressed? There really is one very simple solution – work with an experienced wristband supplier. of course we are going to say that, but it is true. Talk to us here at AAC ID Solutions. We have been manufacturing, printing and supplying wristbands for almost 20 years, right here in Australia. There is no other supplier with the experience, service and capabilities that match AAC, and that is why the big events and venues only use us.

Stick with the experts, with the genuine Wristband Factory. Call AAC today at 1300 797 478 or email us here.


Party Wristbands

Options for Party Wristbands

So you’re having a party! Along with all the usual decisions to make regarding venue, food, drinks and entertainment, there is one oft-forgotten area that you need to think about. The need for party wristbands has grown over the years, with incidents of party crashing becoming very common. Furthermore, the advent of Facebook Events and other online tools has only increased these occurrences.

Party Wristbands – Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are your first and only choice when looking for a low cost and highly effective party wristband! These wristbands are available in a range of bright colours and patterns, and are easily applied to guests as they arrive at your party. Alternatively you can mail your wristbands out to guests in advance, because they’ll thenwear the band on arrival.

The great benefit of Tyvek Wristbands is that there are hundreds of colours and patterns available to choose from. You can select a unique pattern, and even one that is themed along the same lines as the party itself. The wristbands, once applied, cannot be removed. Anyone present at the party who is not wearing a wristband can be quickly identified and asked to leave. The key benefit for all involved is peace of mind.

Party Wristbands – Woven Wristbands

You will be familiar with woven wristbands if you have attended a music festival. Woven wristbands are built to last several days and are used as multi-day wristbands at big events. They are often referred to as fabric wristbands. Many people actually collect these wristbands as mementos. They provide a novelty factor and will make your event feel like something bigger.

Keep in mind is that woven wristband do take 3 weeks to manufacture and deliver. Consequently, make sure you are planning well in advance.

For more information on party wristbands, contact AAC ID Solutions are 1300 797 478 or email us here. AAC has been manufacturing and printing wristbands for 20 years, making us therefore the perfect partner for your event.

Tyvek Wristbands

Uses of Tyvek Wristbands

We’ve seen it all when it comes to Tyvek Wristbands. As the sole manufacturer of these in Australia, and having been selling them for 20 years, that is probably not surprising! So what are some of the uses we have seen for Tyvek Wristbands over the years?

Tyvek Wristbands as Event Identification

Of course, the most common use of Tyvek wristbands is as a means of identifying patrons at an event or venue. The wristbands are secure and non transferable, which means that once they are worn by a patron, they cannot be removed without destroying the wristband. The most popular places that you’ll see wristbands used in this way are music festival, aquatic centres, night clubs and tourist attractions.

Tyvek Wristbands as Luggage Tags

How many times have you gone to pick up someone else’s luggage from the carousel at the airport before realising at the last moment that it wasn’t your bag? Using brightly coloured or patterned wristbands is a unique solution. Not only will the wristband be easy to spot from a distance, but you can still write your contact details in marker pen too. The wristbands will also be secure, due to the strong, commercial grade adhesive AAC uses during manufacturing.

No more looking like a thief at airports!

Tyvek Wristbands as Drink or Food Coupons

Many events around Australia include a complementary drink, snack or gift of some kind. This is especially true at corporate events and parties, networking sessions and after parties. The easiest way to monitor this process is to provide everyone with a wristband that also includes a detachable stub. The patrons simply wears the wristband and then exchanges the stub for the free drink, snack or gift.

Tyvek Wristbands in the Child Care Industry

Following the same theme of the stub wristbands, the child care industry has followed suit. The wristband and the stub are both printed with identical unique numbers. Many centres now apply the wristband to the child (which they cannot remove), and then ask the parent to present the stub when they collect their child. The numbers will match, enhancing the security around pick-up time. Children also find the wristbands fun to wear, and they do not distract from their other fun (and messy!) activities.

Tyvek Wristbands at Cloak Rooms

Another great use of stub wristbands is at cloakrooms. The wristband is worn by the patron when admitting their coat, with the cloakroom personnel keeping the stub with the coat. This greatly reduces the chance of a mix-up, or of someone claiming a coat as their own.

Tyvek wristbands have so many uses, as presented above. For more information on wholesale Tyvek wristbands, contact AAC ID Solutions – the only manufacturer of wristbands in Australia! Call 1300 797 478 or email us here.


Tyvek Wristbands in Australia

Here at AAC we like to do a little maths. At a recent team meeting someone asked “I wonder how many people have worn one of our Tyvek Wristbands?”. What followed blew our minds.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are one of the most commonly used products in Australia. Being the sole manufacturer of these products, and having supplied them since 1997, we certainly have our finger on the pulse when it comes to their usage!

