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Guide to Student Rewards and Incentives

Student rewards and incentives are a central area of focus and discussion in schools across Australia. As a parent myself with two children attending primary school, I have seen first hand how much emphasis is currently being placed on rewarding and incentivising students to achieve goals and to improve behaviour.

But to what extent are student reward programs working, and what types of rewards are achieving the best results? Today we will review some of the literature available that has studied these areas and provide a guide of sorts to student rewards and incentives.

Student rewards are not new

As far back as 1820, New York City (source) began offering financial rewards for students who achieved certain grades. This began what has become known as “token economies” in schools. Rewards in schools have taken many forms over the years, with the definitive solution to motivating students still up for debate.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that education is a crucial part of our society. Better educated students tend to obtain better jobs. People with better jobs tend to be paid more and are able to contribute more to an innovative and forward thinking economy. Additionally, well employed people are less dependent on government assistance.

As such, the education industry has, for years, searched for ways to improve academic performance, student behaviour and results. More teachers, smaller classrooms, better qualified teachers, more investment. All of these things have improved over the past 40 years but with limited effect.

  • In 1961, 24% of teachers has masters degree. In 2005 it was 65%
  • In 1970, the student to teacher ratio was 22:1. In 2005 it was 16:1
  • In 1970 schools spent an average of $5,200 per student. In 2005 it was $12,000


Despite these obvious improvements to the structure of schools and the teaching experience, results have either remained constant or improved only marginally.

Reward and incentives

School Reward Programs

School Reward Programs

At the same time, rewards and incentives of many kinds have been attempted. Rewards and incentives can be structured in a variety of ways, with the three main categories as below:

Input vs Output

Rewards can be targeted to inputs or outputs. Inputs are activities and behaviours that lead to outputs such as better academic performance. It is an important decision for schools to determine which of these will result in more improvements.

The Power and Pitfalls of Education Incentives” found that rewarding inputs resulted in better results than rewarding outputs. The primary reason being that students, younger ones especially, did not know how to improve their own performance in most subjects. Sure, a reward could be offered for moving from a C to a B, but without being provided the right tools to achieve this, students can be de-incentivised. However, by rewarding the behaviours and activities that lead to improvement, results can be improved. This might include rewards for completing homework, for behaving well in school or for following school rules.

Long term vs short term

Students respond better to short term rewards and incentives. Offering a grade 9 student a financial incentive for graduating high school may seem like a good idea, but asking that student to work harder today to achieve an incentive that will be paid in 4 years is unlikely to result in a positive result. It’s just too far away. The effect of short term incentives is even greater on younger students, as those of us with young children know!

Financial vs Non Financial

The issue of WHAT to reward students with is also important. In US states where there are high proportions of economically disadvantaged students, financial incentives have been used to improve attendance, behaviour and academic results. For example, in Houston 5th graders (and their parents) were offered $2 for every math objective they achieved throughout the year. Those that were incentivised in this way achieved 125% more objectives that those that were not, with the average student earning $228.72, and the biggest earner enjoying a $1,392 windfall! The cost to the City of Houston was a touch under $900,000.

In Washington, 6th-8th graders were offered financial incentives for attendance. At a cost to the city of $3.8m the average student incentivised in this way earned over $500. Attendance during this time did improve but interestingly, not one student achieved the total reward value on offer. This is an example of rewarding an “input” behaviour.

School Promotional products

School Promotional products

Non financial student rewards often used in Australia include silicone wristbands and branded merchandise such as pencil cases, bounce balls and water bottles. In addition, especially at early primary school stage there are ‘in classroom’ behavioural (input) mini rewards. This includes running a red, orange, green, silver, gold chart in class which is updated live as children perform well or poorly. Everyone starts on green and progressing up (to silver and gold) or down (to orange and red) depending on how they have behaved during the day.

Other methods such as reward stamps for good behaviour also offers a low cost way to incentivise students. For example, the top five students in each class (who have earned the most behaviour stamps) might attend a “fun day” at the end of term.

Implementation of student rewards and incentive programs

Whilst the types of rewards can vary, one element of reward programs are constant – the implementation. Without a thorough plan of implementation, any reward program will fall flat. Total buy in is required across the entire school, with teachers, administrators and students all on the same page. In addition, the program must be actioned without fail at every available opportunity. If students see their efforts not being rewarded as promised by the program, then the effect of the program will be non existent.


