Choosing Wristbands for Events

Almost every event in Australia uses wristbands to identify its patrons and guests. They also ensure that no one enters their event without authorisation. While this is especially crucial for paid events like music festivals and concerts, smaller events, parties and business conferences also require wristbands.

AAC ID Solutions is the leading wristband manufacturer, printer and supplier in Australia, and has been since 1997. We’ve seen events come and go, from the mighty Big Day Out, to a wide range of smaller community events. If anyone knows how to choose a wristband for an event, it’s AAC ID Solutions! So, as an event organiser, how do you choose the right type of wristband?

Choosing Wristbands – Length of your Event

The duration of your event will effect the type of bands you need to consider. The longer your event goes, the more secure and sturdy your wristbands need to be. Consider a multi-day music festival. Patrons will potentially sleep and shower with their wristband on, spending much of the day in the elements. The wristband used for this event needs to be very different to a wristband used to monitor one hour sessions at a trampoline park for instance.

Single day use wristbands

Any wristband can be used for a single day of course, but the most highly recommended are Australian Made Tyvek Wristbands. Tyvek bands have been used in Australia for 20 years, and chances are, you have worn one yourself. Further still, it is very likely that you have worn a Tyvek wristband manufactured by us! Tyvek wristbands are the perfect single day wristband. They are cheap, strong, bright and secure, and can be used in wet or dry environments.

Multi-day use wristbands

A multi-day event needs to consider plastic, vinyl and woven wristbands for their identification. Each of these are recommended for events that last two or more days. They will withstand the beating they take from multi-day use and retain their security and structure. AAC highly recommends woven wristbands for most multi-day events due to the exceptional security features that can be incorporated. More on this below.

Choosing Wristbands – How Important is Security to you?

Secondly, an event organiser needs to consider the importance of security at their event. Again, events will vary in this regard. A music festival where someone has paid over $100 for a ticket will treat security as a higher priority than a free community event.

Wristbands vary in their security rating, and there are additional steps that can be undertaken to further increase this. There are two elements to consider with regards security. Firstly, how secure is the wristband itself? Secondly, how secure does the wristband make your event? This would relate to anything plain (not custom printed), including plain Tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. If the wristband you have chosen is readily available from multiple places, then it is easily replicated by those wishing to crash your event.

Low security bands

Low security bands include Tyvek bands that are not manufactured in Australia, plain wristbands with no custom printing and any other type of wristband that has been manufactured poorly. Avoid low security wristbands when your event requires high security access control!

High security wristbands

The most secure wristband products will be those with RFID chips or unique barcodes, and also woven wristbands. The nature of RFID and barcodes (more on these in the technology section below), mean that they are unique. They have also been integrated with smart access control systems to prevent repeat use or forgeries. Woven bands are secure because they are custom embroidered with quality threads. These threads can include metallic threads, and designs can also incorporate sequential numbering, special coloured closures and more.

Choosing Wristbands – How is the Budget Looking?

Of course, it is all well and good to say you want the most secure, high tech wristband available, but if the budget is looking a tad sparse then this does need to be taken in to account. Your lowest cost options are always going to include plain wristbands and any Tyvek bands. Wristband products that include technology such as RFID or unique barcodes will be more expensive, as will woven bands with extra security features. Your best bet is to discuss your budget with a trusted and experienced wristband supplier like AAC ID Solutions, so that an appropriate solution can be quickly offered.

Choosing Wristbands – Are you Integrating Technology?

As little as 5 years ago, this question would not have meant a thing! But, with the growing popularity of RFID and unique barcodes, especially in relation to access control, it is now an important question. The purpose of integrating your identification wristbands with technology is two fold: 1) it means your access control is automated, with scanners doing all the work, and 2) it means that you can also implement social media integration strategies at your event.

RFID and unique barcodes can be added to Tyvek, plastic, photo image adhesive and even small runs of plastic bands, so there are lots of options available.


Whether you’re new to event management, or have been in the game for years, it is important to consider the type of wristband that is used to identify guests and patrons. It may be time to change what you’ve been doing, so give AAC a call and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

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