Let’s consider just the past 7 years. AAC has produced 18,000,000 to 24,000,000 Tyvek wristbands annually during that period of time. A safe bet is that we have manufactured 140 million Tyvek wristbands since 2009. That is 6-7 wristbands for every person currently living in Australia!

Wow. And this hasn’t even included all the wristbands we produced from 1997 to 2009, nor does it include the plastic, vinyl and woven bands AAC has supplied to countless events, festivals and venues.


Firstly, consider where these wristbands have been used. From music festivals, schools and night clubs to aquatic centres, tourist attractions and events, our wristbands have been worn by everyone from the age of 1-100 and with interests ranging from one extreme to the other.


Our geographical coverage is extensive, with wristbands supplied to every corner of Australia. From far north QLD, the NT and WA to all major capital and regional cities, AAC supplies its wristbands to a broader range of businesses and locations that any other supplier.

Therefore, if you are reading this, there is an exceptionally high chance that at some point you have worn one of our Tyvek wristbands, which is a pretty great thing for us to say! It is a safe guess that half of the people living in Australia have worn a wristband made by AAC.

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Why Tyvek wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands remain Australia’s most popular wristband for identification purposes. They hit every check point because they are low cost, secure and available in hundreds of colours and patterns. With a commercial grade adhesive, AAC’s wristbands are the most secure available anywhere, crucial for events and venues that take their security seriously. The combination of benefits offered by these bands make them perfect for events and identification.

For more information we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or 07 5665 9333 or email us at Australia’s genuine Wristband Factory.


Wristbands Australia

Wristbands in the news August 2016

Once again, AAC keeps its finger on the pulse with its roundup of wristbands – news and innovations from around the world. As always, we have a mix of interesting and unusual in this round-up, and we’ll be leading with an idea that we’re not too confident about. After all, they are always the most fun to look at!

The wristband that traces GPS directions on your skin

‘Huh?’ I hear you say. Huh indeed we reply. Somatic Labs have launched their “Moment” wristband, with the key feature being that it communicates to its wearer via touch. It vibrates and traces patterns in your skin to communicate information. It has four motors (and nothing else); no screen, no watch.

The rather odd example given is with regards GPS tracking, where instead of using your phone – which is apparently too hard – you would receive alerts through the device, which would be like having an arrow traced on your wrist saying “turn right”. As you get closer to imminent death at the next junction because you haven’t felt the initial ‘tracing’ of the arrow, the tracing becomes more intense. How this accounts for your hands and arms being in constant motion I can’t imagine, but this does not sound easier than using the GPS in a phone – especially when the GPS literally tells us when to turn.

No, we are not keen on this one! But it will be just (!) USD$159, so there is that.

Peach Music Festival Wristband theft

It’s every festival managers nightmare. The wristbands have been produced after months of designs and samples; they’re delivered and on site at the festivals in the days before the gates open. But then, they’re gone. The managers of the Peach Music Festival in Pennsylvania experienced just that, when a scene was started at a VIP registration tables the night before the event and some suspicious individuals were photographed then entering an employees only area. Cue missing wristbands. Gulp. The wristbands were then recovered following an arrest by police the following day. Phew!

Guys, lock up your wristbands when they’re on site!

Inspiring wristbands changing company culture

It has been proven time and again that writing something down greatly enhances the chances of something taking place. Talks about something and you might do it. Write something down and the chances are greater that you’ll do it. Write is down AND share it with others and the chances increase even further.

This has been nicely demonstrated by Purity Life Health Products, a 115- employee distributor of natural health products founded 32 years ago. By embracing a culture of being “Easy to do business with/path of least resistance” the company focused on providing the fastest, and best, service to its customers. The message was printed on to wristbands and given to the team. They talked about it, wrote it down and then shared the vision. Everyone became invested in the idea and profits have since risen 31%.

See, this is why we love wristbands! It was all about the wristbands. Mostly. Some of it.

Clever wristbands detecting chemicals in the air

Researchers from Oregon State University have developed simple silicone wristbands that act like sponges to absorb chemicals in the surround air or water. Key to their research was the detection of flame retardant chemicals in children’s environments, of which the wristband is capable of detecting more than 40 of them! The study of 72 preschool age children over the course of a week detecting 20 flame retardant chemicals in their environments. In small doses, this poses no great danger, but this initial study is perhaps the start of further useful research.