Student rewards and incentive programs offer schools a way to improve the behaviour of students and, in turn, the academic performance of those students. Reward programs must be managed carefully, with thought put in to what is rewarded, how it is rewarded and then how the program is implemented. Of course, once a program has run for a period of time, it also needs to be reviewed and improved wherever possible.

AAC ID Solutions supplies schools in Australia with school reward products like silicone wristbands, pencil cases, rulers, bounce balls and water bottles. Talk to the AAC team about how we might assist your school to maximise the effects on a reward program. Contact us at or 1300 797 478

Regional Events

Agricultural Boom Stimulates Regional Events

Regional Australia, driven by a tremendous surge from the agricultural industry, is seeing a noticeable increase in the number of events, festivals and shows being held. The positive effects from booming exports of key crops, and continued growth in cattle and horticulture, is generating a trickle down effect that is being enjoyed across the entire country. As revenues increase for agricultural business, so too does disposable income of those involved, and the regional councils in the area. Below we’ll explain how this has a knock on effect with regional events.

Agricultural Industry Growth

Almost every week we are seeing positive reports about expected crop yields and estimated export value from all manner of crops and from all parts of regional Australia. A mild winter and and generous spring has meant that Australia’s two biggest export crops (wheat and barley) are both experiencing record breaking years in terms of yield and export value. Canola, our 3rd biggest export crop, also experienced it’s 3rd biggest year on record in 2016.

As the ABC reported here, bumper grain harvests are having a flow-on effect throughout the Victoria economy. Banks are reporting that creditors and loans are being paid and debt is being reduced, key signs that an economy is rebounding nicely.

Other crops such as macadamias, almonds, plus horticultural exports such as grapes and potatoes, have also experienced excellent years.

The Benefits of a Boom

As the agricultural sector booms, regional communities bathe in the glow. The Regional Australia Institute report that regional cities are, for the first time in years, seeing a growth in their population. A growing population provides stimulation for the local economy. More shops open, residents spend more money, creating a growth cycle.

The Effect on Regional Events

The event industry specifically benefits from all this growth and prosperity in several ways. Firstly, when we talk about events, we refer to community events, music and arts festivals, agricultural shows, rodeos and other gatherings. Organised by regional councils in many cases, there is also a growing number of privately run events focusing of regional Australia.

Take Groovin the Moo for example. This is Australia’s premiere regional music festival, attracting more than 100,000 patrons to it’s regional events. Held all over Australia, Groovin the Moo hosts it event in Wayville SA, Maitland NSW, Townsville QLD, Bendigo VIC, Bunbury WA and then Canberra ACT. Despite including the nations capital, the focus of the events is on supposedly less glamorous locations in regional Australia.

The rising waters of events in regional Australia

For an event industry to be successful, you need four factors to present. When they are present, the waters rise for the entire event industry, stimulating growth.

  1. Regional councils and potential event hosts/organisers, need to be “cashed up”. When regions and states do well economically, this results in more generous budgets being allocated, and confidence to plan further ahead. Bigger events need more planning, so suddenly events become a more central element of council planning.
  2. Potential patrons of these events need to be generating a disposable income. With a growing economy, the average household will have a higher disposable income.
  3. The mood in a community needs to be positive. The agricultural boom provides confidence to the community from top to bottom. When times are good, people are more active, more social and more positive.
  4. Potential private and government sector partners and sponsors need to see a benefit to being involved in the event.

Regional councils are enjoying full coffers and increased budgets, but with that comes the responsibility to use it wisely. The running of events has long been a core part of regional council mandates, as the effects are far ranging within the regional communities. With the agricultural boom, regional councils have the budget to organise events.

Potential patrons in regional Australia are enjoying the trickle down effect of a booming agricultural industry. With a high proportion of regional residents being involved in agriculture in some way, when the industry booms, the effect is wide spread. In terms of the event industry, this creates a market of potential patrons who have disposable income. With more disposable income, residents are more likely to spend money on attending a regional event, agricultural show or rodeo.

