Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands

Australian Events Looking for Australian-Made Wristbands

With the Australian dollar continuing its slide against the US dollar, it is forcing many Australian Events to seek locally-manufactured event products and collateral, especially wristbands.

As the only company in Australia to manufacture Tyvek wristbands on Australian soil, AAC ID Solutions has really noticed the difference.

Cost effective wristbands

As the Australian dollar drops, it is leaving those who import their wristbands very little choice. “Every day we are hearing that competitors are raising their prices to account for the weak Australian dollar” said Stuart Blott, General Manager, “As a manufacturer, we avoid that cycle completely”.

AAC’s prices for Tyvek wristbands have remained stable throughout the last 3 years, something that has been appreciated by its thousands of customers. Many events operate on an annual basis, so the ability to plan in advance is crucial. Projections for the following year are often made in the month immediately following the event. Having to worry about constant changes to price does not make this an easy process.

Quality Wristbands

The other other key benefit to AAC for manufacturing locally is quality control. “We have complete and total control over the substrate we use, the adhesive and production process” said Stuart, “For us, it is all about quality and consistency”.

This is all the more important when events have problems with the quality of Chinese-sourced Tyvek wristbands sold by Australian suppliers. “It’s a totally different product”, said Stuart.

As most event managers know, Tyvek wristbands are used to cost-effectively identify patrons or attendees at events, allowing event staff (security, bars, gates) to quickly know who is allowed where and especially, who is under 18. They are used religiously at festivals, aquatic centres, nightclubs, attractions and sporting events. Waterproof, tamper evident, secure and unique, these products are the “gold standard” of the event identification industry. For more information about quality Australian-Made event identification solutions, talk to the only experts in Australia – AAC ID Solutions at 1300 797 478 or

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