Keep a close eye on the AAC blog for more wristbands news and commentary. And of course, for all your wristband need, contact AAC ID Solutions on 07 5665 9333 or

Wristbands in the news

Wristbands and News From Around the World

AAC once again presents the latest and greatest wristband-related news from across the globe. And you know how much we love our wristbands!

We are always impressed by the amount of new products being launched in the arena of wristbands, especially those designed to assist with medical conditions or social issues. The low cost, easy to wear nature of wristbands makes them non-invasive and very adaptable to different uses. Here are the news and events that have caught our attention over the past few weeks.

Medical-quality consumer wristband monitors body signals

Empatica, co-founded but MIT Professor Rosalind Picard, has launched a wristband called Embrace. Embrace aims to monitor signals from the body, specifically to pre-warn caregivers of potentially deadly seizures in Epilepsy patients. Sensors underneath the wristband face track pulse, body motion, temperature, and EDA, which involves subtle electrical changes across the skin. Boosts in EDA, without accompanying changes in motion, can signal stress. In people with epilepsy, a sharp rise in both signals could indicate a severe, potentially life-threatening seizure. The wristband sends a message to the caregiver, via an app, that alerts them to the danger.

Wristband to save women’s lives

A software engineer in Cameron, Arreytambe Tabot, is working on an RFID-wristband with the goal of reducing maternal sepsis in Africa, where more women die in childbirth than anywhere else. The wristband holds data on vital signs of the expectant mother, allowing them to scan in during check-ups and to have all data update to the cloud. The key selling point is that the system does not rely on the literacy of the wearer, which is a challenge in rural areas.

Wristbands to assist disabled bus passengers

We like this one. 18 year old Daria Buszta of Bilborough College has started trials on a vibrating wristband that alerts people as to when their station is coming up. Aimed at those with visual and hearing impairments, the “ViBus” concept buzzes at the appropriate moment and could potentially assists hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. Nice work Daria!

Be careful with those RFID Wristbands… we’re looking at you Music Festivals!

The Gibraltar Music Festival found itself in strife recently when organizers went back on their promise to refund monies left on their wristbands. The RFID bands were used to create a cashless bar environment at the event where patrons could upload money and use the wristband to purchase drinks. The 23,000 pounds is now apparently going to be donated to a local charity, but I doubt this will placate patrons who expected their money to be returned. Lesson for music festivals – be clear with your refund policy, and then stick to it.

And finally, here we go again…

Wristbands that state relationship status

Forgive us for being jaded, but this idea has been rehashed about 20 times over the past couple of years, somehow always re-packaged as though it is brand new. Cheryl Duffy in Kellyville is the latest person to launch this after “so many” people told her horror stories about “online dating sites”. How a physical wristband helps during online dating has yet to be explained, but the R U SINGLE I AM wristbands are available for a mere $5 a pop if you want to find out! Alternatively, start a conversation with someone and find out if they’re single or not.

To keep up with the latest and greatest in wristband news, check back regularly with AAC ID Solutions –a leading supplier of wristbands in Australia and around the World.

Wristbands for the summer

Wristbands for the Summer

Summer is fast approaching. For attractions, resorts, events, aquatic centres and others this means a definite spike in visitors and patrons. It also means that now is the time to start looking at your wristband requirements for the coming season, and to make sure that you have enough stock to last through the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Wristbands for Attractions

Most attractions require a single day wristband that are cost effective. When we talk about attractions we are mainly looking at theme parks, tourist attractions, mini  golf, water parks, bowling alleys, fetes etc. For single day usage, we recommend using Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands are waterproof, non transferable and secure. Available in a range of bright, neon colours, as well as vibrant, unique patterns, they are also easy to identify for your staff day or night. Priced from as little as 5c per wristband, Tyvek bands come in 19mm and 25mm sizes and more than 140 pattern and colour variations!

And remember, Tyvek bands by AAC are 100% Australian Made AND Printed – the only such wristbands in Australia. For this reason you are guaranteed the highest quality and best value products, supplied in the fastest time.

Wristbands for Resorts

Resorts use wristbands to identify their patrons, especially when their facilities are easily accessible by non paying guests. Most commonly, the wristbands used for this purpose are either silicone wristbands or vinyl wristbands; both are waterproof and comfortable to wear.

The best strategy to employ is to rotate through a wide range of coloured wristbands each week, so that their is a lower likelihood of replicas appearing.

Silicone wristbands are transferable of course, so savings can also be made if your resort can encourage guests to return their wristbands after check out. Vinyl wristbands are non transferable.

Wristbands for Events

Summer is the season for events in Australia. From music festivals to winery concerts, beach events to corporate parties, the industry goes crazy in the summer.

Along with this increase in number of events, comes a need to focus on the wristbands and accreditation used at the events.

