University Open Days going RFID in 2014

RFID technology is expanding rapidly in Australia, and one of the key drivers for this growth has been University Open Days. Bond University on the Gold Coast were one of the first to make this leap, and have utilised RFID technology for the past two years at their Open Days.

The beauty of an RFID-driven Open Day is that registrations are processed quickly, vast amount of data are collected, prospective students can register their interest in a course with the swipe of a wristband or card, and there can be a whole new level of social media experiences and interaction at the event.

How does the AAC Open Day RFID package work?

The entire system runs through smartphones that are NFC enabled. AAC will work with our development partners at Centryc to set-up the Open Day system to your specifications. On the day you will be able to:

  • Register all visitors via smartphone and assign them a unique RFID wristband or barcode, that is linked to their profile
  • Allow visitors to swipe their RFID wristband or card at various faculties to express their interest – this may send them an automated email and/or goes in to your database for later use
  • Allow your team to take photos of visitors, swipe the wristbands of those in the photo, and have these photo’s posted automatically to Facebook, Twitter etc. Great interaction.

For more information about how to get rid of your clipboards, pens, pencils and paper at your next Open Day, talk to AAC. We’ll automate the entire event for you, incredibly cost effectively too!


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