The mood and “happiness index” that comes on the back of a boom is just as important. A community that is struggling with debt, poor crops and under-employment is far less likely to attend a regional event. But with a prosperous regional economy, the mood in most cases will be enhanced. This influences potential patrons and makes them more likely to attend an event.

The combination of the three factors above means that sponsors and other event partners are also more likely to be involved. A sponsor becomes involved in an event in order to promote their brand, their message or their products and services. With events selling more tickets and generating more positive “buzz” in regional communities, the more likely it is that sponsors will want to be involved. Their investment in events is crucial, and further stimulates the growth of the industry.

Boom sees the regional events industry grow

AAC ID Solutions, as Australia’s leading supplier of event accreditation such as wristbands, cards and lanyards, has its finger on the pulse of event trends nationwide. The agricultural boom is having a clear effect on regional events, with more events being held, and greater numbers of people attending these events. Long may it continue.

For more information about event accreditation for regional events contact AAC ID Solutions at

Tyvek Wristbands

Uses of Tyvek Wristbands

We’ve seen it all when it comes to Tyvek Wristbands. As the sole manufacturer of these in Australia, and having been selling them for 20 years, that is probably not surprising! So what are some of the uses we have seen for Tyvek Wristbands over the years?

Tyvek Wristbands as Event Identification

Of course, the most common use of Tyvek wristbands is as a means of identifying patrons at an event or venue. The wristbands are secure and non transferable, which means that once they are worn by a patron, they cannot be removed without destroying the wristband. The most popular places that you’ll see wristbands used in this way are music festival, aquatic centres, night clubs and tourist attractions.

Tyvek Wristbands as Luggage Tags

How many times have you gone to pick up someone else’s luggage from the carousel at the airport before realising at the last moment that it wasn’t your bag? Using brightly coloured or patterned wristbands is a unique solution. Not only will the wristband be easy to spot from a distance, but you can still write your contact details in marker pen too. The wristbands will also be secure, due to the strong, commercial grade adhesive AAC uses during manufacturing.

No more looking like a thief at airports!

Tyvek Wristbands as Drink or Food Coupons

Many events around Australia include a complementary drink, snack or gift of some kind. This is especially true at corporate events and parties, networking sessions and after parties. The easiest way to monitor this process is to provide everyone with a wristband that also includes a detachable stub. The patrons simply wears the wristband and then exchanges the stub for the free drink, snack or gift.

Tyvek Wristbands in the Child Care Industry

Following the same theme of the stub wristbands, the child care industry has followed suit. The wristband and the stub are both printed with identical unique numbers. Many centres now apply the wristband to the child (which they cannot remove), and then ask the parent to present the stub when they collect their child. The numbers will match, enhancing the security around pick-up time. Children also find the wristbands fun to wear, and they do not distract from their other fun (and messy!) activities.

Tyvek Wristbands at Cloak Rooms

Another great use of stub wristbands is at cloakrooms. The wristband is worn by the patron when admitting their coat, with the cloakroom personnel keeping the stub with the coat. This greatly reduces the chance of a mix-up, or of someone claiming a coat as their own.

Tyvek wristbands have so many uses, as presented above. For more information on wholesale Tyvek wristbands, contact AAC ID Solutions – the only manufacturer of wristbands in Australia! Call 1300 797 478 or email us here.


Tyvek Wristbands in Australia

Here at AAC we like to do a little maths. At a recent team meeting someone asked “I wonder how many people have worn one of our Tyvek Wristbands?”. What followed blew our minds.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are one of the most commonly used products in Australia. Being the sole manufacturer of these products, and having supplied them since 1997, we certainly have our finger on the pulse when it comes to their usage!

Let’s consider just the past 7 years. AAC has produced 18,000,000 to 24,000,000 Tyvek wristbands annually during that period of time. A safe bet is that we have manufactured 140 million Tyvek wristbands since 2009. That is 6-7 wristbands for every person currently living in Australia!

Wow. And this hasn’t even included all the wristbands we produced from 1997 to 2009, nor does it include the plastic, vinyl and woven bands AAC has supplied to countless events, festivals and venues.


Firstly, consider where these wristbands have been used. From music festivals, schools and night clubs to aquatic centres, tourist attractions and events, our wristbands have been worn by everyone from the age of 1-100 and with interests ranging from one extreme to the other.