Here, the recommendations can vary quite significantly; purely because events vary so much. For example, a single day event that is budget conscious will probably be OK to utilise Tyvek Wristbands. A multi-day music festival with camping, bars and VIP areas will be better equipped with Woven Wristbands.

Woven bands are the most secure, and most durable wristbands available in Australia, especially when combined with the exclusive closure mechanism available through AAC ID Solutions.

Wristbands for Aquatic Centres

Aquatic Centres and swimming pools always see a great increase in visitors over the summer, with warmer temperatures driving everyone to reverse the evolutionary process and head back to the water! The key factor for aquatic centres is that the bands they use are waterproof; and that they will also survive the rigors of such a centre. This could include saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis etc.

Most aquatic centres will use Tyvek wristbands for this reason. Durable, waterproof and available in so many colours and patterns, they can be rotated daily.

Of course, a lot of aquatic centres are also moving to RFID enabled systems, which means their chosen wristbands will often incorporate RFID chips.

Closing word

In summary, summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t already stocked up on wristbands for the coming months, now is the time. Talk to AAC at 1300 797 478 to see how we can assist.

AAC Wristband Designs

Tyvek Wristbands – Brand New Patterns

We’re lucky at AAC ID Solutions. As an actual manufacturer of Tyvek wristbands, the only such company in Australia, we have complete freedom to design our own wristband patterns.

Following a grueling period slaving over designs, blueprints (huh!) and plans, we have launched no less than 15 new designs and colour variations for the 2015/16 summer season. This  expands upon our already market leading range of Tyvek wristband patterns. Firstly, the designs:

New Tyvek Wristbands

25mm Striped Wristbands

Firstly, we decided that our range of 25mm wristbands needing fleshing out a bit, and following demand from customers for a new pattern with more than 4-5 colour variations, AAC created and manufactured 25mm striped wristbands in no less than 8 different colours!

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm stripes

25mm Camouflage Wristbands

With so many laser tag, paintball and adventure themed customers ordering from AAC, we decided to give them something new! Two colour variations of camouflage  wristbands have been created in 25mm, and are ready to be ordered.

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm Camouflage

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm Camouflage

19mm Happyface Wristbands

To provide some competition for our popular multicolour happyface wristbands in red, we have created a twin version in neon lime! Available in 19mm, this design has been flying off the shelves already and is making people smile.

Tyvek wristbands - lime happyface

Tyvek wristbands – lime happyface

19mm Bubbles Wristbands

Despite having more 19mm Tyvek patterns than any other company in Australia, we have expanded the range once again with the new Bubbles pattern. With four colour variations to choose from, this design will be great for aquatic centres, stadiums and other venues looking to identify  it’s patrons.

Tyvek wristbands - bubbles

Tyvek wristbands – bubbles

To order any of these Tyvek wristband patterns, or others, click here.

More about AAC’s Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are currently the most popular form of identification wristband in Australia. They are used at countless venues in their many millions all over Australia to help events, venues and businesses identify who is who.

Only AAC manufactures these wristbands in Australia. This allows us to be obsessed with the quality and security of our products – accurate dye cutting, stronger adhesive, cleaner printing and thicker Tyvek are all hallmarks of an AAC Tyvek Wristband.

To order wristbands of any kind, talk to AAC at 1300 797 478 or contact us today.


Choosing Wristbands for Events

Almost every event in Australia uses wristbands to identify its patrons and guests. They also ensure that no one enters their event without authorisation. While this is especially crucial for paid events like music festivals and concerts, smaller events, parties and business conferences also require wristbands.

AAC ID Solutions is the leading wristband manufacturer, printer and supplier in Australia, and has been since 1997. We’ve seen events come and go, from the mighty Big Day Out, to a wide range of smaller community events. If anyone knows how to choose a wristband for an event, it’s AAC ID Solutions! So, as an event organiser, how do you choose the right type of wristband?

Choosing Wristbands – Length of your Event

The duration of your event will effect the type of bands you need to consider. The longer your event goes, the more secure and sturdy your wristbands need to be. Consider a multi-day music festival. Patrons will potentially sleep and shower with their wristband on, spending much of the day in the elements. The wristband used for this event needs to be very different to a wristband used to monitor one hour sessions at a trampoline park for instance.

Single day use wristbands

Any wristband can be used for a single day of course, but the most highly recommended are Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands. Tyvek bands have been used in Australia for 20 years, and chances are, you have worn one yourself. Further still, it is very likely that you have worn a Tyvek wristband manufactured by us! Tyvek wristbands are the perfect single day wristband. They are cheap, strong, bright and secure, and can be used in wet or dry environments.

