AAC reinforcing positive behaviour with Gotcha Wristbands for Schools

One of the biggest challenges facing schools is that of how to reinforce positive behaviour, whilst at the same time preventing poor behaviour. For years, the focus has been on punishing bad behaviour, and most of us at AAC were very familiar with the concept of after school detention!

But a new wave of thinking incentivises positive behaviour at schools.

The Gotcha Program started as a way for the staff to catch students in the act of doing something positive, and to reward them in a tangible manner.

Each year many Australian schools participate in the GOTCHA program. The program requires staff members to report students performing “random acts of kindness” – going above and beyond. Even performing small gestures of positive behavior are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Wristbands are used as reward tool at Australian schools

Wristbands are used as reward tools at Australian schools

As a reward GOTCHA students are treated to range of rewards as determined by each school. This may include refreshments and certificates at a lunch held quarterly to recognize and reward students who have reached certain levels of Gotcha’s, put on by the principal. Students are praised for their good behavior at the lunch.

Here at AAC ID Solutions we have been helping public and private schools participate in the Gotcha program by producing custom silicone wristbands for schools that identify what level of Gotcha a child is at. As an example most schools have 3 levels of Gotcha’s:

  • 100 Gotcha’s
  • 200 Gotcha’s
  • 300 Gotcha’s

Children earn their Gotcha’s throughout the year and receive the relevant wristband. Each school has their individual privileges for each level reached. For instance, if a child reaches 100 Gotcha’s they are entitled to use the computer and technology room during the lunch breaks. If a child reaches 200 Gotcha’s they get to have their meals heated up at the tuck shop for free. A school can be as creative as they like with the rewards they offer. Custom wristband products are just one option.

This reward system encourages students to conduct themselves in a manner which brings honor to themselves, their families, and the school.

Schools throughout Australia that use the Gotcha system have found that the custom wristbands they are using provide something for the students to strive to achieve, and that also generates a healthy level of competition to earn more Gotcha’s.

For more information about silicone wristbands for schools, please touch base with AAC ID Solutions.

Article contributed by Angie Gladkowski, Account Manager, AAC ID Solutions. You can contact Angie about these products at sales4@aacidsolutions.com or 1300 797 478

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