Saving money on Lanyards

Save Money on Lanyards

The number of lanyards in Australia is astounding. So much so that even the Defence Force in Canberra made sweeping changes to their lanyard policies recently in an attempt to provide some measure of consistency.

And until we’re all equipped with in-built microchips and Google glasses to identify ourselves and others, lanyards are here to stay! Tom Cruise might disagree.

Lanyards Australia

Lanyards Australia

Given that lanyards are such a necessity, it would be prudent to determine a few strategies to save money on the purchase of these.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 1: KISS

The oldies are still the goodies – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Often you’ll see lanyards that have had all the bells and whistles (sometimes literally) integrated. Whilst a lot of lanyard features are integral to an event or venue, or to OH&S, often costs can be reduced by simply removing unnecessary attachments.

An obvious option to save money on lanyards is to use plain lanyards, without custom printing. For some smaller events, this can be a genuine option. But remember that a custom printed lanyard does provide great branding benefits and is basically impossible to replicate, thereby being more secure.

A more subtle option would be to review the artwork you have on the lanyard. Whenever budget allows, you should be going with a full colour heat sublimated lanyard, but this is more expensive than a simple lanyard with a one colour print. If a one colour print is feasible, try this as it will save money.

Reducing the width of the lanyard will also save money, but maybe only a small amount. But if you’re looking at several thousand lanyards, even small savings can add up.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 2: Don’t Pay for Them!

Pretty simple hey? Great, so moving on… oh wait, you want to know what on earth we’re talking about? We work with many events, venues and businesses that have their lanyards paid for by a sponsor; don’t forget what valuable advertising space a lanyard provides. At the right event or venue, this represents a great promotional opportunity for a relevant business. This may save the entire budget, or even just a portion of it – but money saved is money saved, and that money can then be spent on moving the staff Christmas Party from the local Hungry Jacks to Hawaii!

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 3: Get Started Early

This is especially relevant if you are ordering a large quantity of lanyards. The earlier you start the ordering process, the lower your costs should be. This will allow your supplier the chance to use economy, or slower, freight options, thus reducing the price to you.

Saving Money on Lanyards Tip 4: Order More or Combine Orders

Do you require lanyards for multiple events or venues, or can you coordinate with others to create a “super order”? You’ll have great leverage over a supplier if you can request pricing for 2,000 lanyards instead of 200. If you work in a big company, or at an entity with multiple departments, ask around. The chances are that efforts have never been coordinated on lanyards with the goal of saving money. Not to mention, this will reduce admin and simplify the entire process.


Whatever you do with your lanyards, first and foremost make sure they are suitable for the purpose they are intended for. From there, if you can use any of the above tips to reduce your costs a fraction, then you’ve done well.

For more information on lanyards in Australia, talk to the identification experts – AAC ID Solutions at 1300 797 478 or

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