Multi-day use wristbands

A multi-day event needs to consider plastic, vinyl and woven wristbands for their identification. Each of these are recommended for events that last two or more days. They will withstand the beating they take from multi-day use and retain their security and structure. AAC highly recommends woven wristbands for most multi-day events due to the exceptional security features that can be incorporated. More on this below.

Choosing Wristbands – How Important is Security to you?

Secondly, an event organiser needs to consider the importance of security at their event. Again, events will vary in this regard. A music festival where someone has paid over $100 for a ticket will treat security as a higher priority than a free community event.

Wristbands vary in their security rating, and there are additional steps that can be undertaken to further increase this. There are two elements to consider with regards security. Firstly, how secure is the wristband itself? Secondly, how secure does the wristband make your event? This would relate to anything plain (not custom printed), including plain Tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. If the wristband you have chosen is readily available from multiple places, then it is easily replicated by those wishing to crash your event.

Low security bands

Low security bands include Tyvek bands that are not manufactured in Australia, plain wristbands with no custom printing and any other type of wristband that has been manufactured poorly. Avoid low security wristbands when your event requires high security access control!

High security wristbands

The most secure wristband products will be those with RFID chips or unique barcodes, and also woven wristbands. The nature of RFID and barcodes (more on these in the technology section below), mean that they are unique. They have also been integrated with smart access control systems to prevent repeat use or forgeries. Woven bands are secure because they are custom embroidered with quality threads. These threads can include metallic threads, and designs can also incorporate sequential numbering, special coloured closures and more.

Choosing Wristbands – How is the Budget Looking?

Of course, it is all well and good to say you want the most secure, high tech wristband available, but if the budget is looking a tad sparse then this does need to be taken in to account. Your lowest cost options are always going to include plain wristbands and any Tyvek bands. Wristband products that include technology such as RFID or unique barcodes will be more expensive, as will woven bands with extra security features. Your best bet is to discuss your budget with a trusted and experienced wristband supplier like AAC ID Solutions, so that an appropriate solution can be quickly offered.

Choosing Wristbands – Are you Integrating Technology?

As little as 5 years ago, this question would not have meant a thing! But, with the growing popularity of RFID and unique barcodes, especially in relation to access control, it is now an important question. The purpose of integrating your identification wristbands with technology is two fold: 1) it means your access control is automated, with scanners doing all the work, and 2) it means that you can also implement social media integration strategies at your event.

RFID and unique barcodes can be added to Tyvek, plastic, photo image adhesive and even small runs of plastic bands, so there are lots of options available.


Whether you’re new to event management, or have been in the game for years, it is important to consider the type of wristband that is used to identify guests and patrons. It may be time to change what you’ve been doing, so give AAC a call and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

2015 Wristbands

Wristbands in 2015 – What’s In Store?

2014 was an interesting year for wristbands, with technology again expanding within the market resulting in greater use of barcodes, RFID chips and other high security features. At the same time though, there were considerable cost pressures on many events, meaning that many more expensive identification solutions were not within reach.

After a big year, what do we here at AAC see in store for 2015?

Wristbands and technology

When we talk about technology with wristbands we are really talking about unique barcodes and/or RFID chips. The technology associated with wristbands remains a hot topic amongst the industry. Opinions are divided for many and it can no longer simply be a case of “events should use RFID wristbands”. There are just too many different types of events and different factors to consider. What type of events? Events of what duration? Who is attending the event? What sponsors are involved? More than ever before, the decision to use RFID on wristbands is very dependent on the individual event and their structure, goals and personnel.

Who is Using Technology on their Wristbands?

There was considerable growth from the corporate event industry, with many conferences moving in the direction of RFID. The key uses of RFID at conferences include to monitor movement of attendees; when did they enter and exit the main areas, what breakout sessions did they join, what guest speakers did they visit etc. Events also became very canny in putting together ‘treasure hunts’ and similar to encourage more active participation and engagement of attendees.

Fewer large music festivals used RFID in 2014, with some large events opting out of the technology. A large part of this trend was due to the lack of support and knowledge of system providers here in Australia; while being tech-savvy, they struggled with the logistics of scanning at music festivals. There have also been few system providers willing to offer cashless payment technology due to the risks of downtime etc, further halting the growth of the technology within that particular type of event.

2015 Events and Wristband Technology

So, peering in to our crystal ball, what do we see for 2015? Judging by the calls and emails we’ve had in the first week back after the holidays, business events will remain a core growth market for wristband technology. This is due to a few factors:

1. The cost of RFID vs the budget of many of these events or fairly low, so the technology is very much affordable. Many business events utilise smart phones (NFC compatible) as their scanning equipment, lowering the cost dramatically. Compare this to a music festival that requires 20+ scanning turnstiles to scan patrons, and you can imagine the cost difference.

