Wristbands at Nightclubs

How Nightclubs are Using Custom Wristbands & Cards to Enhance Customer Experiences

As society continues to change, media and, in particular, social media, latches on to stories big and (increasingly) small. More than ever we are exposed to stories that are designed to leave us with an impression of negativity, poor practice and fear. Nightclubs and similar venues have borne significant brunt, with news focused on king hits, underage drinking, inebriation and more. As with everything though, what the news doesn’t cover is how many of these venues are taking tremendous steps to curb such anti-social and unacceptable behaviour.

Much of this is done through the use of ID products such as custom wristbands and ID Cards, and which tie in with internal security processes and revenue-growth strategies focused on enhancing customer experiences.

Wristbands to Control Entry

Custom wristbands for nightclubs provide the easiest possible method of identification at the entrance and throughout the night. For years, stamps were used for this purpose, but canny clubbers would simply wet the stamps and then apply the stamp to a friends hand – voila, free entry! The lost revenue for nightclubs from unpaid entry fees can be significant, especially if entry also entities the patron to a free drink. Additionally, if access is granted only to patrons over 18, applying the stamp to an underage patron allows them access and opens up an entire new area of problems.

ID Wristbands solve this with one key feature – they are non transferable. This means that they cannot be removed and then given to someone else. Likewise, they cannot be copied like a stamp and applied to someone else. In addition a wristband is easily visible, especially when fluro colours are chosen, and highly secure when custom printed with the the venue brand.

A common strategy is to utilise a wide range of wristband colours, rotating the chosen colour for the night randomly to ensure patrons from previous nights cannot regain access using their old wristband.

Wristbands to Control Underage Drinking

With more venues opening their doors to younger guests for special nights or one off events, identification of underage patrons is crucial. Again, a wristband offers the easiest and most cost effective way to do this short of checking the ID of every patron every time they order. For these events, choosing one colour for adults and one contrasting colour for underage patrons is the easiest way to achieve quick identification.

Drinking Age Verified wristbands, as we refer to them as, can either be produced especially for your event along with your own artwork, text and message, or simply purchased off the shelf in our standard DAV design, available in several bright colours.

Wristbands to Encourage Patronage

Here on the Gold Coast, being a location with a high volume of tourists and young revelers, a strategy employed by nightclubs is to give out wristbands during the day that allow access to the venue that evening. This strategy encourages the recipient to begin planning their evening accordingly, potentially also bringing extended groups of friends. The lure of ‘free access’ is a strong one, especially in comparison to other venues where an entrance fee will be charged.

A wristband may also permit the wearer to a free drink or two, with bar staff simply hole punching the wristband once the drinks have been provided, ensuring that the offer is not taken advantage of.

VIP Experience with Membership Cards

Many nightclubs are launching VIP memberships that entitle the member to specific benefits. Of course, as part of the membership the patron will receive an ID cards and potentially other types of merchandise that promotes the brand of the nightclub. This enhances customer experiences by elevating their patronage to another level, especially if it coincides with tangible benefits such as access to a VIP area, discounts on drinks, discounts on entry, or first access to special event tickets.

For the nightclub, the added benefit of course is the collection of a) small membership fees but also b) customer contact details such as email and Facebook, allowing the nightclub to send promotional information to the member in order to attract them back to the venue.

Designated Drivers

This is another great initiative that has come about with the police and the media being involved. We have found some venues have really embraced this concept and use a wristband we have designed specifically for this scenario. This allows groups to go out and have a great evening but for the venue also to know who has been designated as the driver for that evening, as they are identified by a specific wristband. Some venues go even as far as to offer free soft drinks to the designated driver to ensure they receive the recognition they so richly deserve for being the driver of choice for the evening.

It also serves as a reminder for the designated driver that, for that night at least!, they are on their best behaviour and to not give it to the temptation they are surrounded by. This is a great example of how bars and nightclubs are thinking of ways to enhance every patrons experience.

NSW new alcohol laws

Many nightclubs are now working within the brand new regulations in NSW, as outlined here: http://www.nsw.gov.au/newlaws. In essence “1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks laws have now come into force across a new Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct”, and many venues have begun to act accordingly.

Nightclubs choosing plain or custom wristbands

Of course, for many nightclubs, bars and venues, a key decision is whether to purchase plain wristbands or custom wristbands. The argument is a very simple one, because it come down to choosing between a more secure wristband solution (having the wristband custom printed) or a lower cost solution (simply purchasing them plain).

It can also come down to time. Often, after a few busier days than normal, a venue can run out of wristband products and may need these in a hurry, which can influence the choice of plain or pre-patterned wristbands.

Customising a nightclub wristband is vital, where time and budget allows, and AAC recommends choosing a combination of fluro colours as well as darker colours with metallic inks. Of particular popularity for nightclubs are black or purple wristbands with gold or silver metallic inks to display logos and text.

If you run a nightclub and you have an interest in wristbands, ID cards or branded merchandise, don’t hesitate to give AAC a call.

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