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Tyvek Wristbands – Brand New Patterns

We’re lucky at AAC ID Solutions. As an actual manufacturer of Tyvek wristbands, the only such company in Australia, we have complete freedom to design our own wristband patterns.

Following a grueling period slaving over designs, blueprints (huh!) and plans, we have launched no less than 15 new designs and colour variations for the 2015/16 summer season. This  expands upon our already market leading range of Tyvek wristband patterns. Firstly, the designs:

New Tyvek Wristbands

25mm Striped Wristbands

Firstly, we decided that our range of 25mm wristbands needing fleshing out a bit, and following demand from customers for a new pattern with more than 4-5 colour variations, AAC created and manufactured 25mm striped wristbands in no less than 8 different colours!

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm stripes

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm stripes

25mm Camouflage Wristbands

With so many laser tag, paintball and adventure themed customers ordering from AAC, we decided to give them something new! Two colour variations of camouflage  wristbands have been created in 25mm, and are ready to be ordered.

Tyvek wristbands - 25mm Camouflage

Tyvek wristbands – 25mm Camouflage

19mm Happyface Wristbands

To provide some competition for our popular multicolour happyface wristbands in red, we have created a twin version in neon lime! Available in 19mm, this design has been flying off the shelves already and is making people smile.

Tyvek wristbands - lime happyface

Tyvek wristbands – lime happyface

19mm Bubbles Wristbands

Despite having more 19mm Tyvek patterns than any other company in Australia, we have expanded the range once again with the new Bubbles pattern. With four colour variations to choose from, this design will be great for aquatic centres, stadiums and other venues looking to identify  it’s patrons.

Tyvek wristbands - bubbles

Tyvek wristbands – bubbles

To order any of these Tyvek wristband patterns, or others, click here.

More about AAC’s Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are currently the most popular form of identification wristband in Australia. They are used at countless venues in their many millions all over Australia to help events, venues and businesses identify who is who.

Only AAC manufactures these wristbands in Australia. This allows us to be obsessed with the quality and security of our products – accurate dye cutting, stronger adhesive, cleaner printing and thicker Tyvek are all hallmarks of an AAC Tyvek Wristband.

To order wristbands of any kind, talk to AAC at 1300 797 478 or contact us today.

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