2. The systems involved in business events are far more accessible and functional, with most running as applications installed on smart phones, with back-end systems easily adjusted and edited by the client themselves.

3. Corporate events generally try to outdo one another, and because they are often showcases for new products, or rare chances for teams and customers from multiple geographical locations to meet and exchange ideas, senior management often opt for something a bit special.

4. Spending the extra money on RFID at these events is often very much justified by the benefits, something larger events and music festivals have struggled to confidently claim.

Venues Using RFID Wristbands

A major growth area in 2015 will be venues using RFID and technology-enhanced wristbands. Aquatic Centres are a leading proponent of these wristbands. These environments involve a constant coming and going of members and visitors which is very hard to monitor for staff. The installation of turnstiles that operate via barcoded or RFID wristbands and cards allows:

a) fast and efficient access for members and visitors

b) lower staff levels to manage access control

c) a wealth of fantastic data for management to review, including demand trends, time cycles for visitors and other factors that can influence decision making with regards marketing, rosters and staff levels.

University Open Days are also a high growth market for RFID products. The challenge of an Open Day for University teams is that there are a great number of visitors (potential students / customers). They desperately need to obtain data from these visitors for future marketing efforts. The traditional method of queuing up at a registration booth is cumbersome. Volunteers with clipboards or those entering data in computers is slow and vulnerable to mistakes.

The use of RFID or barcoded wristbands and ID cards greatly improves the registration process, the centralisation of data collection and the accuracy of data. It is also a far more enjoyable process for the visitor and provides positive branding benefits for the University itself.. “look how modern we are!”.

Making the Choice

So how does an event or venue make the decision to move to RFID or barcoded wristbands? It really comes down to what you are trying to achieve. Too many events and venues begin the process of looking at technology like this without really determining WHY they are looking at it. That may seem strange, but the allure of technology often does this.

Once you have determined the WHY, look at the WHO – who do you need to assist you implement the plan? AAC can provide advice and assistance in this regard, with contacts galore within the RFID industry.

Key Elements of the Decision

Music Festivals – your most important first step is to consider access control; will you utilise staff, or turnstiles, or both? Will you consider a cashless bar? Can you attract technologically minded sponsors to potentially subsidise the cost of the technology by using it to engage with patrons? All of these factors will influence how you proceed.

Business Events – the cost of implementation for business events is fairly low. The key is determining how much value you will add to your event by using RFID wristbands or cards. Treasure hunts, monitoring attendance at breakout sessions etc are valuable, but how valuable are they to your event.

Venues – for venues, the costs can be higher but the long term value is immense, as discussed above. It comes down to committing to a higher expenditure now in the knowledge that there will be a return on the investment over time. This is especially true if you have data-savvy team members who can actually analyse and use the data that is collected.

Final word

2015 will see more growth in wristband technology. To discuss this further, talk to AAC ID Solutions, the leading wristband manufacturer and supplier in Australia.

Christmas Party Wristbands

Christmas Party Wristbands Becoming the Norm

Every year companies all over Australia host Christmas parties for their teams, as well as suppliers, members, customers and even the families of all these people. For some of the bigger organisations, these can become quite vast affairs, with attendance for many extending in to the thousands.

These parties will often include entertainment, food and drink, and so they become an obvious target for gate crashers. This is especially true when the event is held outdoors or in a publicly accessible location.

Because of this, many party planners are seeking ways to control access to their parties for the benefit of their attendees. Whilst party wristbands offer a core solution here, there are other ways to also control access at parties.

1. Event layout design and planning

The key here is planning. Can you organise your event in a manner that ensures control of the physical access to the party? Is it possible to design the layout in a way that attendees must enter from a certain direction, gate or area? If so, this is a great first step, because it allows you to implement the next couple of steps with ease.

2. Taking control of access

Now that your guests are entering your event in a manner of your choosing, you have control over the access. Have staff on standby to wristband attendees.

Party wristbands are a great solution for anyone who wants to manage attendees at a party of any size, from a gathering of 30 to a large event for hundreds of thousands.

From now until Christmas, AAC is offering a 50% discount on it’s Christmas Pattern Party Wristbands – buy now and be ready for some Christmas partying!

Wristbands for the summer

Aquatic centres use of promotional products and wristbands

No matter what business you are in, there is always the potential to use promotional products to help expand your business. This is especially true in aquatic centres where there are a number of uses for wristbands, lanyards and personalised merchandise.