Our geographical coverage is extensive, with wristbands supplied to every corner of Australia. From far north QLD, the NT and WA to all major capital and regional cities, AAC supplies its wristbands to a broader range of businesses and locations that any other supplier.

Therefore, if you are reading this, there is an exceptionally high chance that at some point you have worn one of our Tyvek wristbands, which is a pretty great thing for us to say! It is a safe guess that half of the people living in Australia have worn a wristband made by AAC.

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Why Tyvek wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands remain Australia’s most popular wristband for identification purposes. They hit every check point because they are low cost, secure and available in hundreds of colours and patterns. With a commercial grade adhesive, AAC’s wristbands are the most secure available anywhere, crucial for events and venues that take their security seriously. The combination of benefits offered by these bands make them perfect for events and identification.

For more information we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 1300 797 478 or 07 5665 9333 or email us at Australia’s genuine Wristband Factory.


Wristbands Australia

Wristbands in the news August 2016

Once again, AAC keeps its finger on the pulse with its roundup of wristbands – news and innovations from around the world. As always, we have a mix of interesting and unusual in this round-up, and we’ll be leading with an idea that we’re not too confident about. After all, they are always the most fun to look at!

The wristband that traces GPS directions on your skin

‘Huh?’ I hear you say. Huh indeed we reply. Somatic Labs have launched their “Moment” wristband, with the key feature being that it communicates to its wearer via touch. It vibrates and traces patterns in your skin to communicate information. It has four motors (and nothing else); no screen, no watch.

The rather odd example given is with regards GPS tracking, where instead of using your phone – which is apparently too hard – you would receive alerts through the device, which would be like having an arrow traced on your wrist saying “turn right”. As you get closer to imminent death at the next junction because you haven’t felt the initial ‘tracing’ of the arrow, the tracing becomes more intense. How this accounts for your hands and arms being in constant motion I can’t imagine, but this does not sound easier than using the GPS in a phone – especially when the GPS literally tells us when to turn.

No, we are not keen on this one! But it will be just (!) USD$159, so there is that.

Peach Music Festival Wristband theft

It’s every festival managers nightmare. The wristbands have been produced after months of designs and samples; they’re delivered and on site at the festivals in the days before the gates open. But then, they’re gone. The managers of the Peach Music Festival in Pennsylvania experienced just that, when a scene was started at a VIP registration tables the night before the event and some suspicious individuals were photographed then entering an employees only area. Cue missing wristbands. Gulp. The wristbands were then recovered following an arrest by police the following day. Phew!

Guys, lock up your wristbands when they’re on site!

Inspiring wristbands changing company culture

It has been proven time and again that writing something down greatly enhances the chances of something taking place. Talks about something and you might do it. Write something down and the chances are greater that you’ll do it. Write is down AND share it with others and the chances increase even further.

This has been nicely demonstrated by Purity Life Health Products, a 115- employee distributor of natural health products founded 32 years ago. By embracing a culture of being “Easy to do business with/path of least resistance” the company focused on providing the fastest, and best, service to its customers. The message was printed on to wristbands and given to the team. They talked about it, wrote it down and then shared the vision. Everyone became invested in the idea and profits have since risen 31%.

See, this is why we love wristbands! It was all about the wristbands. Mostly. Some of it.

Clever wristbands detecting chemicals in the air

Researchers from Oregon State University have developed simple silicone wristbands that act like sponges to absorb chemicals in the surround air or water. Key to their research was the detection of flame retardant chemicals in children’s environments, of which the wristband is capable of detecting more than 40 of them! The study of 72 preschool age children over the course of a week detecting 20 flame retardant chemicals in their environments. In small doses, this poses no great danger, but this initial study is perhaps the start of further useful research.

Keep a close eye on the AAC blog for more wristbands news and commentary. And of course, for all your wristband need, contact AAC ID Solutions on 07 5665 9333 or

Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Australian Events Looking for Australian-Made Wristbands

With the Australian dollar continuing its slide against the US dollar, it is forcing many Australian Events to seek locally-manufactured event products and collateral, especially wristbands.

As the only company in Australia to manufacture Tyvek wristbands on Australian soil, AAC ID Solutions has really noticed the difference.

