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Forget Paper Tickets, it’s time for Wristbands Australia

Forget pink is the new black, wristbands are the new tickets!

Venues and events have struggled with paper tickets for years. Patrons lose them, they get smudged (especially barcodes), they can be passed from one person to another, they can be copied very quickly and easily, and quite honestly, they’re a bit dull.

In recent years, wristbands have taken the place of paper tickets at many venues and events because they counter all of the above weaknesses. This trend has increased with the introduction of digital wristbands that can be printed with unique barcodes and variable data (such as names, seating, show details etc). In essence each wristband can be 100% unique and accomplish everything a traditional paper ticket can.

Should your venue or event start dumping paper tickets and moving towards wristbands? Let’s take a look:

Wristbands are very hard to lose

Once a wristband is placed on the wrist of a patron, it is actually quite a challenge to lose it! To lose a secure identification wristband, someone would need to either spend FAR too much time trying to remove it, or take a pair of scissors to it. What you can be sure of is this – anyone who approaches your ticket booth claiming to have lost a wristband is very suspicious! It’s time for wristbands Australia!

Wristbands cannot be transferred to other patrons

Many events and venues complain of tickets being surreptitiously passed to non paying guests, allowing them access. Not only is this illegal of course and basically stealing, it represents a significant loss of revenue for the venue itself.

Wristbands are far easier for security staff

The process at the ‘door’ or ‘gate’ at an event that utilises paper tickets can be a frustrating one. Patrons are fumbling around looking for tickets, security staff are trying to scan the barcode or locate the ticket details in a dark environment. Mean while, another 300 patrons are lining up impatiently, not enjoying themselves, and not spending money on F&B!

Security staff can quickly and efficiently locate wristbands, scan them, check their details etc. A different colour can be used for specific events or sessions, allowing quick visual check to start with.

Wristbands can be bright and colourful

Your standard paper ticket will have black text on a white background. A wristband on the other hand can be bright, with neon colours available, allowing them to stand out in a dark environment.

The added benefit of such a variety of colours and styles that wristbands provide is that events can use them to differentiate between certain groups such as VIP’s or under age patrons.

For multi-day events, choose Wristbands Australia

Many events require multi-day access. This is especially true for music festivals. A ticket in these cases is not suitable because the chances of it being lost or damaged is greatly increased the longer it is in the hands of the patron. This situation only worsens when it rains or if the event is outside, or if the ticket needs to be handled on several occasions.

Wristbands, especially plastic wristbands and woven wristbands, can easily last several days without any loss of integrity, an still with very little risk of being lost or transferred to other people.

Wristbands can be multi-functional

Wristbands with detachable stubs can be used for checking your coat or even for redeeming a drink or other product. The wristband and the stub share the same number for security purposes.

Wristbands and technology

The main reason that wristbands can now be considered a viable ticketing option is because the technology and advancements associated with wristband printing have grown considerably. For a wristband to become a ticket in the truest sense of the word, it needs to be unique from one patron to the next. This is to allow, in the extreme, for individual seating at an event or venue.

Wristbands can achieve this firstly through barcoding. Tyvek wristbands, a very cost effective option, can now be uniquely barcoded with a number of barcode protocols, including 39 (sometimes called 3 of 9), 128 and 125 barcodes, amongst others. As well as this linear barcode, the barcode number itself will also be printed under the barcode as a human readable check.

Quick tangent – understanding barcodes. Barcodes are actually very simple. For the purposes of printing on tickets etc, think of barcodes as a font. To create a barcode, all we do is turn a specific number, say 12345678 in to a barcode using a special software. This is the equivalent of changing ABCDEFG in calibri to ABCDEFG in times new roman. The different barcode types listed above are basically different font types. Each comes out a little differently in terms of size and structure, just like a font. The only consideration a venue or event needs to make is what barcode type their scanning equipment works with.

Within the same process, a wristband can also be uniquely numbered if required.

RFID is the other technology that can transform a humble wristband in to an almighty wristband ticket. An RFID chip provides a unique ID number that can be scanned with great ease. Whilst a barcode needs to be scanned very carefully, an RFID chip can scanned from a few centimeters away.

RFID chips (or inlays) can be incorporated in to the production of several different types of wristbands, either single day photo image wristbands or multi-day woven wristbands. It’s time for RFID Wristbands Australia

Both barcoded wristbands and RFID wristbands can also be printed with variable data also. This might include seating details or even the patrons name, as well as session/event show details. With a unique barcode or RFID chip, as well as unique text printed on the wristband, the wristband is as functional as any paper ticket.


As with any consideration to ticketing, especially changing from paper tickets to wristbands, there would be changes required to operational procedures and possibly hardware. Certainly, staff would need to be re-trained as to the proper method for applying a wristband and door staff would need to recognise specific wristband types. All things considered though, the use of wristbands as tickets presents a variety of benefits to any event or venue.

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