Aquatic Centres tend to cater to a large target market. The target market includes families, tourists, professionals, seniors to name a few. It can often be challenging to produce marketing collateral that appeals to this wide audience. However one thing they all have in common is they enjoy being active and take pleasure from attending the aquatic centre.

Based on this reasoning, it would be safe to say that the marketing approach an Aquatic Centre takes should be broad and varied. Any promotional products and merchandise produced should reflect this wide audience and more importantly, appeal to them.

In this article, we’ll explain how wristbands and merchandise can be profitable for a business such as Aquatic Centre. In addition we’ll explain how the products can help take your business into the 21st century by improving technology and overall efficiency.

First, let’s look at wristbands.

Wristbands at Aquatic Centres

The number of businesses using wristbands has increased quickly over the last few years.  Their main function in the context of an aquatic centre is for quick and easy identification for the large variety of customers they attract.

Having a clearly visible wristband helps staff to identify which visitors are allowed access to the different areas.  It could be that members can’t access certain areas such as the gym, sauna or steam rooms without a wristband that identifies you as a fully paying member.

Similarly, different coloured wristbands could identify non-paying members.  The patron can be ID quickly, with minimal fuss and from a distance.  Children and teenagers could have patterned wristbands.  This is especially useful to stop under-aged customers using equipment and facilities that they are not legally allowed to use, like a sauna or gym.

Wristbands are a very cost effective solution to help your staff, but they can also be used in conjunction with technology such as RFID. RFID is growing in popularity at aquatic centres all over Australia. With the appropriate systems and technology, a patron can scan their wristband to gain entrance to the centre. They can also be used for something as simple as scanning the wristband to use a locker. AAC ID Solution’s RFID wristbands are silicone with an RFID chip embedded within.

These wristbands add ease to accessing facilities because the visitor would not need a member of staff to grant them admittance.  They will not need to fumble around looking for a coin to use a locker.  Through this, you will free up staff to help other customers.  In addition, having the latest technology in wristbands will position your centre at the forefront of new technologies.

Another benefit is staffing levels, with potentially fewer staff required at reception and gate to control entrance, check ID, receive admission money etc.

Lanyards and ID cards at Aquatic Centres

Lanyards are a convenient and popular method of carrying an ID card.  They come in a multitude of colours, materials and styles to suit tastes and company branding.  Lanyards can even come with custom printed texts and images, which is very handy for promoting your business.  There are various material options including eco-friendly options.

Operating along the same principles as a wristband, ID cards will grant access where ever it is needed. There are many ID-related options available including overprinting individual names and details, including photos, magnetic strips, unique barcodes or even RFID chips. They would probably most benefit staff, as they can be used to gain entrance to restricted areas. Staff can also use them for till transactions, or for clocking in and out to record their working hours.  Holding the ID card on a lanyard stops people misplacing the card; it can sit around your neck all day (or be tied to a bag) and you don’t have to worry about losing it!

Merchandise at Aquatic Centres

Using merchandise is a great way to create  additional revenue.  Items such as water bottles, towels, T-shirts, swimming caps, draw-string bags, are all available to buy and customise.  Additionally, they promote your business, and people will soon start to recognise your brand and premises.  You could even give away an item to someone when they first sign up, or to win in a monthly competition.  If they are desirable enough, people will want them and buy them.

At AAC ID solutions, the full-colour beach towels have been creating 300% mark up for our clients. A great boost to income, especially during a low or off season.  Other items, like water bottles or custom bags, are popular as they can be used time and time again and are suitable in the context of an aquatic centre.

It’s important to make the items relevant when purchasing merchandise to sell. So, in your aquatic centre, consider if customers are more likely to purchase a swimming cap or a USB data pen? Also they need to be designed and branded in a way that is appealing to the prospective buyers.

Recent international studies have found that through clever use of merchandise, and promotional products, they can raise the recognition of your brand by up to 80%.  What this means for your business is that  you firstly receive the profit from selling the shirt/ water bottle/ beach towel (etc) and also gain recognition throughout the buyer’s friends and family networks.

Getting your brand recognised is one of the steps to a successful business.  Even a successful aquatic centre must have a noted and positive brand image.  Through using high-tech wristbands and quality merchandise, you provide your clients with a unique experience. This makes them more likely to come back for repeat business as well as recommending you to other potential clients.  Though wristbands and merchandise may seem like just another product, it is the little things that help a business thrive.

For access to more great articles, check back regularly!