Cost effective wristbands

As the Australian dollar drops, it is leaving those who import their wristbands very little choice. “Every day we are hearing that competitors are raising their prices to account for the weak Australian dollar” said Stuart Blott, General Manager, “As a manufacturer, we avoid that cycle completely”.

AAC’s prices for Tyvek wristbands have remained stable throughout the last 3 years, something that has been appreciated by its thousands of customers. Many events operate on an annual basis, so the ability to plan in advance is crucial. Projections for the following year are often made in the month immediately following the event. Having to worry about constant changes to price does not make this an easy process.

Quality Wristbands

The other other key benefit to AAC for manufacturing locally is quality control. “We have complete and total control over the substrate we use, the adhesive and production process” said Stuart, “For us, it is all about quality and consistency”.

This is all the more important when events have problems with the quality of Chinese-sourced Tyvek wristbands sold by Australian suppliers. “It’s a totally different product”, said Stuart.

As most event managers know, Tyvek wristbands are used to cost-effectively identify patrons or attendees at events, allowing event staff (security, bars, gates) to quickly know who is allowed where and especially, who is under 18. They are used religiously at festivals, aquatic centres, nightclubs, attractions and sporting events. Waterproof, tamper evident, secure and unique, these products are the “gold standard” of the event identification industry. For more information about quality Australian-Made event identification solutions, talk to the only experts in Australia – AAC ID Solutions at 1300 797 478 or

Mention this blog post and receive a 20% discount if you are a new customer!


Wristbands for the summer

Wristbands for the Summer

Summer is fast approaching. For attractions, resorts, events, aquatic centres and others this means a definite spike in visitors and patrons. It also means that now is the time to start looking at your wristband requirements for the coming season, and to make sure that you have enough stock to last through the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Wristbands for Attractions

Most attractions require a single day wristband that are cost effective. When we talk about attractions we are mainly looking at theme parks, tourist attractions, mini  golf, water parks, bowling alleys, fetes etc. For single day usage, we recommend using Tyvek Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands are waterproof, non transferable and secure. Available in a range of bright, neon colours, as well as vibrant, unique patterns, they are also easy to identify for your staff day or night. Priced from as little as 5c per wristband, Tyvek bands come in 19mm and 25mm sizes and more than 140 pattern and colour variations!

And remember, Tyvek bands by AAC are 100% Australian Made AND Printed – the only such wristbands in Australia. For this reason you are guaranteed the highest quality and best value products, supplied in the fastest time.

Wristbands for Resorts

Resorts use wristbands to identify their patrons, especially when their facilities are easily accessible by non paying guests. Most commonly, the wristbands used for this purpose are either silicone wristbands or vinyl wristbands; both are waterproof and comfortable to wear.

The best strategy to employ is to rotate through a wide range of coloured wristbands each week, so that their is a lower likelihood of replicas appearing.

Silicone wristbands are transferable of course, so savings can also be made if your resort can encourage guests to return their wristbands after check out. Vinyl wristbands are non transferable.

Wristbands for Events

Summer is the season for events in Australia. From music festivals to winery concerts, beach events to corporate parties, the industry goes crazy in the summer.

Along with this increase in number of events, comes a need to focus on the wristbands and accreditation used at the events.

Here, the recommendations can vary quite significantly; purely because events vary so much. For example, a single day event that is budget conscious will probably be OK to utilise Tyvek Wristbands. A multi-day music festival with camping, bars and VIP areas will be better equipped with Woven Wristbands.

Woven bands are the most secure, and most durable wristbands available in Australia, especially when combined with the exclusive closure mechanism available through AAC ID Solutions.

Wristbands for Aquatic Centres

Aquatic Centres and swimming pools always see a great increase in visitors over the summer, with warmer temperatures driving everyone to reverse the evolutionary process and head back to the water! The key factor for aquatic centres is that the bands they use are waterproof; and that they will also survive the rigors of such a centre. This could include saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis etc.

Most aquatic centres will use Tyvek wristbands for this reason. Durable, waterproof and available in so many colours and patterns, they can be rotated daily.

Of course, a lot of aquatic centres are also moving to RFID enabled systems, which means their chosen wristbands will often incorporate RFID chips.

