Schools and Universities use wristbands in many ways, including:

  • Identifying students on field trips and tours
  • To identify paying guests at fetes and festivals
  • As ride passes, ride wristbands at fetes and festivals
  • As Open Day identification, possibly including RFID chips

AAC understands schools and universities, and your unique requirements; email AAC or call 1300 797 478 for more information.

Comes with 10 detachable stubs
Ideal for events that include food/drinks
Stubs can be individually printed
Durable vinyl for events up to 3 days
Available plain or custom printed
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$12.90 for 100 wristbands - online only
Most popular wristband in Australia
Cheapest wristband option - from 5c!
Perfect for single day usage
Non-transferable and waterproof
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Mixed Box - Tyvek Wristbands
10 colours x 100 wristbands
1000 Australian Made bands
Non-transferable and waterproof
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5 detachable stubs
Durable vinyl wristband
Great for events, suitable for 1-3 days
5 great colours to choose from
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Ideal for single day use
Full colour digital printing
Fast turnaround
Unbeatable quality
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Just $12.90 for 100 wristbands!
Security wristband
Perfect for birthdays & parties
Australian made and printed
Hundreds of colours and patterns
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Ideal for 1-3 day use
Popular at events and festivals
Variety of neon and standard colours
Plain or custom printed
Secure single use clip
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Great wide face for branding
Wide range of colours, including neons
Ideal for 1-3 day use
Secure single use clip
Comfortable to wear
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