RFID Wristbands

Cool Uses of RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands are popping up everywhere. As the wristbands become cheaper, there are a growing number of creative minds brainstorming for cool things to do with it. Which is great because, used correctly, RFID technology has the potential to generate a level of mass personal and social engagement and interactivity that simply could not exist before.

20 years ago, to engage a prospective customer and have them advocate or promote your brand  would be a mammoth task; now it can all be done with the swipe of a wristband. Likewise, collecting data was a painstaking task, and now it is achieved simply by offering a prize and then watching the data person walk in and swipe their wristband. It’s incredible.

But as of October 2014, what are some of the coolest uses of RFID wristbands that we have seen? First of all, let’s cross off the basics, but with a few interesting twists:

Use RFID Wristbands to Like Stuff

The bread and butter of RFID at events is the ability to “like” stuff via your social media account, whether it is Facebook or whatever is awesome right now! By swiping your wristband at a booth or similar, your status is automatically updated. But how can this be applied in more interesting ways?

Two different events stand out to us. The first was an event that had scanners near a range of cocktails at the bar. As attendees tried the cocktails, they could scan their RFID wristbands at the appropriate scanner to say they liked it, but this also triggered the recipe to be sent to their email address. This is great because a) we just love cocktails, b) you love cocktails and c) cocktails are the best! But really, this is a cool use of the “like” function.

A fashion event had male models walking around holding/presenting dresses. Attendees could swipe their RFID wristbands at the passes dresses (or models, whatever they liked!) and automatically be sent information on the dress. Not only is this cool for the attendees, but the fashion company’s collected great data about current fashion trends, at least on a small scale.

The key really is this – make it super simple for guests to like stuff, and make it fun.

RFID tags on sexy half-naked people

This may go hand in hand with the cocktail idea we just mentioned! The Baja Beach Club in Barcelona is a pretty exclusive hangout. They’ve started grafting tags to patrons as they enter the club, allowing for fast access but also fast payment, as the tag also acts as a debit card. Many patrons party there in their swimsuits, so having to carry around a bag or wallet can be awkward. We only wonder whether a guest gets to choose exactly where their RFID tag is grafted to! Not sure I’d want guests swiping and swinging certain things around the venue!

RFID Tags at Races

Quite a few races have started using RFID transponders as part of their timing systems. Competitors have the tag attached to their shoe, bike etc and as they run through certain points, or over special mats, the signal is received. When a photo finish won’t quite do the trick, this method of RFID tracking just might!

Use RFID to find your balls. Ahem. Golf balls.

If your losing your balls often (not a reference to the Baha Beach Club!) on the golf course, then you have no doubt screamed to the heavens, knee deep in scrub “when will someone develop an RFID ball tracking system!”. The problem with this has always been two things; firstly, it’s quite expensive to have long read RFID chips implanted in golf balls and most importantly, why would golf ball manufacturers want you to keep the same 12 balls all year when you could be buying 100?

Prazza RFID golf balls

Prazza RFID golf balls

Nonetheless, Prazza has entered the market with a system they claim allows golfers to track and recover their balls. The balls are equipped with chips and the golfer also receives a hand held scanning/detection unit.

It hasn’t really caught on much yet, but still, as someone who loses A LOT of golf balls, this is interesting, and pretty cool.

Our favourite use – just brilliant

Now THIS we really like. At the New York Marathon, competitors used RFID tags as per the above to monitor their performance. What the organisers did next though, took it to another level. They allowed friends and family to record video messages for the competitor, which were activated on large screens at various points on the race as the scanning mats received the signal from the runner!

RFID running message

RFID running message

What a great motivator seeing your partner, child or parent urging you on just as you’re starting to hit that wall! More than 7,000 runners had messages recorded for them, originating from 17 countries. Love it!

Oh wait, this might be our favourite! Wine reviews with a tap!

It can be great wandering the aisles at your favourite wine cellar or supermarket and just taking your time to look at what is available, trying your best to pretend that you MIGHT buy that $50 wine before you settle on something ‘a little’ cheaper. But perusing the labels, reading the descriptions “a hint of wistful vanilla!”, is just a great way to consume 30 minutes. The problem comes when you see something you want to try but you really don’t know if it’s any good.

Of course, the old way was to simply buy the wine, drink it and make up your own mind, but not anymore. Not with technology here to help! NFC tags (RFID’s cousin) are being installed at some cellars that allow you to tap them with your phone, bringing up reviews and notes of the wine. No more drinking something that could peel paint off the walls!

The final word

There are some great uses of RFID wristbands and NFC technology being developed and explored all over the world. Keep your eye out for new uses and let us know! And if you think of one for yourself, let us know too – we’ll give you a free plug on this blog!

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