Closing word

In summary, summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t already stocked up on wristbands for the coming months, now is the time. Talk to AAC at 1300 797 478 to see how we can assist.

AAC Custom Shirts

AAC Launches Custom T-Shirts

AAC is pleased to launch its new custom printed t-shirt service.

We have scoured the nation seeking the highest quality plain t-shirts and have secured access to wholesale rates for fantastic brands such as Gildan and Anvil. Our range includes a wide selection of styles, sizes and colours, with thousands of t-shirts, polo shirts, singlets and hoodies in stock for immediate dispatch.

Added to this, AAC can also offer world class t-shirt printing in an unlimited array of colours and inks, including the popular discharge method of printing which leaves the print area feeling smooth and soft.

Order quantities for custom t-shirts

AAC can offer its custom printed t-shirt service starting from just 50 shirts! What is the maximum number we can print? Well, we’ve never had an order that we can’t handle, so try us!

Turnaround time for custom t-shirts

Standard turnaround time is less than 2 weeks, but in some circumstances, jobs can be finished and dispatched within 4-5 working days.

Winter t-shirt printing special

AAC Winter T-Shirt Promo - custom printed t-hirts by AAC

AAC Winter T-Shirt Promo

For more information on custom t-shirts by AAC ID Solutions check out custom t-shirts, call 1300 797 478 or email us at

Promotional Products Sale

AAC’s Promotional Products Sale

Promotional Products on Sale

Promotional products and merchandise are important features of many marketing strategies. They develop brand awareness, improve relationships and even generate revenue in many situations. AAC ID Solutions prides itself on providing solutions to your needs – our goal has always been to listed to your requirements and then propose a unique promotional products to achieve your objectives. Below, we present some special sale items that are available for a limited time.

Promotional Products on Sale

Promotional Products on Sale

Click here to see all the promotional products in our range, including hats, silicone wristbands, promotional pens, stress balls, glassware and much more. AAC is constantly adding to its selection, and has access to an incredible number of products; just ask if you’re looking for something you cannot see.

Key uses of promotional products

AAC takes a very different approach to its range of promotional products, and are bucking the industry trend in a big way. Rather than presenting 10,000 products, our approach is to listen to what you want to achieve. We then propose a range of products that will work for you. Yes, we still promote the same wide range of water bottles, custom bags, USB sticks and more, but we’d rather talk to you about your requirements, and then work together to produce something special.

Our unmatched manufacturing and production capabilities ensure that no matter what your requirements and expectations are, AAC can exceed them time and time again.

Promotional Products are idea for running promotions, adding value to an existing product or service, or as merchandise designed to provide a return on investment. Many products purchased wholesale through AAC can be sold at 200-300% mark ups.

Terms and conditions of the sale

These prices are valid until the end of April 2015 for all orders approved and paid for by then. Basic or economy product in each range only. Single colour print for rugs, shirts and bags, full colour for lip balm. Ask us about bigger quantities.

Wristbands in the news

Wristbands & Technology News – June 2014

There is a lot of wristband news to report on from the past few weeks, including a leading UK bank launching a wristband that allows users to spend money, the latest wristbands from E3 (the Electronics Entertainment Expo), a wristband designed to assist people with Parkinson’s and wristbands that track and rescue at-risk people with dementia or children with autism. What a broad and eclectic mix of news and events!

New Banking Wristband: Are Barclays barking mad or barking up the right tree?

Let’s start in the UK, where Barclays Bank have developed a new wristband that allows users to purchase a train ticket or coffee with a simple swipe. Whilst we have seen this type of technology in wristband form at some major music festivals, these are isolated geographic locations that are also limited in terms of length of time at the event. The same technology does exist in day to day life with pay-wave bank cards, or similar, but will this demand for fast transactions extend to wearing a wristband 24 hours a day?

Barclays intend to use silicone wristbands for this purpose, and are calling the wristband the bPay band. The idea is that the user can spend up to 20 pounds in one transaction, which does limit the potential for fraud, but what would stop someone with the right portable payment terminal scanning your wrist while you’re not looking. A wristband sitting on your desk at work is also probably also much easier to steal than a bank card safely hidden away in your wallet, but does this wristband idea have legs in the real world? How important is it for us to pay for a cup of coffee in 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds? How often will the wristband need to be replaced? Additionally, how feasible is it that someone will want to wear a wristband all day for the purpose of simply making small transactions?

