Security wristbands for all events, venues and parties
Lowest prices and fastest turnaround in Australia
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High quality promotional wristbands
Silicone wristbands, slapbands, sweatbands
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Plain and custom printed lanyards
High quality, fastest turnaround and lowest prices
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Branded promotional products for all events and campaigns
High quality, low prices and great turnaround times
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ID and Membership Cards, including RFID Cards
ID Wallets and Pouches, Retractables
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Roll tickets, drink tickets and admission tickets
Durable plastic tokens for events and venues
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AAC ID Solutions is the leading supplier of wristbands, lanyards and promotional products in Australia, providing you with the highest levels of service and widest range of products since 1997.


Products include Australian Made Tyvek wristbands to control access at events, parties and venues, silicone wristbands for fundraising and marketing, lanyards, ID accessories such as ID cards and ID wallets, roll tickets and tokens, plus a range of quality promotional products and merchandise such as water bottles, t-shirts and custom bags.


Delivery Australia Wide. Exceptional Value. World Class Customer Service.


For almost 20 years, AAC has been Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of identification products, with a focus on quality, service and relationships. AAC is proud to work with thousands of events, music festivals, schools, aquatic centres, nightclubs, turf clubs, stadiums and others all over Australia.


From small quantities of our Australian Made Party Wristbands, to runs of hundreds of thousands of wristbands, lanyards and promotional products, AAC is the undisputed leader in our field. Try us once and you'll see why.


Wristbands and the Value of Identification Products

Wristbands Australia

Identification products such as wristbands not only allow you to monitor access at an event or venue but they also provide the ability to differentiate between groups such as members, VIP's, under 18's etc. The management and planning of accreditation is important at events. AAC offers the widest array of ID products in Australia, all of which are produced to the highest quality and available in the greatest possible range of colours and patterns. If you don't find something you want, just ask and AAC will create it just for you.


Making the Choice Between Wristbands

AAC has designed its website to allow you the easiest method possible of navigating to the right product style. Our top menu allows you to search for products by type (if you are familiar with the different materials), by use (dependent on your industry) and by need (for example, budget, custom printed). Our goal is to allow the expert wristband shopper, as well as the novice, to locate and purchase their desired products quickly and efficiently. if you find that you're having trouble finding the right wristbands for your needs, call AAC at 1300 797 478.


Promotional Products and Merchandise That Hits the Target

AAC takes a very different approach to its range of promotional products, and are bucking the industry trend in a big way. Rather than presenting 10,000 products, our approach is to listen to what you want to achieve. We then propose a range of products that will work for you. Yes, we still promote the same wide range of water bottles, custom bags, USB sticks and more, but we'd rather talk to you about your requirements, and then work together to produce something special.


Our unmatched manufacturing and production capabilities ensure that no matter what your requirements and expectations are, AAC can exceed them time and time again.


Lanyards - Plain or Custom Printed

AAC supplies quality lanyards for venues, businesses and events all over Australia. With the widest range of plain lanyards held in stock, combined with the most advanced printing capabilities, AAC has all your lanyard needs covered from start to finish. Need a specific colour matched? Done! Need unique attachments for your lanyards? Done! No challenge is too great for AAC when it comes to servicing your lanyard requirements.


Promotional Wristbands for All Causes and Occasions

Silicone bands and slapbands are the most popular styles of promotional wristbands on the market. AAC is your partner in all marketing campaigns where these are used. Available in a range of colours and with great branding opportunities, silicone bands and slapbands are excellent promotional products.


Latest Industry News and Technology. Valuable Marketing Insights

Stay informed of the latest industry events, read news about wristbands and technology, and receive valuable marketing tips from our team of professionals by accessing our Free Online Blog. Updated regularly, we also explore the rapidly evolving technology present within today's wristband items and promotional products and detail the implications that these advancements have on the overall user experience. Based on client case studies with proven results, we provide precious insights into the importance of promotional products for business marketing efforts.


What Can You Expect From AAC?

We treat every order with the same level of professionalism and courtesy. You can expect expert advice, intelligent ideas, quality products and exceptional service from AAC, every time you work with us.



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