Here at AAC, we’re not sure about the bPay wristband, but we’ll keep an eye on it as it develops. Let us know your thoughts too! Would you wear a wristband that allowed you to make small transactions?

E3 Wristbands: The Battle of the Bands!

There was the full range of wristband items on display at this years E3, the video game industry’s premier event. Both Microsoft/Xbox and Ubisoft, used similar wristband to the light-up versions Coldplay made famous; these proved popular with bloggers and the like enjoying the way the lights changed with the presentation and music . Whether these bands have much more of a shelf-life, we’re not sure, but for now they seem to be making people smile! Perhaps not the guys from Coldplay though, who reportedly spent far more on the wristbands than they originally intended, though this was possibly countered by the publicity garnered from the use of the bands themselves. As someone who attended a Coldplay concert in Australia that featured the wristbands, I can attest to the fact that they really did create an incredible experience.

EA went with simple Tyvek wristbands, which as we all know, is cheap and cheerful and gets the job done. One complaint people had was that this particular kind of  wristband needed to be worn for more than one day, when really it is designed to be a single day wristband. Sony went with an elasticated fabric that was transferable.

Parkinson’s Kinetigraph: A wristband assisting those with Parkinson’s

Global Kinetics, a Melbourne based company, has launched the latest version of their wristband, which is designed to collect movement data that are symptomatic of Parkinson’s. The key is that Global kinetics have developed two software algorithms that turn this raw data in to information that is useful to doctors. Doctors use the information to finely tune the levels of medication given to patients. The benefit of this is that sufferers could have more time in what is referred to as the ‘near to normal’ stage at the beginning of the symptoms, which is a fantastic improvement to the quality of life of patients. It also allows patients to be treated with less invasive oral therapies rather than the more invasive therapies used in the later stages of the disease.

These wristband items are currently used in 50 hospitals in 9 countries, with Global Kinetics now seeking to develop the product further in the US and Euro markets. They are also working on new versions of the band that will record more data from all over the body, thus providing yet more information for doctors that will assist with medication. Great work all round we say! The more technology, wristband or otherwise, that is used to assist people suffering from Parkinson’s, the better.

Project Lifesaver Wristbands: Keeping people safe

Another fantastic initiative is that of the Project Lifesaver Wristband. Project Lifesaver’s primary mission is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions and disorders. As part of this special wristbands can be obtained that container a small transmitter that emits an individual tracking signal. Some small communities, like Upper Arlington, have invested in a number of these wristband products and provide them to residents to use as a community service. If the wearer goes missing, a trained emergency team is notified and collects the individual. The average recover time for clients is 30 minutes.

This is a fantastic initiative and again, a great example of how wristbands and other devices can be used to assist people in the community suffering with disorders.

And that’s a wrap for wristband news from June 2014 folks

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the wristband technologies used above, and any ideas you have that might lend themselves to wristbands in day to day life, whether at events, venues or as a community service. Have you seen anything else in the news that is worth us reporting on? Touch base and let us know.

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AAC Launches New Wristbands, Lanyards & Promotional Products Website

AAC has proudly launched it’s brand new website. After months of planning and development (and LOTS of tweaks!), and with a fantastic team of website developers, AAC’s new site went live at

“We’re really happy with the new website” said Stuart Blott, General Manager, “It’s modern, fresh and, most importantly, it allows our customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. That’s always been the goal.”

Key developments in the evolution of AAC’s online presence leading to the launch of the new website was providing pride of place to the products themselves. With a reorganised series of product categories for wristbands, lanyards and promotional products and new, exciting ways to browse the product selection, the website is leap years ahead of the competition.

Need help finding a wristband for your industry? You can now search ‘wristbands by use’ to narrow down the options. Know you want a waterproof wristband? Search via ‘wristband by need’ and the options are clear.

In addition, a brand new series of articles and help guides will be added weekly to the Product Guide and Industry Solutions sections, providing all the information you may need regarding how AAC can assist your event and save you money.

“It will be a change for a lot of our long term customers who have been using our existing website” said Paul Jenkins, Sales and Marketing Manager, “but we know they’ll love the new site as much as we do”.

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